Frequently asked questions

In this section we have tried to group the most frequently asked questions and answers from our users. If you can't find the answer on a topic, please write to our support team. The most experienced Innovate Change users will try to answer all your questions.

In case of betting, online or offline?

In the past there were only bets in a traditional way (on-site), but nowadays you can place bets through online sites directly from your laptop or even smartphone. For most players, the online version is the most convenient, fastest, and also comes with several benefits not found in traditional bookmakers.

I haven't turned 18 yet, can I bet online?

No! It is stipulated in the law that the minimum age to be able to place bets is 18 years old. Even if you cheat and do not specify the real age, the bookmaker will require proof such as a copy of the passport, and if you have not reached the age of 18, your account will be frozen.

Can you really make money on betting?

Yes, you can earn money from betting, but it depends on factors such as analysis, inspiration and understanding of the sport you choose to bet on.

Is gambling a safe source of income?

No! Gambling should be considered for recreational purposes and not as a source of income. This site supports the maximum responsibility for recreational gambling.

What is the bookmaker's margin?

The bookmaker's margin depends on the difference between the probability and the mathematical probabilities (odds) that the bookmaker sets. For a better understanding, let's consider the example of a tennis event that has only two possible outcomes (win, a player or another).If two players are 50/50 odds, in this case the mathematical odds are 2-2, but taking into account the profit margin of the bookmaker in the majority of cases, the companies offer odds between 1.9 and 1.9, or even at 1.85 1.85.

What are betting bonuses?

Bonuses are present in the form of various promotions for new customers and existing customers. They are usually represented by free bets or risk-free bets. Also, they can be provided in the form of various prizes.

What is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is a legal entity that, through the website or from a fixed location offers its customers different options and bets on the results of sporting and non-sporting events.

How to register at an online bookmaker?

On the website of each house there is a registration button. When registering, you must fill in all the required fields. You will be asked for personal identity information, such as address, age, contact information (email, phone).

Can I have multiple accounts with the same household, using the contact details of friends, or family members?

Bookmakers block access based on IP address. If you open multiple accounts from the same IP address, the bookmaker may accuse you of fraud by opening multiple accounts. If after another check the suspicions of fraud are withdrawn, accounts will be unblocked.

Can I have multiple accounts at the same bookmaker?

No! They only allow one account per person. It is one of the essential conditions of bookmakers. Even if you manage to open several accounts, when a withdrawal is requested the house will carry out the necessary controls and the accounts will be blocked. In some bookmakers, you will find that not only will several accounts be suspended, but only the initial balance will be refunded.

I forgot my password. Do I have to register again?

No! If you have forgotten your password you do not have to register again, because registering a new account with the same address will result in account suspension. All you have to do is follow the steps for password recovery. A temporary password will be sent to the specified address through which you will be able to access your account and add a new permanent password.

Can I register with more bookmakers?

You can register at several bookmakers. All the houses operate independently and welcome their customers with various offers and promotions.

Which bookmaker to choose?

It is advisable to choose a bookmaker with a varied offer, an easy-to-use platform, and in New Zealand, offering support in Spanish and last but not least, offering acceptable deposit and withdrawal methods. The company must have a good reputation among bettors.

How can I deposit money into my betting account?

Bookmakers offer various deposit methods on the player's account. The most common deposit methods are by debit/credit card, Moneybookers, bank transfer, Paypal, Neteller or Paysafecard. The availability of deposit methods vary from house to house.

Can I make deposits or withdrawals in other currencies?

When you register at a particular bookmaker, you can check the available coins. Currencies such as NZD, GBP or USD are usually available at reputable bookmakers.

Is it enough to send a copy of the identity document for account verification?

It depends on each bookmaker. While some houses only require a copy of the identity document, passport or driver's license, others may be stricter by requesting an invoice to verify your residence address.

Will I be asked for identity documents when requesting a withdrawal?

When you make your first withdrawal of funds, of course certain documents will be required, so it is recommended that these documents are sent in advance and the account verification is carried out. This check is not for every transaction, but from time to time at the discretion of the bookmaker, you may be asked for a copy of the identity document, passport or driving license. In case of failure to do so, the bookmaker has the right to refuse the agreement. Identity verification is a precaution against fraud betting methods.

A few days have passed and I still haven't received the money I withdrew from my betting account to my personal account. What to do?

First of all, you should know the transaction processing times of the bookmaker where you are registered. Regardless of the chosen method of withdrawal, the general operation lasts no more than 5 working days if the bookmaker has a good reputation. In general, trades are settled in 2-3 days, but they differ from house to house. For information on the status of transactions it is necessary to contact the customer service team of the bookmaker.

How can I make withdrawals from the betting account?

It is recommended that the withdrawal be made by the same method as the deposit was made to the betting account, except paysafecard which does not allow the withdrawal of deposits of funds from your betting account.

What is the minimum amount that can be deposited into your betting account?

Bookmakers have their own limits depending on each deposit method. This minimum amount can vary between $5 and $10 depending on the deposit method. This is usually the case through credit card or debit card, and with larger amounts in bank transfers. Each house specifies these limits in the rules section, therefore, before making a deposit, it is recommended to first find out about these limits.

