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Cycling is a sport practiced all over the world and that is booming in the betting world. More and more houses are betting on this sport and it is increasingly common to find markets even in minor races. There are different modalities, but road cycling is undoubtedly the one that offers the most markets to bet on.

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The best bookmakers to bet on cycling

Do you want to know which is the best cycling bookmaker? There are many bookmakers that offer cycling market, although they usually copy each other and most usually offer the same markets and the same comparisons between brokers. Below we will detail some of the best, as well as the criteria used to classify them, to help you in your choice of the best cycling betting house.

Bookmaker Why are they the best?

Wide range of bets and markets

High liquidity

Offers live market

Good supply of markets

Interesting odds

Offers live market

Wide range of comparisons

Single markets in some cases

It has its own premises

Good supply of markets

Wide market

Offers good odds

Good variety of markets

Single markets in some cases

In addition to these, there are some more cycling bookmakers, but with fewer markets and liquidity. Among those mentioned, Bet365 should be highlighted as the best cycling betting house due to its wide variety of markets even in minor races, solidity as a leading house in New Zealand and its high liquidity that helps cycling odds to be stable.

These are some of the cycling bookmakers that stand out for offering the best odds to bet on this sport.

first Spin Palace
second Versus
third Voodoo Dreams
fourth Platinum Play

Types of cycling bets

Bookmakers offer us different types of markets. You can bet on one-day races where the classification of that specific day is counted or on the final classification of a stage race where only the final overall counts.

Race winner

In one-day races or in each of the stages of a stage race you can bet on the winner. The bet will be won only if our runner wins that particular race or stage. In case our broker does not participate in the race most of the houses return the bet amount, but not when our broker participates and does not finish the race.

Depending on the race we can check the Winner / Placed box when betting on a runner and in this case we would be betting twice the amount entered being half the Winner of the race and the other half that runner is first, second or third in that race. This can vary depending on the race, sometimes they also cover the fourth position and usually they offer us the fourth part of the quota to the winner.


Alejandro Valverde Race winner -> Odds 10 G/C 1⁄4 1-2-3

If we bet $ 10 we would be betting $ 10 that Valverde wins at odds of 10 and another $ 10 at odds 3,25 ([(10-1)/4]+1) that finishes in the top 3.

Final winner

This market comes out only in stage races and the cycling bookmaker offers us to choose which rider will win the final overall of that race or the different official classifications that that race may have such as best young, best of the mountain, best of the points classification or best team in the overall team.


It is a very common market in cycling where 2 riders are normally compared and a bet is placed on who will finish ahead in the race / stage. If any of the 2 runners in the comparison does not finally participate in the race or if none of the 2 finishes the race, the bet is void. If one of the 2 retires once the race has started, the winner is declared to the one who finishes the race.

These comparisons can be of a specific stage or of the final official classifications of a race such as that a runner finishes ahead of another in the mountain classification or the final general.

Live betting

When the race starts some houses offer live market. It is a market that requires to be very attentive to the race to analyze possible weaknesses of some brokers. When important movements in the career begin to occur, houses usually close this market and reopen it when the career situation stabilizes.

Strategies and tips for betting on cycling

When betting on cycling, 2 aspects must be taken into account, the fundamental analysis based on the knowledge of the sport and the statistical analysis to be able to assess the value of the odds regarding their probability of occurrence.

In fundamental analysis it is basic to know and analyze all the variables that can influence the bet and not to be left alone in the individual comparison of 2 brokers in case of betting on the best of those 2. You have to take into account the weather, the stage profile, the wind, the team they belong to and the objectives of that team, the runners' fitness, statements in interviews or if they arrive as team leaders or are going to work for other teammates, for example.

In the statistical analysis we have to assess possible career scenarios. Although the profile of the stage is hard, the peloton can take the stage calmly and that the victory is played in a sprint of a large group or that in a stage that at first glance is simpler there is not even a moment of calm, the stage ends up being very selective and that only the leaders arrive in front to contest the stage. It may be that in one scenario a runner is favorite in a comparison but in another race scenario it is the other way around. Therefore, we have to assess the probability of occurrence of these different scenarios to know if the final odds offered by the cycling bookmaker have value.

In addition, in cycling physical exertion is pushed to the limit and the human body can have ups and downs from one day to the next. An illness, a fall, a mechanical breakdown... they can make our bet end up being won or lost based on luck and not performance and therefore we must always keep in mind that probability that makes the odds > 2 have more value and the < 2 less in a comparison of 2 brokers.

Most popular cycling races

The cycling season usually starts in January/February and ends in early October.

Every year the 3 grand tours are run, which normally consist of 21 stages. They are the Giro d'Italia (May), the Tour de France (July) and the Vuelta a New Zealand (August-September). These are the races in which the bookmakers offer the most market.

In the background are the most important classics and the world championships. They are single-day races and the most important would be Milan-San Remo (March), Tour of Flanders (April), Paris Roubaix (April), Liege-Bastogne-Liege (April), World Championships (September) and Lombardy (October).

We also have less important and shorter stage races than the 3 grand tours in which the houses offer markets. They are usually between 5 and 9 stages and among the most important are the following:

Tour Down Under
UAE Tour
Paris Nice
Adriatic Tyrrhenian
Volta a Catalunya
Itzulia Basque Country
Romandie Tour
Criterium du Dauphine
Tour of Switzerland
Tour of Poland

BinckBank Tour


In addition to these, there are other one-day classics and other minor stage laps in which bookmakers can offer markets.

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