Draw, invalid bet

This popular betting method reduces the outcome of the match to two possibilities, the bet being declared void in the event of a tie and returning the money wagered. But what is 'an invalid bet'?

This term, 'Draw, invalid bet' comes from the English 'Draw no bet ', and then we will proceed to explain it in more detail.

Tie, invalid bet and Asian handicap 0.0 Are the same?

Both the 'tie, invalid bet' and the 'Asian handicap 0.0' produce the same effects, that is, in case of a tie the bet would be null.

However, even though they are actually the same, the Asian handicap 0.0 is usually paid in most cases at the best odds . Therefore, we always recommend comparing both options and staying with the one that offers a higher fee.

When to use the 'Draw, invalid bet'?

This market is usually used when we want to minimize the risk of our bet , betting on the victory of one of the teams and eliminating another of the possible results, the draw.

A combined 'draw, invalid bet' forecast can be a good option, as there is also the possibility of using the draw, invalid bet in combinations.

But what does a draw mean, an invalid bet? Let's analyze it better with a example :

Getafe hosts Levante at home and the bookmakers place them as favorites with a odds of 2.20. Our forecast considers it quite likely that Getafe will win and reduces Levante's chances of victory. Given this, we chose the 'tie, invalid bet' option at odds of 1.60 and covered ourselves in case of a tie.

The best bookmakers with 'Draw, invalid bet' market

The 'Draw, invalid bet' market is one of the most popular and we will find it available at any bookmaker. Below we indicate our favorites:

  • Spin Palace : In it you will find the best odds on the market, there is no doubt that it is one of the best alternatives to make this kind of bet.
  • 888Sport: The range of markets offered by this bookmaker is excellent. It also has an exclusive welcome bonus for Innovate Change.
  • Bet365 : As it could not be otherwise, we will also find the 'invalid bet draw' in Bet365. The option of betting on the 'draw, invalid bet' in comnor at Bet365 could be a great alternative.
  • Bethard: This bookmaker is relatively new, in it we will find a wide variety of leagues and markets, such as the 'draw, invalid bet'. In addition, it has very good feedback from its users.

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