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Do you want to know all the online casinos in New Zealand in 2024? Here you will find all the licensed casinos, their different types of games and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

We will analyze all the legal casino options available, from the newest to the most classic and well-known in our country to help you choose the casino that best suits your tastes and preferences.

All licensed online casinos in New Zealand

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All about online casinos New Zealand

Choose a online casino it is complicated, especially due to the huge offer available that we have in New Zealand. To make it simple, the best thing to choose a good online casino in New Zealand is to decide first what preferences we have. Do we want good promotions? Variety of slots? or do we prefer roulette? what games of chance do we usually play?

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These are just some of the questions that we must ask ourselves to choose an online casino. There are many factors to take into account, from the VIP service to the live Roulette offer or the available means of payment, and each of them depends on the preferences of the particular user.

As a summary, we must be clear about which aspects we consider important in a casino and which are less relevant for us. Each casino has its pros and cons, some focus their services on a specific game, others offer unique promotions, and others, for example, have their own App that few casinos have.

Remember that whichever casino you choose you should always play following the principles of responsible gambling.

What is an online casino in New Zealand?

We are currently living in the age of technology and this also affects our forms of leisure. There are fewer and fewer people who decide to go and play in person at a physical casino and prefer to do so from the comfort of their computer, mobile or tablet.

Online casinos they are virtual platforms where you can play traditional online casino games (slot machines, roulette, blackjack, scratch cards, etc.) absolutely safely and legally over the internet , as long as we are before licensed legal operators in New Zealand .

Which New Zealand online casinos are legal? It is important to remember that we should only choose casinos that have a legal gaming license , granted by the General Directorate of Gaming Regulation (DGOJ), an organism that depends on the Ministry of Finance, since it will allow us to play with total security.

It should be borne in mind that to access any online casino in our country it is essential to meet two requirements: to be over 18 years old (any type of gambling is prohibited for minors) and to be a resident of New Zealand.

How to choose the best online casino in New Zealand?

Once we are clear about the preferences and what aspects are essential in an online casino, there is no more than taking a look at our analyzes to look for the casino that best suits our needs.

A good idea that many of them offer is to try them out without having to put real money into play, for example through their demos . Testing them directly is the best way to draw your own conclusions and choose the most suitable online casino for each one.

However as a summary, our opinion is to choose an online casino that has a good Customer service , various payment methods (deposit and withdrawal), as well as a good gambling offer. If you have regular promotions and even a App it will be bordering on perfection. It is also possible to find out about online casino reviews from other users.

In short, these are the most important aspects what we must take into account to choose which are the best online casinos:

  • Variety of payment methods (deposits and withdrawals)
  • VIP or loyalty program
  • Numerous regular promotions for registered users
  • Online casinos that offer live games
  • Variety of Slots (slot machines) and selection of table games
  • Have a mobile app
  • Good customer service (live chat, phone...)

Bonuses and promotions at online casinos

All casinos offer promotions with the aim of rewarding and loyalty to their already registered users, always from the promotion of responsible gambling, differentiating themselves from the competition.

Following the new regulation (Royal Decree 958/2020, of November 3, on commercial communications of gaming activities), some changes were introduced that affected promotions, more specifically welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses have been banned since May 1, 2021. The rest of the bonuses are still allowed as long as your account is older than 30 days and has been properly verified.

Do you want to know what types of bonuses there are currently? Always remember that to access these offers your account must meet the aforementioned requirements (older than 30 days and verified). Keep reading!

  • Deposit bonus - It is the most classic bonus, and one of the most common. It consists in that the casino compensates the player's deposit, giving him the same amount or more. That is, 100% of the deposit, a figure that sometimes reaches up to 200%. These bonuses usually have a release conditions called "Rollover", which consists of the number of times they must be wagered in order for them to become real and withdrawable balance. Also usually among its conditions are the term in which it must be wagered, as well as the minimum deposit.
  • No deposit bonus: It is a great initiative of online casinos to encourage their most loyal users to continue using their services completely free of charge. It is also usual in addition to no deposit bonuses in the form of real money, to see how casinos offer free spins or free spins for their Slots or slot machines.
  • Other promotions : cashback, prizes, multipliers winnings...

Types of online casinos in New Zealand

Among so many online casinos, we can differentiate several different types, depending on how they offer their services or what options they give the user to use them. Some have their own App, others a downloadable software, and others are only available through desktop mode, through a computer.

