Horse bookmakers: all about online betting on horse racing

One of the most popular sports at bookmakers is Horse Racing. In the UK they are probably the most important sport above football, while in New Zealand they are growing significantly in recent years. Do you want to know where you can watch the Races, strategies and where to bet? Keep reading!

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Introduction to Horse Racing

Horse racing is a very popular sport in sports betting, with multiple strategies and different types of bets. Most are held in the UK, but there are also Horse Racing markets from South Africa, America, Australia and even New Zealand.

What horse racing is like

Horse racing consists of sprinting races held between at least two horses. The horses that participate are Thoroughbreds, a resistant and fast breed. Within the world of racing, there are several different types, with Turf being the most common modality: flat races (without obstacles to jump) where the public can place bets on horses.

The winner of the race will be the first to cross the finish line.

Horse bookmakers

In order to offer horse betting in New Zealand it is necessary that the bookmaker in question applies for and obtains a specific license from the DGOJ of equestrian counterpart betting. Therefore, not all bookmakers have this type of betting available. However, here we have compiled a list of all the licensed New Zealand operators and those who also have the horse offer incorporated into their website. Below you will find the licensed horse racing bookmakers.

Bookie Advantage
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  • Numerous físicio places all over the country to make withdrawals
  • Streaming service available
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  • One of the most popular homes on the horse racing market
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  • Possibility to watch the races and make withdrawals in their physical premises
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  • It has a mobile app
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  • Numerous payment methods
  • It Has App
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  • Good customer service
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Types of horse racing bets

Within sports betting and bookmakers horse racing , there are several different types or markets. It's not all about betting on the Horse that will win the race, but there are numerous options offered at bookmakers. We must take into account all of them in order to correctly learn how horse betting works.

Race winner

These are the most common online horse bets. It simply consists of betting on which horse will win the race in question.

One version of this market is betting with insurance: betting that the horse wins the race but if it comes second or third, the bet is null and the bet amount is returned to us.


This market is very common in horse racing betting, where it is usual to cover more than one position since surprises are the order of the day. In this market we will not only bet on the race winner, but we will also cover the option of that horse being in the top 2, 3 or 4.

There is also the option of the Winner and Placed - extra: bet directly on the horse being in the top 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.


La gemela is a very interesting horse betting market due to its high odds, but also very complex and complicated to get right. It consists of betting on both the race winner and the second classified. Therefore, the difficulty is multiplied, although also the quota and the winnings. This market may appear in bookmakers as "1-2".

Within this type of bets there is also the option of the triple twin, where you will have to hit the first, second and third. This market can also appear in bookmakers as "1-2-3".

Head to Head

As the name suggests (H2H), they are head-to-head bets between two horses. It consists of betting on which horse will reach the finish line sooner in a comparison between two. No matter the position, we will only bet that one is ahead of the other.

Early betting

This type of markets is equivalent to betting on the winner of Champions League or Liga in football. It is an advance bet on the winner of an important tournament or race, which will be held in the future. For example, the winner of the Grand National, Cheltenham Festival, The Derby.

Live betting

These bets are made live, while the race is being contested. They are complex bets since the odds change a lot and quickly, and the races usually only last a few minutes. They are bets for people more familiar with horse racing and mostly professionals.

Combined bets

As in any other sport, in horse racing it is also possible to place combined bets on horses from different races. The odds can be very high and flashy, but the difficulty is also high.

How to Bet on Horses: Tricks and Strategies

Horse racing betting may seem complex, but in the end it is one more sport in which you have to specialize in order to obtain long-term benefits. Here we show you some horse racing betting tricks!

The jockey can be decisive

The rider acquires a lot of importance in horse racing. Horses may feel more comfortable or confident with their regular jockey, plus their behavior on the track may be more efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to review the results of each horse with the different jockeys, and evaluate the probabilities.

Statistics and information of the races

In the main bookmakers of New Zealand, we find information of great interest for racing, available in the racing program. Trainer, jockey, stable, statistics and latest results, as well as the distance of the race and the handicap (extra weight carried by each horse).

Movement of quotas

Odds are always a good indicator of a horse's favoritism, plus with the odds movement we can estimate what people think. If a horse's odds drop a lot, it means that the horse bookmakers have increased their chances of winning the race, either because of any information or because some other horse who was more favorite has withdrawn from the race.

Climatological factors

One of the most important aspects of learning how to bet on horses is to keep track of the weather conditions of the race. If the surface is heavy, there are rains or mud, there are some horses that can be more harmed and others more benefited.

Taking advantage of bookmaker markets and promotions

It is also interesting to take into account the promotions and different markets that horse betting houses offer. The most important is the BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed) - It means that if your bet is at odds @5 for example, and the horse runs at odds @7 (Starting Price or SP), the bookmaker will pay you at a higher odds (@7 in this case).

We should also take advantage of the bookmaker markets, especially those that offer insurance if the horse is 2nd or 3rd, as well as bets on winner and placed.

Bookmakers where to watch Horse races

Numerous bookmakers offer the option of watching horse races live and live online betting, to take advantage of opportunities that may arise during the race or simply follow the event or our bet.

Below we leave a list of all the bookmakers where we can watch the races live.
Bookmaker Streaming Horse Racing
William Hill
To be able to watch them, you have to be registered, in addition to the fact that some require you to have placed at least one bet on the race in order to enjoy it in Streaming.

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