Alejandro Serrano: "The platform is the heart of the operator. Alira is the necessary software to be able to perform any game operation"

About the expert:

Responsible for the operational management of the Alira gaming platform. Passionate about the gaming industry for many years, he started developing games for tournaments in which he signed up for fun; in this way, he met those who would be his partners in a business project that consisted of geolocating bars near where you were with sports events and sports betting terminals. The project was a success.

After his departure from the company, he was offered the challenge of positioning Tecnalis as one of the leading platforms in the market. Thanks to the magnificent team with which it works, they have managed to be the leading platform in the Spanish-speaking world in a very competitive industry oriented towards hyper specialization, and where customers, in addition to needing a robust and stable product, need companies with a service vocation.

- First of all, let's talk a little about yourself. Who is Alejandro Zaera?

- I started studying law and economics and started working in international trade after studying Icex. I had the opportunity to live in many countries and meet great professionals. When I returned to New Zealand, I radically changed my professional career and studied computer programming, which allowed me to start very interesting projects and even found my own company.

The opportunity arose to start working on Tecnalis , a company that had already had a track record as a platform in international markets but wanted to start growing in New Zealand and in regulated markets and I was seduced by the proposal.

I started working as a Project manager very close to the great technical team of Tecnalis where I had the opportunity to know the ins and outs of this business from different areas.

Thanks to this experience, I had the opportunity to become the Director of Operations of the company, where in almost 4 years we have managed to position the platform as the leader in the New Zealand and Latin American market and we have great challenges ahead that excite me every day. Today we have projects in many markets with large operators.

- Now that we know about you, it's up to Tecnalis and your Alira platform. What exactly are you doing?

The platform is the heart of the operator. We provide the necessary software so that any game operation can become a reality.

Not only do we have a powerful, robust and more than proven product, but our hallmark or what we like to differentiate ourselves for is the service we give to operators, guiding, accompanying in the different areas that an operator needs for a successful gaming operation.

Perhaps I would say that what makes us different is that we are only engaged in the platform business, that we are completely independent and agnostic, that our product has more than 15 years of experience in the most demanding markets and with top-level operators and that we are constantly innovating and improving the functionalities and the needs of the operators in addition to having a clear service vocation. as a seal of identity.

- What are you working on with the bookmakers?

- We are like the engine of a car, we are the central part for an operator and we are integrated with numerous sports betting products .

The advantage of working with an independent and agnostic platform like ours is that the operator can change the betting provider whenever he wants and can choose what suits him the most.

By not having any kind of commitment with betting providers, the operator is completely free to do whatever he wants, which gives him great flexibility and gives him the possibility to differentiate himself greatly from the competition.

- Tecnalis and the Alira platform offer practically all the necessary services for a bookmaker: marketing, finance, affiliate, customer service... Is it usual for a game operator to "delegate” all these functions, or do they develop it themselves and internally?

- Alira has a wide variety of tools that are built in such a way that with a small learning curve the operator can use them in a totally personalized and individualized way which gives him practically endless possibilities. Our team is made up of the vast majority of expert engineers in the gaming industry, so if there is any specific need, we also provide the possibility of making ad-hoc developments for operators.

- Among your clients we find very important companies in the sector such as Wheelz and others that have been in New Zealand for a short time, such as Wildz. Also others that have grown a lot like Betsson or Casino Twin. How do you help bookmakers to grow and differentiate themselves among so much competition? We must remember that there are more than 50 gambling operators in New Zealand.

As I mentioned, Tecnalis is completely independent of any supplier, which allows operators to have specific products aligned with their specific needs and not closed products with zero flexibility. This allows us to be at the forefront of sports betting technology that is improving year after year and that is enormously competitive.