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Ranking Online Bingo Rooms

Bingo is one of the most popular and historical games in our country. Who hasn't sung ‘Bingo’ or ‘Line’ once? If you like the excitement that this game offers, do not miss this guide with the necessary information to play bingo online: where to play, types of bingo and their rules, as well as the best casinos with bingo in New Zealand.

Best casinos with online bingo in New Zealand 2024

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What is bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular and traditional games of chance both in New Zealand and internationally. Its origin is in the sixteenth century, and today there are two most popular varieties of bingo: the 90-ball and the 75. The most common is the 90-ball, although there are also 30 or 80-ball.

It consists of playing with some cards that include random numbers that will come out of a drum with a certain number of balls inside. Each ball has a number, which will be sung by a person called a cashier (who is in charge of spinning the drum and extracting the ball), and the players who get all the numbers from their cardboard will win.

There is also prize distribution to those players who manage to do "line” - Complete all the numbers from one of the rows of their cardboard.

Nowadays it is also possible to play Bingo online through online casinos, with numerous much more fun and entertaining varieties called Videobingo.

Bingo Rules

The rules of bingo are very simple. There are several must-haves:

  • The hype - Which is where the 75 or 90 balls are depending on the type of game used
  • Player - They can be unlimited
  • Cartons - Containing 15 numbers with three rows or lines, with 5 numbers in each of them in the case of 90-ball Bingo.
  • Cashier - It's the person who sings the numbers

Each participant must cross out the numbers on their card that come out, and the player who completes their entire card first will win (they will have to sing “bingo”). There is also a prize distribution to those who manage to sing "línea" (complete one of the three lines of their cardboard), although in that case the game continues until someone sings bingo.

Players can buy and participate with the cards they want.

How to choose an online bingo?

As we said, nowadays it is possible to play Bingo from anywhere thanks to online casinos. Either from the sofa at home or a bus stop through your mobile.

Online casinos offer both Videobingo and traditional Bingo. There are some aspects that you should take into account when choosing your online casino to play Bingo, which we highlight below.

Minimum bet or card prize . There are online casinos with a higher minimum bet than others. Either for the purchase of cards in traditional Bingo, or for bets in Videobingo. Take a look at the minimum bet of the online casino before playing, as it may be higher than what you were planning to spend.

Games catalog . Whether you are interested in traditional online bingo games and are looking for a variety (of 90 balls, or 60, or whatever you want) or if your choice is VideoBingo, a wide catalog of games will make you enjoy the experience more and make it much more enjoyable. There are online casinos that offer more games than others, including Bingo and Videobingo.

Payment methods. Perhaps you are one of those who use a specific payment method for your transactions at online casinos: Bizum, Klarna, PayPal... There are some casinos that only allow you to make transactions with a Bank Card, others have more methods, and others have them all. Check it before making your first deposit so as not to waste time.

Security. All online casinos in New Zealand are safe, although there are some illegal ones with licenses from Malta or Curaçao that also offer their services to New Zealand users. Make sure that you are in a regulated casino, licensed by the DGOJ and with a New Zealand (.es) domain. You can find the information about the licenses at the foot of the page within the casino itself.

Customer Service. It may be that you prefer to play at certain specific hours or non-working days of the week. There are online casinos whose customer service is limited in hours and days, while others are 24 hours a day. There are also some that have chat, phone, email... and others only from a contact form. Check it out before playing to make sure it fits you.

Mobile app. Are you one of those who does everything from the mobile, even betting or playing? Well, then you'd better look for a casino well adapted to those devices, and even with a mobile App (many have it). That will make you enjoy the experience much more from any mobile device, be it your phone or a tablet, and from any operating system, be it Android or iOS.

Security in online bingos

As we said before, it is key to choose a safe and legal casino to play bingo online. Illegal casinos in New Zealand with foreign licenses do not comply with the New Zealand regulations both regarding the security of the games, as well as the users and even their own funds. That is: they do not guarantee that their games will be safe and automatic, besides the fact that users' funds are at risk. If you have any problems, you will not be able to go to the authorities to claim your money.

Always make sure to choose safe online casinos in New Zealand that have a license from the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ) . All the casinos that you will see on Innovate Change meet this requirement. They are totally safe casinos, which comply with all legal and technical requirements to be able to offer their services to New Zealand users with full guarantees.

Your personal data and funds will be safe, but they also have technical systems that guarantee that the games are fully automatic and are not tricked. Otherwise, those online casinos could be sanctioned and even lose their gaming license.

Legal online Bingos in New Zealand

Although videobingo is becoming more and more popular among users, here we indicate the main websites with online bingo rooms. All of them are legal rooms licensed by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation.

Ruby Fortune 2012 BingoSoft PLC 4
Winston Bet 2012 Winston Bet International Malta PLC 5
Playzee 2012 Gamesys New Zealand SA 4
Golden Tiger 2012 Gamesys New Zealand SA 4

Top 5 casinos to play Bingo online

What if we had to stick with 5 casinos? Here are some options that will not disappoint you to play online casino.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune is undoubtedly the reference casino for online bingo lovers. It has been operating legally in New Zealand since 2012 and is well known to everyone for its commercials starring the famous Jorge Javier Vazquez. It has 4 online bingo rooms to play at home with different schedules and prices (some open 24 hours), in addition to several videobingo slots.

