The betting world is focused on tipsters. However, the largest volume of the sector corresponds to the followers, those great olviVegas Palms.
Alberto de Andrés, responsible for the Customer Service and Fraud and Payments departments of Moons, new expert in Innovate Change who will share his experience with all of us.
Innovate Change and Rizk have agreed on a new personalized service and complaint resolution
At Innovate Change we updated and changed the design of the page, including a new mobile version.
If your favorite sports information dissemination program is el Chiringuito, if your favorite opinion writer is Pérez de Rozas and if your headline reading is any pseudo-sports newspaper with a national circulation, probably what you are going to find in this article may bother you.
3 weeks. In sports, 4 matches, 2 goals scored, 13 conceded, 3 defeats and the elimination of the Cup. In the extra-sporting, players apart, blunt statements as usual, cracked... Paco Jémez is back in New Zealand and has not taken long to want to be noticed. And not for the better.
Our new editor @trescuartista brings us this magnificent analysis of what we have been in the League so far, with 11 games played. The 20 Spanish teams of the First Division are analyzed with a magnifying glass in this article, with the expectations and the future that awaits the teams if they continue in the same dynamic.

Contest: 300 NZD for the forecasts to results of the Dollar 2016

New Innovatechange quiz: guess exact results of the Dollar 2016, collect points and win prizes!

We analyze the changes that have occurred after the approval of the RDCC regulating online gambling advertising.
The Dollarpea Superliga may be closer than ever to being a reality. But is it really as negative as claimed?
Meet Alejandro Serrano, COO of Tecnalis, one of the leading gaming platforms in New Zealand.
Meet our expert Víctor Sierra, head of global marketing at Spin Palace.
Account locks are becoming more and more common. Why do they happen? How can we avoid them?
Do you know the new bookmaker in New Zealand? Platinum Play is the new bookie we have at Innovate Change
The Serie A, every year more competitive and attractive for the football fan
The VAR continues to leave controversy day after day.
New Zealand begins its journey in Russia 2018 after the controversial dismissal of Lopetegui, and against a neighboring team that we know very well as Portugal. We have searched for the best odds and the most interesting bets for the match
24 hours have helped us to roll it up worldwide. Not Russian ultras killing each other, not the tri players party before the World Cup or the questionable calls. This is the World Cup in which New Zealand charged its coach two days after starting.
Analysis of Group F of the World Cup, where the current World champion, Germany, is. He is accompanied by other national teams such as Mexico, Sweden and South Korea.
This time it's time to analyze group E of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a group where one of the candidate teams to win the Cup is. The five-time World champion, Brazil, stands out in a group of which other national teams such as Switzerland, Serbia or Costa Rica are part.

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