How long does it take to transfer the funds into your betting account?

The transaction processing time varies depending on the chosen method and each bookmaker. Total deposits, by credit/debit card or electronic payment systems, are usually instant. The bank transfer takes a few days.

What is a combined multiple bet?

A combo includes two or more selections. The total quota is calculated by multiplying each share of each forecast separately. To determine the total win, the amount wagered will be multiplied by the total odds. To win a combined you need to hit all the odds. If one forecast is missed, the whole situation is missed.

What is the "cash out/in" or "close bet" option?

This option allows you to close a bet before the end of the event. It is an option in great demand by most players because it minimizes the risk of loss. At some certain point in the match, the bet can be closed and the winnings are smaller but safe; or the losses are also smaller than in case of ending differently than predicted.

What are live bets?

Live bets correspond to the events that are covered live, that is, they have already started and the bookmaker offers a market to bet while that event is taking place.

How are American quotas represented?

Odds in American format are quite complicated, especially for those who are already familiar with the decimal or fractional system.

They are presented as an integer, positive or negative. When the number is positive, it represents the profit that the player can get by betting 100 units and in case of hitting the bet. When the number is negative, it represents the number of units that the player must bet to make a profit of 100 units. With the match as an example, Real Madrid - AS Roma, the odds would be displayed as follows:

Type of quota Victory Real Madrid Draw Victory AS Roma
Decimal 1,40 5,25 8,00
Fractional 2/5 17/4 7/1
American -250 +425 +700

How are the British quotas represented (fractional format)?

This format of representation of the odds is, as its name says, the preferred one of the majority of bettors in the United Kingdom.

To understand how this type of odds are used, we are going to show a relationship of fractional odds with decimal format odds. Let's use the previous example of the Real Madrid - FC Barcelona match.

  • 3.15 (decimal quota) - 2,15 = 2,15 = 1/1 = 43/20 ( fractional fee)
  • 3.05 (decimal quota) - 2,05 = 2,05 = 1/1 = 41/20 ( fractional fee)
  • 2.20 (decimal quota) - 1,20 = 1,20 = 1/1 = 6/5 ( fractional fee)​

A simple explanation of the fractional odds X/Y would be as follows: Y represents the unit stakes that are bet on for a profit of X units.

How are dollar fees represented (decimal format)?

Decimal odds or dollarpeo-style odds are the most common and are preferred by most dollarpeo bettors. They indicate the potential profit from a share of a unit. In other words, multiplying the decimal odds by the amount wagered will result in the total win. The total win consists of the amount wagered plus the net profit.

To better understand these decimal odds we show the following example:

One bookmaker is offering 3.15 for the Real Madrid win, 3.05 for the draw and 2.20 for the FC Barcelona win. Starting from one bet unit, the total winnings will be as follows:

  • Real Madrid win: total of 3.15 for each unit bet.
  • Draw: total of 3.05 for each unit bet.
  • FC Barcelona Victory: total of 2.20 for each unit bet.

The decimal quota represents a very simple calculation of the total income and winnings, for these reasons, this type of format is preferred for most players.

What is the Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is preferred by punters especially when the balance of forces between the two teams is disproportionate and, therefore, the favorite team has a small quota. In such a situation, bookmakers set these handicap values in order to restore balance and give more value bets. Therefore, the disadvantage will be negative for the favorite team, and positive to the one who is not.

The Asian handicap has several options, but we are going to present the following example for a better understanding. Asian handicap 0.25.

Handicap Result Betting Handicap Result Betting
Overcome Win Overcome Win
- 0,25 Tie Lose half 0,25 Tie Earn half
Lose Wastage Lose Wastage

In this situation, the match starts at 0- 1⁄4 . Therefore, it is an advantage granted to the visitor of 1⁄4. Equal opportunity is eliminated.

Example: Real Madrid v Paris SG

Situation 1 : $100 Bet on the Real Madrid Asian Handicap -0.25 to 1.58. To win the bet, Real Madrid needs to win the match. If Real Madrid wins the match they will win 100 * 1.58 = 158$, so there is a profit of 58$. If the match ends in a draw, you will lose half, $50 is lost and $50 is not. If Real Madrid loses, the entire bet is lost.

Situation 2 : Paris Bet SG $100, Asian Handicap 0.25 to 2.45. To win the bet, Paris SG has to win the match. Yes, SG wins the match wins 100$ * 2.45 = 245$, so there is a profit of 145$. If the match ends in a draw, you keep half of the bet ($50) and the other half ($50) is won at odds of 2.45. Specifically, you will have $50 (the bet will be refunded) + 122,5$ (50$ * 2,45) = 175,5$, so you will get a profit of $75.5. If Paris SG loses the bet is lost.

What is the dollarpeo handicap?

The dollar handicap is based on the principle of granting an advantage to one of the teams before the start of the match. It is much simpler to understand than Asian handicap. The main difference between the two types of handicap is that in dollarpeo there is the possibility of a draw, therefore the three possible variants of the dollarpeo handicap are: 1, X, 2.

