The importance of keeping track of your bets

There are, mainly, two categories of players. Some make bets from time to time, mainly to increase interest when watching sports events. Possible financial loss in this case is perceived as a kind of payment for the received dose of adrenaline. Others, however, are more regular, trying to make a profit in the long run. But there is something that both types of bettor share: the pursuit of profit.

To achieve a profitable strategy, the number of bets is usually increased. In addition, in order to get the maximum profit and minimize losses, it is advisable to always choose the bookmaker with the best offer, the best odds. Therefore, it is normal to have large betting histories in several different bookies, which is a challenge to get to see patterns and results.

Therefore, we must try to arrange everything as best as possible so that it is easier to analyze it. Order is the basis of a positive result . Errors should be isolated so that they can be eliminated in subsequent selections. For example, rejecting the types of odds or sports disciplines in which our predictions do not work.

Getting a general picture of our selections allows us to determine the forecasting area where we get the maximum profit. The analysis of the previous data allows us to optimize the selection for future events. Therefore, a professional approach to betting will make us use basic software such as spreadsheets on a personal level.

The casual player will argue that bookmakers already have a gambling history in their personal account, and that some houses even have in this section certain functionality such as setting filters to show only winning or losing bets, and also allow you to impose a filter with the specified range of the stake to the bet or filtered by odds.

However, as a rule, in the betting history at bookmakers there is no overall result and no other tools for assessing the quality of forecasts. In addition, the game in various bookmakers makes it very difficult to analyze the data.

Doing the excel for sports betting accounting

Thus, having decided on the need for a game accounting table, a number of logical questions appear. How is the table better organized? What parameters will be needed?

Among the many existing proposals, we will have to find a program suitable to our interests with an easy-to-use interface. And this will not be exactly a simple task. It will depend in part on whether we are willing to invest in professional calculation programs, on our knowledge and software management.

Nowadays, it is rare that someone does not have a basic knowledge of Excel. This elementary office tool actually has enough functionality to build a convenient individual system for accounting in sports betting. Let's consider a simple example of such a table for accounting rates.

The user enters the contents of the following columns.

A - The date, B - the bookmaker, C - the sport, D - the bet, E - the market, F - the tipster, G - the variable entered by the user in the excel, H - the match, I - live bet, J - result, K - the stake, L - the odds, M - if it is a bonus, N - the result

With these data that we enter we will have everything we need to analyze our bets.

Depending on the need, everyone can make the table that best eviscerates the ins and outs of their game, adding or removing columns at their discretion. The more betting data is retrieved, the better and more reliable statistics can be produced, making the analysis more complete and thorough. Over time, each player will make the table so that it automatically throws him the main statistics that interest him the most.

Websites and accounting platforms

In addition, there are multiple online applications and various verifiers on the web. Now, many programs are available "from the cloud", that is, via the Internet on any device. For example, one option is Google Drive, which allows you to make spreadsheets online, including by phone, through a convenient application.

Another option is to use the websites that share forecasts to keep the statistics of our bets. They provide transparency, since the Work we can do will be private and will never verify that the bets are as we say they were. The problem presented by the websites to share forecasts is that they do not offer customization, and they give us what they give us, but as a counterpart, they offer it for free and without us having to calculate parameters or write formulas.

We recommend the excels on this page ( /). Although they are in English, they are very well explained and are one of the most competo that we can find on the Internet. Another very interesting option is a website that allows you to do everything online on your system, called Betmanager ( /).

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Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change