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Innovate Change has its own team of tipsters. Renowned sports journalists, footballers and experts who are professionals in the sector and have achieved a positive margin of more than 300 bets.

Here you can find the best basketball sports forecasts. At Innovate Change we have a team of tipsters and experts in this sport who offer their best basketball predictions, totally free. All of them have extensive experience and verified statistics that support their work.

Which is the best bookmaker to bet on basketball?

Without a doubt basketball has become one of the most popular sports in New Zealand. The bookmakers know this, and that is why they have given it the importance and prominence it deserves, becoming perhaps the second most important sport after football. The offer of forecasts for basketball games is endless, especially in the most important houses. From the main leagues such as the NBA or ACB, to the more secondary or minor ones such as the Women's League or minor leagues of South American countries.

What can you bet on in basketball?

One of the advantages of this sport is the variety of options it offers to bet. In the most important leagues or tournaments, basketball forecasts and bets can be made regarding the performances of a given player (rebounds, points, assists...), as well as to a team's performance, points, quarters, or handicaps.

In addition, it is also possible to make long-term bets; that is, the winner of a league or conference, MVP of the year, top assistant of the competition, etc.

Factors to consider to bet on basketball

Basketball is a sport that has its peculiarities. Among them, it is logical that it is a sport where the players are in constant rotation during the match. That is why it is essential to know if a player has many or few options to play in that match and, if so, how many minutes he can do it. Based on this information, most bets on individual player statistics are made, but there are more.

Statistics is undoubtedly another of the key points of a basketball bet. The previous clashes, the history of both teams in the competition, the average of points per game... Although it is also necessary to take into account the individual statistics of their players, since the absence of any of them can mark the future of the match and greatly influence the final result.


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