Pre-match betting: What are prematch bets?

Within the world of sports betting and forecasts, we find two great varieties: the bets that are made before the event starts (pre-match or prematch ) and those that are done live, with the ball in play (live or live).

What are pre-match bets?

Pre-match or prematch bets are those that are made before the event starts . Either 1 day, 1 week or a month before. Even 1 minute before. All bets placed before the start of the match or event in question.

This betting group also includes future or long-term bets: Winner of the tournament, League or competition.

Pre-match Bet vs Live Bet

Within the two large betting groups we find differences, as well as advantages or disadvantages.

In pre-match bets are usually found more markets than live. For example, in football or basketball of major leagues and in bookmakers with a good offer of markets we will find bets on statistics, handicaps, goals, points corner kicks, cards, scorers...

In addition, some events or matches offered pre-match are not available live . This happens in some events where it is not possible to follow the match live (and therefore offer bets) or where coverage is limited. Also those events that due to sports circumstances it is not possible to offer live betting, such as Politics betting, TV Awards, Surfing or Swimming.

On the other hand, in live betting we find the advantage of having lived the development of the match and see which team or player is being superior . Although this superiority is usually reflected in the odds, this is not always the case and sometimes interesting opportunities can be found live.

In other aspects such as odds, there are no notable differences from prematch bets since the houses usually have the same payout (commission) in both categories.


In short, there are no better or worse bets. There can be good pre-match and live bets, and bad bets in both categories. The important thing is to analyze each forecast and bet well, and be clear about the strategy.

Live betting can be interesting if you are a punter experienced , although if you are beginner you may not be able to control everything that happens in a live match and it is best to get started in sports betting with pre-match or pre-match bets.

Published by:

Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change