10 mistakes that can be avoided

1. The perception of sports betting as a source of income

This is usually the biggest mistake of novice players. Gambling can be a hobby or a hobby, but not a job. Even if you are very good at sports, betting should be nothing more than a pleasant and exciting pastime that entails some additional income, nothing more.

If you set as your sole objective to live only on bets, it could be counterproductive, maximizing the emotions generated by losses, and being able to generate debts in the most extreme cases and plunge you into depression.

You can not try to win with all bets. We should think of them as a pleasure and entertainment rather than focusing solely on profit. Winning should be a positive and exciting consequence of our hobby, but not the only one.

2. The desire to recover immediately

If you have lost the amount you can afford to lose, it could be said that your bets for today are already over. Don't try to get back what you lost right away! If you follow this approach you will quickly lose concentration and look to bet at all low odds. It is important to remain calm and not think about the immediate future to continue with your betting system and gradually recover the winnings.

It is totally understandable that sometimes it can be difficult to resist this temptation, but unfortunately there is no other alternative since this decision would not take us on the right path. The first rule is that you can lose everything you can afford, not a dollar more.

3. Ignorance of the rules of bookmakers

It is important to know the rules of bookmakers. All of them offer different types of bets on multi-sports matches (result including overtime, no overtime...), so we recommend reading their terms and conditions so as not to take us any kind of surprise afterwards. It is not essential to read absolutely everything, but at least take a look at the rules on betting on the sports you plan to bet on.

4. Combined bets with too many matches

It is common for most users who are new to the world of betting to try to combine many favorites with very low odds. It is clear that if we look at each match individually it seems that only a miracle could make the big favorite lose, but we must not forget that this impression can be misleading.

5. Do not pay attention to live betting.

It is important to be very careful and pay special attention to live bets, since it is usually frequent in these cases not to analyze with the necessary concentration the bet that we are going to make. The matches are very long and there are many changes throughout them, so we recommend doing them only if we are following the match, always with caution and following a previous strategy.

6. Get carried away by the colors

Of course, betting should be for fun and that's what your favorite team brings to you. But sometimes it is more worthwhile to objectively evaluate our bets: you can and should bet on your favorite team, but only if your opinion is under an objective analysis.

Try to be serene and analyze the way of play and the state of form of your team without being guided solely by sentimentality.

7. Let yourself be convinced by infallible systems

There are many websites on the internet that talk about strategies to ensure stable income rates. They claim that anyone can earn large amounts of money a day after buying their system. The strategies they describe don't make much sense and you're likely to lose everything.

The most reliable system: Get informed, analyze the matches and create your own strategy, always betting with concentration and caution.

8. Rigged matches

It is important not to trust those who "sell rigging". Although it is not something usual, of course there can be match fixing all over the world. What is almost impossible is for that information to be sold on the internet to anyone. All such offers are usually a fraud, in addition to participating in a crime.

9. Gambling under the influence of alcohol

You can place a bet and have a drink with friends at a bar watching the match. But what you can't do is the opposite. That is, bets should be made sober and when drinking, it is better not to gamble. Otherwise, the loss of concentration and money are more than guaranteed.

10. Playing with debts

If you bet with debts, you are facing a serious problem. Although no one likes to lose, you should always put at risk only the amount that you can afford to lose for a while without causing you any harm, and in no case try to borrow money to make more bets.

Published by:

Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change