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The best safe and reliable casinos 2024

Always choosing licensed online casinos in New Zealand guarantees us to play on trusted sites where our money will be safe. Legal casinos are subject to the regulation and control of the General Directorate of Gambling, so they are absolutely safe and reliable. Find out all about them!

All safe casinos in New Zealand

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What should we keep in mind when looking for a safe casino?

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All the casinos that you will find on Innovate Change are always licensed casinos in New Zealand , so playing on them is absolutely safe. In this ranking you can find the best safe casinos.

Online casinos have different characteristics and here we will teach you a series of factors to analyze to confirm that we are dealing with a safe casino. In addition to knowing which are the best online casinos it is important to be able to identify which ones we can trust. These are the most important points to consider to see if casinos are safe and reliable:

Licensed casinos in New Zealand

Online gambling has been regulated in our country since 2011, so all operators wishing to operate legally in New Zealand must obtain the corresponding license, granted by the official body of the Directorate General for Gambling Regulation.

By having a New Zealand license, the casino will be subject to the control of that official body, as well as to the legislation on gambling in our country (for example, the recent Royal Decree 958/2020 on commercial communications of gambling activities).

Game providers

The software manufacturers are the ones who develop the online casino games (slot machines, live roulette...) The best online casinos work with providers of international fame and recognition, such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, MGA, R. Franco or Playtech , so having your games implies guarantee and security.

It is very important that casinos work with one or more trusted software providers, such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play or any of the aforementioned, since these providers review and analyze the licenses and security of the casinos they decide to work with, in addition to having audits that issue independent certificates of the security of their games (eCOGRA, TST). Therefore, any online casino that has its games will almost certainly be a reliable casino.


A secure online casino can offer bonuses and promotions to its users, but online casinos in New Zealand can only do so to those whose gaming account has more than 30 days old and is correctly verified . So if they offer you a welcome bonus when registering (prohibited in our country after the new regulation of the game) you are probably facing an online casino in New Zealand without a license.

Customer service

This is another key aspect to value when we are looking for a safe casino. What is the most important thing we should consider?

- If they speak our language.

- If you have contact methods: phone, email, chat.

A casino with direct contact methods, such as live chat, that guarantee quick answers are synonymous with trust. In addition, having a long contact schedule is also a positive point.

How to find out if an online casino is licensed in New Zealand

As we have mentioned before, choosing a licensed online casino implies playing on a trusted site where our money will be safe, since it will be subject to the supervision and control of the General Directorate of the Game.

This body reports to the Ministry of Finance, and its main function is to control gambling operators and ensure the safety of their players.

Now we already know that it implies that an online casino has a license, but how do you know if a specific casino has it? This is what you should pay attention to:

  • The online casino must always operate under a .es domain .
  • Have the ‘Safe Play’ stamp (we will usually see it at the bottom of the page, along with other stamps and logos such as Playing Well, +18 or the General Registry of Access Bans to the Game).
  • Will appear in the catalogue of legal operators on the DGOJ website .

If you still have any doubts to be able to identify them, we remind you that all the online casinos that you will find on Innovate Change and their rankings are always licensed casinos in New Zealand and safe casinos, so choosing any of them is totally safe and reliable.

Differences between international licenses and licenses in New Zealand

To play safely in a casino you must have a license in New Zealand, this is mandatory to operate legally in our country and will be the only thing that will guarantee the safety of the user and their funds.

However, in addition, online casinos may have licenses from other countries in which they also operate. It could be considered as a positive aspect, since such a casino would be subject to the control and review of other countries and bodies, although for practical purposes it is irrelevant for New Zealand users.

The most common licenses are those of the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar or Curaçao.

Private and independent casino control bodies

There are also several private bodies in the Dollarpea Union of control and certification of casino products such as Gaming Associates Pty Ltd.

These independent bodies evaluate and analyze the security of online casino gambling, in addition to other important aspects such as customer service.

Other well-known organizations whose seal is a guarantee of a fair and safe game are eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing (TST).

How to protect your account when registering at online casinos

Playing at reliable licensed online casinos will ensure that our money is safe, but like any other activity that takes place over the internet, it can have some risks.

Therefore, in addition to choosing the best casino for its quality and game offer, it is important to take all the necessary precautions and measures to protect your account from cybercriminals.

Beware of suspicious emails and messages

Licensed online casinos are safe and reliable, so they will never ask you to share your passwords, and all money transactions must be made from the casino's website by logging in from the browser by searching directly for the casino in the address bar. Never access through suspicious links that are sent to you by email.

Use strong passwords

Even if you have chosen safe and reliable casinos, it is important that you try to put all possible security measures in place to avoid any risk. In order for them not to find out your password, you should use difficult passwords that are not easily decrypted. Try to include numbers and symbols in addition to letters.

On the other hand, leaving all the passwords saved on your device (especially in the case of mobile phones) could be a problem in case of loss or theft of the device.