It also offers a complete customer support service, including live chat and a contact phone.

King Billy

At King Billy they have been dedicated to bingo for more than 40 years and have a huge network of physical bingo rooms spread throughout the country. In the Bingo section of their online casino you can find an extensive variety of more than 50 video slots from such important providers as MGA or Zitro.


The videobingo is one of the most fun games in the casino and in Genesis you can find a wide catalog of this type of game. Although it is an operator that has recently arrived in New Zealand (it obtained the license in 2019), it is characterized by meeting the highest quality and safety standards for its users.

It has a specific Videobingo section where you can play more than 40 different bingos such as Golden Lucky Cat or Bingo Roma.


Rizk is one of the main gaming companies in our country, it is of New Zealand origin, although it already has a presence in many other countries such as Colombia or Peru.

Rizk offers its users a very complete Bingo section with more than 40 different video games, with very varied themes and prizes.


The videobingo is making a niche in online casinos, and many users already prefer this version to the traditional one. 777 Casino, which has been one of the first online casinos in New Zealand, considers it so, and therefore has included in its game catalog a complete Videobingo section with about 35 games of different themes, among which are Immortal Romance Video Bingo or Don Bingote.

Online bingo from your mobile device

As you will already know if you have been attentive to the text, it is possible to use online bingo games from anywhere and with your mobile device. All you need is an internet connection and a quality casino well adapted to mobile devices.

In addition, the most popular online casinos or with better services also include among their services the offer of a Mobile app that will allow you to access their games much more comfortably, including Bingo.

Mobile Apps in most cases are available for both iOS and Android, you just need your device to meet the requirements indicated by the App (memory, operating system, etc.). You will only have to download that App through the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS), log in to the casino and access the Bingo game you want.

However, if you prefer to do it directly from the casino's mobile website, you can in all cases. All online casinos offer their services fully adapted to mobile devices and allow you to enjoy their games from the browser of your device, simply by accessing the website of the online casino in question and logging in.

Types of online bingo

There are several types of bingo, depending on the number of balls used. The most popular are those of 30, 75, 80 and 90 balls, which we describe to you below.

90 balls

It is the most popular type of Bingo all over the world and in New Zealand. As its name suggests, it has 90 balls and has 90 numbers (from 1 to 90). The cards have 15 numbers, with several blanks since there are 3 lines of 5 numbers each of them, making a total of 9 columns.

The prizes are distributed by completing one line, two lines and the complete carton (Bingo), which is the largest of all.

80 balls

It is a form of Bingo that is also very popular, especially in the United Kingdom, since it is just as entertaining as the 90-ball one but simpler because there are fewer numbers (and therefore, more prize possibilities). Many online casinos are incorporating it into their offer.

The cards have a total of 16 4x4 numbers, and the prizes are different. Here you can win if you match for example the 4 numbers in the center of the cardboard, 4 in each corner, forming an X... Everything will depend on the rules that apply in each case.

75 balls

It is the most popular type of bingo in America. There are 75 balls with 75 numbers, and it has the peculiarity that the cards have the word BINGO written on top.

Each BINGO letter is a column, with numbers in each of them. The peculiarity of this modality is that the objective to get prizes varies according to the rules: complete a certain pattern, with several categories (numerical, alphabetical, multi-combination...) proposed by the chambers.

It is the most complex category, but at the same time one of the most entertaining due to its diversity.

30 balls

Also known as fast bingo, it is a new modality highly recommended for new users since the games are very fast and enjoyable.

The cards are 3x3, with 3 rows and columns with a total of 9 numbers. There are no lines here, you just have to complete the 9 numbers on your card to win the game.

Advantages of the online version of bingo

Many users have doubts about what is more fun or entertaining: going to a traditional bingo room or trying online bingo to play at home. At Innovate Change we believe that online bingo has many advantages and makes the experience much more complete.

The most important thing is the freedom that online bingo allows , since you don't have to wait for a certain time or go to a specific place. Playing online, you can choose the time and place where to play. You can do it whenever you want and wherever you want .

In addition, playing online you can find many more varieties of bingo, and even many types of Videobingo that are much more entertaining and fun than traditional bingo.

The betting limits are also lower . In a traditional physical bingo they usually cost from $ 1 the cards, while in online bingos you can start playing from just 1 or 10 cents of dollar.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

🆓 Can I play bingo online for free?

It is possible to enjoy bingo without using real money since many online casinos offer the possibility of playing videobingo in demo mode. You will also be able to access promotions in some online bingo sites (if you meet the seniority and account verification requirements) and get bonuses or free cards.

👤 Do I have to register to play bingo online?

Yes, you need to create a casino account to play online bingo. Remember that to be able to do it you must be over 18 years old.

🤑 How can I make money with online bingo?

There is no system or method that guarantees to win money at Bingo, as it is a game of chance.

💸 How do I deposit and withdraw money from an online bingo?

Through the online casino cashier. It can be done completely safely and for free, using any of the payment methods available at the online casino.

📲 Can I play bingo from my smartphone?

Yes. All online casinos have a website adapted to mobile devices. Some also have a mobile app.

🤔 What is Video Bingo?

They are Slots with a game system similar to Bingo. The difference is that it is an individual game, with minStakes, varied themes, and many more winning combinations.

!?️ How do I play bingo safely?

In any of the legal operators that hold jeugo license in New Zealand issued by the DGOJ.

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