Logically there are two main types of casinos: face-to-face casinos (lifelong, physical) and online casinos, which are the ones that concern us. Within the second modality (online casinos), we can find several different types of casinos. The only thing we need for all online casinos is a browser with a Flash Player.

Live online casinos

These types of casinos are those that offer a selection of live, live games. It is one of the options with the most claim among players, who want to add excitement and place their bets live on the numerous games offered. The most common is Roulette, in some casinos they have a live video with a real dealer that makes users live the experience as if it were a real casino without moving from the sofa at home or in their pajamas.

It is also possible to live the experience in other games of chance such as Bingo, Blackjack or Poker. Not all casinos offer this option, but the Live Roulette that we mentioned above is offered by most of the best online casinos. Within the roulette, there are several types: French, dollarpea, quantum, automatic, conventional...

Some casinos even offer special roulette tables just for VIP players, with higher limits or exclusive perks.

Traditional online casinos

This is the common modality. This includes those normal casino games where you play against the machine, there are no rivals and no real dealer. As if from a normal machine (slot machine, slot...) was concerned. The advantage of online casinos over traditional in this sense is that it offers the option of using games that in physical casinos are only available with a dealer completely online, such as roulette or Blackjack.

Casinos mobile New Zealand (App)

Another very interesting option that more and more online casinos are offering is the possibility of playing through their App. Developing an app that complies with all current regulations and is safe is a long and expensive process, but the benefits are certainly worth it. Giving your users the opportunity to play from their mobile or tablet through their own App is a unique experience that more and more casinos are incorporating into their offer.

These applications are available for different operating systems in both the Android and iOS Store, with all their gambling and entertainment offer available in a single application, without having to enter their website or wait for it to load on our device. A good App will always be more comfortable than a mobile version, since in addition to dealing with online games it becomes complicated to use them from a mobile browser.

There are few casinos that currently have an App, especially we do not find it available in the new casinos.

These casinos do have an App: Rizk, 888Casino, Platinum Play, ChristChurch, Paf... But the truth is that more and more companies are betting on investing in providing this option to their users.

The 7 best Online Casinos in New Zealand

Casino Minimum deposit Live casino Mobile app



















No minimum



Platinum Play

Platinum Play is one of the best online casinos and one of the new casinos in New Zealand, although that does not mean that it is not up to scratch. It is a company with extensive experience throughout Dollarpa, and has developed its own App that has no competition.

This relatively new online casino has triumphed all over the world thanks to its mobile services, a fantastic App that has won the recognition of all critics and experts in the sector, as well as its users. Although it is true that its offer of table games is not as wide as other legal online casinos in New Zealand, its mobile services put Platinum Play at the height of the competition, that is why it is one of the recommended online casinos Palms.

It also offers numerous means of payment, good customer service with live chat, a demo of its slots and a VIP program with fantastic prizes and bonuses for its most loyal users.


To talk about Rizk is to talk about one of the most important online gaming companies in New Zealand. Origin 100% New Zealand, it is one of the most experienced casinos in the sector.

Founded in 1980, 40 years of experience guarantee this Galician company. They have their own App that puts this casino above its competition, as well as its intuitive and very simple interface. Rizk has a very wide offer and variety of games with more than 300 slots and a unique live games catalog.

For the most loyal users, it has a VIP club with bonuses and exclusive promotions. As expected, we will find practically any payment method available to make deposits and transactions in a casino whose customer service (with live chat) is also fantastic.

Casino Twin

A 100% New Zealand casino, known to any inhabitant of the capital of our country. CasinoTwin has earned recognition as one of the most prominent and popular casinos in New Zealand, and has recently taken the step to operate online through its website. As expected, its online service lives up to its good reputation as a live casino: fantastic customer support with live chat, a very wide range of games and entertainment, as well as a very simple and intuitive web design and interface.

They also have the option of withdrawing money in their physical casinos, along with numerous means of payment and deposit that make CasinoTwin a very interesting option within legal online casinos.

Lucky Nugget

Lucky Nugget is one of the new casinos and one of the most recent additions to the New Zealand gaming sector, although it has a long history since its creation in 2012. It has a fantastic casino with a very wide offer of slots, with more than 400 available, as well as numerous games (roulette tables, live roulette, blackjack....) that make Lucky Nugget one of the most recommended reliable online casinos in New Zealand.

The ease of use of this new online casino attracts new users every day: website with a very simple interface, numerous means of deposit and withdrawal available, recognized game providers, and a good customer service (with live chat) attentive to solve any doubts of its users.


