Match result: 1X2 Bets

Nail bet on result - In a bet on the outcome of the match, a team's victory or a draw is predicted. Perhaps this is the most popular way to bet on the bookmakers . As a rule, the competition is always the favorite, which always has the most chances to win. Accordingly, the quota for a favorite team/ athlete is lower than that of the opponent.

If you decide to bet on the favorite, you should be guided by your own preferences rather than on the size of the odds. Some players try to collect extremely fast favorites with odds of 1.5 and below, thinking that the odds of winning with these teams/athletes is 100%. Unfortunately, these types of tactics always lead to failure, such as the odds margin offered which means that if you play a lot you end up in the red.

Another common mistake is betting against the favorite. Many players think that if the odds of the favorite are undervalued, the odds of a strange victory and/or a draw are significantly exaggerated. This is not so since in disagreement about those strange cases a margin is usually drawn too relaxed, which also causes a profit margin for the houses .

Published by:

Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change