Connect from trusted networks

It is generally better to avoid public WiFi networks. Many players decide to play at a casino by connecting from a different network than their home one. If so, make sure that the network you are using is secure and trusted.

Check bank statements frequently

If you have followed the above guidelines and tips you should not have any kind of problem, however, if there has been a case where you may have a minimum suspicion of some strange situation check your bank movements on a regular basis and if you discover any suspicious movement contact your bank as soon as possible to cancel it.

Payment methods accepted by secure casinos in New Zealand

Although there is a wide variety of less frequent means of payment that are also totally secure (Klarna, Sofort, Apple Pay and other electronic wallets) in this table we detail the most common to deposit and withdraw funds that we will find practically in all online casinos.

Payment method

Deposit Max / Min

Processing time

Withdrawal Min / Max


Bank card

10 $ / 600$


10$ / Variable



10 $ / 600$


10$ / Variable



10 $ / 600$


10$ / Variable



10 $ / 600$


10$ / Variable



10 $ / 200$


Not available

Not available

Playing at the online casino from mobile is safe

More and more online casinos are developing a mobile App to play in a casino, which will allow its users to play anywhere from their smartphone or tablet.

If your favorite online casino does not yet have a mobile application, do not worry, it will have a perfectly optimized mobile version that will allow you to play from your mobile with total normality.

Just like if we access from the computer, when we use the mobile we must also make sure that we are facing a legal online casino licensed by the DGOJ.

If you want to know more about playing online casino on mobile, don't miss the Online casinos with mobile App.

How to play at the online casino from mobile safely

As we have already mentioned, the mobile online casino allows us to be able to play roulette, slots or any other game of chance comfortably from anywhere without having to sit in front of a computer. But how to play from our mobile in online casinos safely? Pay attention to these tips!

  • Always choose licensed casinos : in legal casinos regulated by the DGOJ your money and transactions are totally secure and are subject to New Zealand legislation.
  • Do not save your access credentials on your mobile : try to log in with your username and password every time you access the casino, this can avoid problems in case of loss or theft of your mobile device.
  • Avoid open WiFi networks - connect from trusted wifi networks, more secure than open wifi networks where it may be easier for someone to hack your information.
  • Attention to data and battery consumption : casino games generally spend a lot of data and battery, so it is advisable to access from a trusted wifi network and have enough battery so that there are no interruptions in the game.

How is my privacy protected at online casinos?

In safe online casinos where you play for real money player data is protected with the most secure and advanced technology.

Legal online casinos use the latest data encryption technologies to ensure their security. It is possible to check it quickly by observing the browser bar, here we will see that HTTPS is listed, used for encryption and authentication of communications between online casino servers and browsers.

Now we already know that our data is protected, but who has access to this personal data? Only authorized personnel of the online casino have access to the personal data of the players . In addition, if there is no express consent of the user, these will not be transferred or transmitted to other companies or people who are not part of the staff of said online casino. From Innovate Change always we recommend reading the terms and conditions carefully at the time of registration on the website.

SSL Certificate

Online casinos use the same security standards as financial and banking entities. Certificate SSL (Secure Socker Layer) is one of the most popular and we will find it on the payment platforms of casinos. It is a technology that protects any kind of confidential information that is sent between two systems (it uses encryption algorithms to encode the data), thus preventing cybercriminals from being able to read or modify the data that is transferred.

In addition to the encryption of the data it is also very important to check that there is the HTTPS (secure hypertext transfer protocol), we will see it in the URL address if the specific website is protected by an SSL certificate. In the event that the https:// protocol does not appear, avoid using such a casino, it could be blacklisted and our data and means of payment would not be safe in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it legal to play at a casino that is not licensed in the country in which you reside?

No, if you are a resident of New Zealand you should only play at casinos licensed in our country. Unlicensed casinos are illegal, so in addition to the insecurity in transactions, users could have other types of legal problems.

What is a rogue or "blacklisted" casino?

They are illegal, unlicensed casinos in New Zealand, characterized by a consistent history of non-payments, misleading terms and conditions, fraudulent bonuses, deliberately slow withdrawal processing and poor customer service. Never trust your money to these casinos!

Can I enter a casino if I am a minor?

Not at all. The online game is reserved for users over 18 years of age.

Which payment methods are the safest?

All payment methods enabled for deposits and withdrawals at licensed casinos are absolutely safe. You can use the one that suits you best, since the safety of your money is guaranteed.

What do casinos do with my personal data?

Your information and personal data will be treated confidentially and securely by the casino, unless you indicate otherwise.

What can be the biggest concern for a user when playing at a casino?

The security of your money and your payment methods is usually one of the main concerns. Two fundamental tips: always play in licensed casinos and check that at the time of payment there is the https: / / protocol in the address bar (we will see it in the URL address if the specific website is protected by an SSL certificate).