Bet365 is a New Zealand company with a very long experience in the gaming sector. Since 1986 they have been dedicated to the operation of game rooms and recreational machines in hospitality businesses, they also currently have more than 190 physical establishments in our country.

Its offer of games is very wide and varied: more than 700 slots from the best software providers, videobingo, blackjack, roulette, live roulette, etc. Bet365 also stands out for offering the operator's first online jackpot, where they themselves award their own prizes that are won at rollover x1.


RiverBelle is characterized by its usual promotions (tournaments, happyhours...) as well as for taking care of its users through a more than interesting VIP loyalty system that is accessed automatically once registered. The RiverBelle website has numerous games available as well as a wide variety of slots. Its range of options for making deposits and withdrawals is at the height of few casinos, since it has practically all existing means.

For the software they have opted for one of the most recognized game providers in the sector - Microgaming, something that undoubtedly places RiverBelle among one of the main casinos in New Zealand.

Gaming Club

Tele Aptuak S.A. is the company that manages the Gaming Club website, which has been offering sports betting and online casino services for more than 15 years. In 2004 they started working in the Basque Country, and since then they have been expanding throughout New Zealand expanding their network of physical establishments.

This casino has a wide variety of slots from the best game providers. In addition, their customer service, with live chat, email and toll-free phone, is excellent.

Is there any regulation for online casinos in New Zealand?

How do we know if a casino is legal or safe? There is a very simple method to find out. Of course, there are thousands of casinos and betting sites all over the internet, but only some of them have the appropriate security measures to offer their services. To find out if a casino is safe and legal in New Zealand, you just have to check that it has a license from the DGOJ.

Nail license is a set of permissions granted by the Directorate-General for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) in New Zealand, which certifies that that casino has all the appropriate security measures and complies with everything that the law establishes. Thanks to this license, users will be able to play and make transactions in total security, in addition to being protected by the General Directorate of Gaming Regulation (public and official body) in case there is any problem.

Among other things, in order for the online casino to obtain the license from the DGOJ to operate in New Zealand, it must use a system called RNG - Random Number Generator, which guarantees that the game is unbiased.

Tips and tricks for playing at online casinos

Although the casino is one of the sectors of online gambling, there are several advice or tips to reduce its randomness and try getting the most out of it . There are hundreds of slots, numerous games available, and there are always tricks that are useful for both beginners and experts. There are some games where 100% is chance (like slots) and others where skill or strategy also counts, like Blackjack. We will give you some basic tips:

  • Choosing a casino that offers promotions to keep its users loyal
  • Choosing a Casino with a VIP or loyalty program
  • Avoid video slots as they have lower RTP (Return to Player)
  • Use slots with lower prizes (easier to win)
  • Use slots with fixed maximum payouts instead of progressives
  • Keep track of time and money wagered
  • Have predetermined how much money to bet in total and on each game/play
  • Learn how casinos and games work
Promote Avoid long shots
Loyalty programs Videopoker or Progressive Slots
Slots with low prizes Slots with higher jackpots
Slots with maximum payouts Playing without a certain budget
Control the time and money wagered
Determine in advance the amount to bet

What payment methods can we use at online casinos

Making deposits or withdrawals at any of these online casinos is very simple thanks to the wide range of payment methods that we will find available. All of them are absolutely reliable and comply with all security measures so we can use any of them with total peace of mind.

The most common payment method is credit or debit card, Paypal or bank transfer, although it is also common to find other methods also widely used, such as Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Apple Pay, Bizum...

Means of payment Available for deposits Term Available for withdrawals Term
Bank card Yes Immediately Yes 1 - 3 days
Paypal Yes Immediately Yes 24 - 48 hours
Transfer Yes 3 - 5 days Yes 3 - 5 days
Paysafecard Yes Immediately No -
Hal-Cash No - Yes Immediately
Srill / Neteller Yes Immediately Yes 24 - 48 hours
Withdrawal in loca l No - Yes Immediately

Below we will detail the most used:

Credit/debit card

Bank cards (usually VISA / Mastercard / Maestro) allow fast and secure income. The credit card holder must match the gaming account holder at the casino.


There are many online casinos that have PayPal. It is an electronic wallet that allows the realization of online transactions in a simple and very secure way, the deposited amount will be available immediately. The Paypal account holder and the email associated with this wallet must match the game account holder.

