How to make combination bets: types of bets and strategies

Bookmakers offer us endless options and possibilities to make our sports bets. One of those alternatives are the combined bets, widely used and popular among users, which consist of combining several different bets obtaining a higher total odds that arises from multiplying all the odds of the ticket selections. Below we will analyze how they work, what types exist, strategies and some tips on combined bets.

What is a combination bet?

The combined bets, also known as multiple bets, are bets in which we have two or more variables at stake, and for our bet to be winning it is essential to win all the selections.

Multiple bets allow the player to increase the final odds of the bet, since this total odds is obtained by multiplying all the odds of all the bets that are part of our combined. That is, the more forecasts you include in your bets, the higher the potential final profit will be, although the risk of the bet will also increase.

Types of combined bets

There are a wide variety of possibilities when choosing a combination bet, these are some of the most common types of combination bets:

  • Double: Formed by two different bets
  • Triple: Composed of three different bets.
  • Accumulator: A combination that has 4 or more bets.
  • Trixie - Consists of 4 bets combining 3 selections (must include 3 doubles and one triple). To win it is necessary, that 2 or more selections in the bets are winners.
  • Yankee: It has 11 bets although it is based on 4 separate selections (6 doubles, 4 triples and 1 accumulator of 4 bets). To get wins we need to get two forecasts right.
  • Lucky 15: 4 single bets are added to the Yankee bet.
  • Super Yankee or Canadian: These are 26 bets combining 5 selections (10 doubles, 10 triples, 5 quadruples and 1 quintuple). It is necessary to hit two selections to get benefits.
  • Heinz: It consists of 6 betting sections (15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 quadruples, 6 quintuples and a cumulative of 6). Profits can be made with at least two hits.
  • Super Heinz: It consists of 120 bets combining 7 selections (21 doubles, 35 triples, 35 quadruples, 56 quintuples, 28 sixtuples, 8 accumulated of 7 and 1 accumulated of 8). We need two hits to make a profit.
  • Goliath: This type of combination has 8 selections and 247 bets. It is necessary to have 3 or 4 winning selections to win the bet.

How to place a combined bet

Making multiple or combined bets is very simple. To do this, we must go to the events that we are interested in including in our list.

Each time we select a forecast, it will be included in the betting slip. In this ticket we will be able to see both the types of combined bets that are available and the multiplication factor. Once we have chosen the one that suits us best, we enter the amount we want to bet and we can see what the potential winnings will be before confirming the bet.

As we have mentioned before, with combined bets we manage to considerably increase the final odds of the bet, although it is also true that the risk increases and the security decreases every time we add more forecasts to our combined.

A practical example of how the combinations work: Real Madrid and Eibar face each other on the one hand and Sevilla - Atletico Madrid on the other hand. If we made two separate single bets of $1 on each winner, Real Madrid (at odds of 1.36) and Sevilla (at odds of 2.90), we would get a net profit of $2.26. On the other hand, if we bet on the double combination of the victory of both we would get a odds of 3.95, that is, betting $ 2 we will get a net profit of $ 5.90. We would increase the profit by more than twice!

Combined bets at Bet365

The combined bets at Bet365 offer us many variants and possibilities to win money. This sportsbook allows you to make many combined betting systems (doubles, triples, yankee, super heinz...).

Combined bets at William Hill

This is one of the most famous bookmakers in the world and with the greatest popularity in our country. How could it be otherwise, it allows you to combine an endless number of sports, events and markets to be able to make all kinds of combined bets at William Hill. It also has an excellent live betting service, including streaming to be able to follow your favorite matches live.

Combined bets on Caxino

Although it does not have a combined betting calculator, in this bookmaker you will find a wide range of possibilities to make your combined sports bets. Among the Caxino combination bets we find a special variant of football combinations, called Super Combinations.

Combined bets on Rizk

It is also possible to find combination bets on Rizk. One of the most popular bookmakers in New Zealand, with an excellent catalog of sporting events and markets. In addition, it has a streaming service to be able to follow all the selections of your combined bet live.

Combined bets at Betfair

Combined bets at Betfair are also a great option, with many varieties: Doubles, Triples, Heinz, Lucky, etc. This bookmaker also offers an excellent offer of bets both in advance and live and has a streaming service.

Advantages and disadvantages of combined bets


Substantial increase in profits

By increasing the number of selections, the risk increases

More exciting than simple bets

In the long run, they usually bring less benefits than simple

Wide variety of combination bets to choose from

Get carried away only by the quotas

Some bookmakers offer insurance if you miss a selection

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