We will take to analyze the match between Bayern Munich and Arsenal.

Bayern Munich dollar handicap -1. The quota for this forecast is 2.00. For this forecast, Bayern Munich should win at least 2 goals apart (2-0, 3-1, etc.) in order to overcome the disadvantage of 1 goal attributed before the start of the match. With a stake of 100$ the total profit in this case would be 200$, 100$ therefore the profit.

Bayern Munich dollar handicap -1, forecast X. The odds for this forecast are 3.80. For this forecast, Bayern Munich should win with the need to impose a fixed difference of 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, etc.) in order to be equal to 1 goal of the handicap that has been awarded before the start of the match. With a stake of $100 the total profit in this case would be $380, so it would be a net profit of $280.

Handicap dollarpeo 1 Arsenal, the forecast 2. The odds for this forecast are 2.95. For this forecast you must win the match Arsenal or score in a draw. With a stake of 100$ the total profit in this case would be 295$, 195$ therefore the profit.

What are betting totals?

Bets on bets on totals represent the total number of goals, corners, cards, fouls, etc. They can be reported in general (goals scored by both teams, cards received by both teams, etc.) or individually for each team.

What is a system-type bet?

This type of bet is a combination of selections. Assuming that the number of selections on your ticket is 4, one of the systems that can be chosen to play is the 3 of 4 system. 3 of 4 involves the combination of the four individual events into many permutations of 3 selections. Thus we have the following possibilities: 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-3-4, 2-3-4 (1, 2, 3 and 4 representing the individual selections). If you get three or more picks of the 4 selections right, you win the system bet.

How many selections can be included in a combination bet?

Check the bookmaker's rules. Some houses limit the number of selections that can be included in a combined multiple bet to 20, while others to 15. If you cannot find this information in the bookmaker's rules, when you try to place your bet you will be told if the number of selections is greater than the maximum allowed.

What is the maximum amount you can win on a betting day?

This varies depending on the bookmaker and also depending on the event. As a rule, if we are talking about a large bookmaker, the maximum amount that can be won in one day is NZD 100,000 for large events. The maximum payout can vary significantly depending on the sport and the event.

Can the bookmaker limit my account?

Yes, there are situations when bookmakers can limit accounts.

1. If safe bets are found with different results to the same event from multiple bets that guarantee that there is no loss whatever the outcome of the event. If they find that these practices exist, it is possible that both the winnings and the account will be limited, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bookmaker itself.

2. If you are a client who constantly wins, especially in lower leagues and unknown events, the use of your account may be limited. The account will not be suspended and the winnings will be paid as no rule is violated, but the account and winnings will probably be limited.

Do bookmakers have the right to limit accounts?

Yes, it is something that is usually specified in the terms and conditions of each bookmaker. They reserve the right to change the maximum bet or the maximum win of each bet at will. On the other hand, when you register with a bookmaker, you are accepting these terms and conditions by checking the box that specifies it.

What is the minimum amount that can be wagered?

It varies greatly depending on the bookmaker chosen. Most bookmakers accept bets from 0.10-0.20 or 0.50 but there are some that are placed at 1 or 2$. It is something very important when depositing funds in a certain bookmaker, most players are informed of these limits before trusting one house or another.

Where can I claim from a bookmaker?

You can contact us for any problem and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Either due to account blocking or limitation of the same, as due to problems with the different bonuses and promotions or any other situation that occurs. In addition, to resolve any specific questions of each bookmaker you can go to the customer service section of the house's own website.

How can I find information about a particular bookmaker?

Before registering at any bookmaker, we strongly recommend that you view the ratings and descriptions on this website. You can find all the information you need, as well as the profile of bookmakers for professional players or less usual players and decide according to your needs.

What is the most objective rating?

We believe that at the moment, Innovatechange shows the most objective ratings about bookmakers in New Zealand. On this website you can find ratings made and reviewed by professional players, members of the Innovatechange team, in addition to the rating carried out with the opinions of users. Do not forget to vote for your favorite bookmaker so that your opinion will help other members of online betting to make the best decision.

My bet has been given as a loss but in another bookmaker it appears as a win, do the houses operate with different sources?

Normally it does not usually happen, they are rare cases but it can happen. In general, the bookmakers collaborate with the federations, etc. If it is calculated with different sources it can give this type of different solutions as well as different odds. In such a case, you should contact the corresponding customer service and ask for information about this case. Usually the problem is solved without major consequences.

What happens to postponed or cancelled events?

Most bookmakers return the amount wagered but there are times when this amount is withheld until the sporting event is held. For such a case, it is preferable to read the rules of each bookmaker and the specifications in this regard well.

Can bookmakers remove an event from their schedule on suspicion?

Yes, it is usually stated in the terms and conditions. If there is a suspicion of corruption or manipulation of the result of the match, the bookmaker has the right to remove the offer of the event from the schedule and players who have bet prior to the elimination will receive the bet amount.

If I have accidentally placed a bet, can I cancel it?

Usually, bets are made after confirmation of the same in question of the selected events and the amount wagered. So to place a bet, this box must be confirmed, which implies a difficult or null cancellation after the confirmation of the bet slip.