Bank transfer

It is possible to make deposits or withdrawals from your bank account by means of the corresponding transfer. It is not an immediate method, so the income/withdrawals could take several days (normally up to 72 hours max.), depending on the bank. In addition, it is possible that the bank may be able to apply some commission.


We are facing the most popular and consolidated payment method in Dollarpa. With this prepaid card it is possible to pay on the internet quickly and securely. The card consists of a 16-digit code and can be purchased with different amounts. In the case of deposit with Paysafecard, withdrawals should normally be processed by bank transfer.


Once the withdrawal has been requested by this method, we will receive an SMS with a password with which we will be able to withdraw cash from any enabled ATM.


Both are electronic wallets similar to Paypal, belonging to the Paysafe Group. With them it is possible to make income and money transfers via the internet immediately and securely.

Withdrawal in physical premises

Available in many online casinos that have physical gambling halls spread throughout New Zealand (Wheelz, Gaming Club, Bet365, Retabet, ChristChurch...). It is allowed to deposit or withdraw cash into our online gaming account through such premises.

The most common means of payment in online casinos New Zealand

Paypal RiverBelle, Spin Palace, Wildz, Rizk, William Hill, Caxino, Versus, Betsson
Bank card Mr Green, Lucky Nugget, Bet365, Platinum Play, Wildz, Spin Palace, RiverBelle, RETAbet
Paysafecard Versus, William Hill, Rizk, Lucky Nugget, Bet365, Spin Palace, RiverBelle, Voodoo Dreams
Bizum Bet365, Rizk, Wheelz, ChristChurch, Paf, RETAbet, Casino Barcelona, Pastón
Skrill RiverBelle, Platinum Play, Spin Palace, Lucky Nugget, Rizk, William Hill, Casino Twin, Casino777
Neteller Wheelz, William Hill, Rizk, Lucky Nugget, Platinum Play, Spin Palace, RiverBelle, ChristChurch
Bank transfer Wildz, RiverBelle, Platinum Play, Bet365, William Hill, Lucky Nugget, Rizk, Gaming Club

The most popular games at New Zealand online casinos

On the pages of online casino in New Zealand we will find a wide variety of games with which to have a fun time. These are some of the most popular and demanVegas Palms by users, we will find them practically in all casinos licensed by the DGOJ.

Slots or slot machines

Slot machines or slots, also called slots, are one of the most popular casino games, mainly because they are very easy to use and because of the varied offer of game themes. There are endless types of slots: according to their number of reels and paylines, jackpots with progressive jackpots, video bingo, etc.


Roulette is the game of chance par excellence in any casino in the world. It is a very simple game, it is played with a roulette wheel divided into different boxes with a number each and the players try to predict where the ball will land at the end of each spin. There are different types of online roulette: live roulette, dollar roulette, French roulette, American roulette, fastball roulette, etc.


Blackjack (also known as twenty-one) is a famous card game that consists of getting twenty-one points or getting as close as possible to that figure without exceeding it. There are several types of blackjack games, as well as different versions at single-player or multi-player tables.

The 7 best online casino software providers

Software manufacturers are responsible for developing the games that we find in online casinos, so it is important to guarantee the quality and variety of games that the casino works with several suppliers and that these are recognized and prestigious. These are just some of the most important, although there are many more that we should know: MGA, iSoftBet, Betsoft, R. Franco, NextGen, Yggdrasil, Playson, Pragmatic Play, Amatic, Zitro, Thunderkick, etc.


We are the first software provider that developed online slots. He currently has more than 20 years of experience and in addition to slots (many of them with progressive jackpots) he has developed a wide variety of games such as poker, blackjack or roulette. This company ranks second in terms of the volume of online casino products, second only to NetEnt. These are some of the Microgaming slots: Book of Oz, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, Fortune Girl, Tarzan, Playboy Gold...

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, based in Riga, is one of the software manufacturers most chosen by the vast majority of casinos in New Zealand. They stand out mainly for their live casino games (roulette and blackjack) and have been awarded as the Best Provider of Live Casino Broadcasts for several consecutive years for the high quality of their casino software with live broadcasts with live dealers. These are some of the Evolution Gaming roulettes: Dollarpean Roulette, French Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette...

Play'n Go

This company of Swedish origin is a major manufacturer of casino games and also has a platform for online casinos. It stands out for its slot machines, although it also offers other types of games such as poker, roulette, blackjack or scratch cards. Here are some of the most famous Play'N Go slots: Book of Dead, Energoonz, Hot Bingo, Fire Joker...


One of the largest and most prestigious casino software manufacturers in the world. They have hundreds of casino games developed including slots (many of them with jackpot), live casino, bingo or poker. Here are some of the most popular Playtech games: Age of Goods, Gladiator, Jackpot Giant, Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven...


This software manufacturer of Swedish origin is one of the oldest developers. Although it stands out mainly for its magnificent slots (Moderna graphics, top quality sound and a unique design) it also offers other types of gambling such as live roulette, video poker or blackjack. These are some of the games developed by NetEnt: Gonzo's Quest, Starburst, Narcos, Guns N' Roses, Mega Fortune...


International Game Technology is based in Las Vegas and specializes in land-based casinos and online casino game development. Its games, which adapt to both mobile devices and computers, are distinguished by their good speed and functionality, as well as great design. Some of the most popular IGT games: Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds, Golden Goddess, Triple Diamond...

Realtime Gaming

This company was founded in Atlanta (USA) in 1998 in addition to manufacturing gaming software for online casinos, it is also responsible for developing slot machines and table games. Here are some of their most popular games: Cleopatra's Gold, Dirty Martini, Tiger Treasure...

Advantages of online casinos in New Zealand

Playing in online casinos compared to traditional physical ones has a number of advantage which should certainly be taken into account.

Ease of access and use

There is no need to get fancy or scroll to the casino, endure traffic jams... The privacy of playing at an online casino is maximum: no one sees you, no one knows what you are doing, and you can do it from the sofa at home. Whenever you want, wherever you want, and from wherever we want. Even from the bathroom with your mobile or tablet you can play a few hands of Blackjack.

Exclusive offers

In the traditional casino, at most the most regular users are invited to a drink. However, online casinos offer promotions for all their registered users, while some casinos also offer a special VIP program for their most loyal users with fantastic prizes and bonuses. We must remember that in order for a user to access offers or promotions, their account must be older than 30 days and must be verified.

No limits or pressures

Do you get tired of playing fast? Do you want to spend hours without anyone bothering you? Have you gained a lot very quickly and want to leave? You decide when to stop and how long to play, you mark the schedules yourself. You don't have to give explanations to anyone, or think about the way back home.

Many more games

There is no doubt that in any good online casino in New Zealand we will find many more games than in traditional casino, unless we are in Las Vegas. More than 100 or 200 slots, numerous types of roulettes and games, even live (live roulette tables) as if it were a real casino. The offer of games multiplies what we can find in a traditional casino.


As we said before, privacy in online casinos is total. No one will see you and no one will know what you are doing, since there are people who prefer to remain anonymous. No one will know how much you bet or how much money you have won, since large jackpots or bets always arouse the interest of the most curious.


You don't have to wait for the casino to open, or travel or take a car trip to be able to play. At any time you can play and have a good time without waiting more than a few seconds until the page or the App loads, allowing us to access all the games at any time, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Means of online payment

No need to carry cash or handle bills. In online casinos it is possible to deposit and withdraw money through practically any means of payment, immediately: card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Transfer...

No waiting

Some games or tables in traditional casinos are busy and it is necessary to wait for a chair or free slot to be able to play. In online casinos, there is always a place and there are always all the games available for all the people who want to play, without waiting a single minute, even in games like Blackjack or Poker.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

⚖️ Are online casinos legal in New Zealand?

Yes, totally legal and safe. We must make sure that the casino used has the corresponding gambling licenses the DGOJ, as well as that the URL starts with https: and not http.

💵 Can you win real money at online casinos?

If. The casinos offer no deposit bonuses as well as demos of their games. But of course you can play and win real money, although we will not see it physically since the transactions are made online through card, transfer or electronic wallet.

🎰 What games are available at online casinos in New Zealand?

There are many games available, all of them legal and safe: Poker, roulette (French, dollarpea and American), bingo, slots (or slots), blackjack, punto and banco. Many of them are also available live, with a real dealer and live.

💰 How do I deposit and withdraw money from a casino?

Making payment transactions at an online casino is very simple. Everyone has numerous means of payment (some more than others), and it is possible to both deposit and withdraw money instantly through a card (debit or credit), Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal... All of them are totally secure transactions and where only an account with funds in the name of the holder is needed.

📱 Can I play the casino from my mobile phone?

Clear. Moreover, more and more casinos are focusing on their mobile versions. Some of them even have their own App available to use all their services from mobile devices or tablets. Others have these games fully optimized and adapted to use them from the mobile with total normality.