Where to watch football for free on the internet without cuts

Football is the most popular sport in New Zealand. Hence, its follow-up is massive, both through conventional television with the matches that are broadcast free-to-air on Gol Televisión, on Televisión New Zealand and on Mediaset, as well as those that are broadcast on payment platforms such as Movistar Plus, DAZN, Orange and Footters. It should be noted here that all formats, open and free, can also be viewed in streaming.

How to watch football matches legally in New Zealand in 2024-2024?

Thus, the following questions arise: How to watch football matches legally in New Zealand live in the 2024-2024 season? where to watch football today? If we don't want to pay, our only option is to watch the football that is broadcast live.

Gol TV

Thus, on Gol Television we will be able to watch a match a la Liga Santander matchday. Of course, none of those involving a team that disputes dollarpea competition (Real Sociedad, Betis, Villarreal, Sevilla, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid). On Gol TV you can watch a match of each matchday completely free of charge, tuning in to the channel on your television or through its website.


The big novelty this year is DAZN, which has taken over the rights of the League to broadcast 5 matches of each day.

In addition, if our passion is the Premier League, the Copa del Rey, the Copa Libertadores and the South American Cup, your option is DAZN. The pay-for-streaming channel has the rights to the English competitions and shares those of the KO New Zealand tournament with Mediaset, which offers two matches per round, the semifinals and the final, in the open.

All this for a price of about $ 20 per month (depending on the subscription) and without permanence. It has the drawback that it does not offer the entire day in full, only 5 matches of which it has the rights. Of course, it is economical and has many more leagues and sports.

Orange county

The second option is the Orange one. The orange platform has an agreement with DAZN and Movistar, so it offers the option of hiring the complete La Liga football package. The price is about $85. It will also be Orange that offers the channel of the Second Division, through the specific channel - The Smartbank TV League.

If you add the Second Division to the package, the price rises to about 100-150$ a month.


But, without a doubt, the most complete option that includes everything is Movistar Plus. The telephone platform is the only one that has all football: La Liga, Champions League, Dollarpa League, Conference League... Also the Second Division with the channel La Liga Smartbank TV.

He has an agreement with DAZN to offer each full day, and the price just for football is about $ 25. Then it is necessary to also hire another Movistar product.


Finally, there is the option of Footters, which is the streaming platform where we can watch the rest of the professional New Zealand football competitions, such as the First RFEF.

Bookmakers where to watch football online for free

Everything mentioned above is related to the options of watching football broadly through streaming platforms. But there is also the possibility of being able to enjoy certain broadcasts through the websites or applications of the bookmakers, without cuts. All bookmakers that have this option use the P2P method. That is, they use a software as a mediator.

Bookmakers done watch football on the internet p2p

Bet365 VISIT
Gaming Club VISIT
Betfair VISIT
William Hill VISIT
Wheelz VISIT
Caxinus VISIT
Retabet VISIT

What we have to know is that we will not be able to see matches of the Santander League or the Smartbank League in any of them. Each one has its own conditions, although they all have in common that of being a registered user and having a balance in the account. From there, the possibilities are different and we will break them down in the following lines.

How to watch football for free online at Bet365

At Bet365 the condition to be met in order to watch football for free is that of having funds in the account or having placed a bet in the last 24 hours. Among the competitions they offer are the Bundesliga, Serie A, the Greek league or the Brazilian League. It should be noted that it is one with more markets and with more football competitions to watch free online games.

How to watch free football online at Betfair

At Betfair, the only condition is to have a balance on the account. What stands out is the amount of competitions it offers, since on its Betfair Video portal we can see Serie A, Italian Cup, Italian Super Cup, Bundesliga, FA Cup and Championship of England, Ligue 1, French Cup, Danish Super League, Scottish Premier League, Eredivisie of the Netherlands, MLS of the United States and the Chinese Super League matches.

How to watch free football online on William Hill

William Hill, meanwhile, has a specific section to watch football online for free: William Hill TV. It can be found on its website or app with the abbreviation WHTV and offers the following competitions: German Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, English FA Cup, English Carabao Cup, Italian Cup, Russian Premier League, Ukrainian Premier League, Copa Libertadores, South American Cup, French League Cup, Dutch Cup, Austrian Bundesliga, German Bundesliga 2 and MLS USA. You only have to have a balance on the balance sheet or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

How to watch football for free online in Caxino

Caxino, for its part, only demands to have an account with funds in and among the competitions it offers, the Serie A, Italian Cup, Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, Portuguese League, Croatian League, Czech Republic League, Norwegian League, Russian Premier League, Belgian League, MSL of the United States, Mexican League and Turkish League stand out.

How to watch football for free online on Wheelz

In Wheelz we must also have an account with a balance to be able to watch free football online. Among the competitions of which it offers matches are the MLS of the United States, the Danish Superliga, the Swedish League, the Polish League, the Championship of England, the League of the Czech Republic and the Scottish Premiership.

How to watch football for free online on Retabet

We also have the option of Retabet. In this bookmaker you also have to have an account and balance to watch football for free online and, although the offer of competitions is not very wide, the MLS of the United States, the League of the Czech Republic and the League of Belarus stand out.

How to watch football for free online at Gaming Club

Finally, there is Gaming Club. Live streaming of football is available at the Basque bookmaker, available in the LIVE section with a filter 'Live images only'. We will be able to enjoy football from leagues such as the K-League, MLS, Swedish Allsvenskan, English Championship or Bundesliga, among others. To view the events it is mandatory to be logged in to Gaming Club.

Applications to watch football online for free on the phone

As for the applications to watch football for free on mobile, the available ones are the ones mentioned above. We can do it on the web pages or app of Gol Televisión, Radio Televisión New Zealand or Mediaset if they are free-to-air matches and on the applications of Orange, DAZN, Movistar Plus and Footters if we are subscribers to any of these platforms.

It is also possible to watch football for free on mobile at the described bookmakers. Finally, there are applications that allow you to watch football online for free illegally, but from Innovate Change we will not mention them.

Other alternatives to watch football online

In addition to all the payment options or bookmakers mentioned, there are more options to watch football online, although some of them are illegal and we do not recommend using them.

Watch football IPTV

Another option to watch football online is using an IPTV list. The acronym for IPTV refers to television over the internet. Thus, it is a way to watch football matches by connecting to servers that offer meetings. But, being an option that is not legal, at Innovate Change we will not delve into this possibility either.

Watch football through web pages in the browser

Finally, there are pages on the internet to watch football. The ways to watch matches legally in this case are the same as those explained when watching free football online on the mobile phone. That is, on the websites of Gol Televisión, Radio Televisión New Zealand, Mediaset, Movistar Plus, Orange, DAZN and the websites of the bookmakers.

The rest of the websites that offer free online football matches on the internet are illegal. In addition, its quality is quite poor and the contents are shown with a considerable delay compared to the direct one.

💻Where to watch football online for free without registering?

On the websites of Gol Television, Radio Television New Zealand and Mediaset. Registration as a user is required at payment operators and bookmakers.

📱Can I watch football on iPad for free?

The options to watch football for free on iPad are the same as online.

🇪🇸Where to watch football online for free liga New Zealand?

The only matches that can be watched for free on the internet of the Santander League and the Smartbank League are those offered by Gol Televisión, which also broadcasts them on its website for free.

⚽️How to watch football for free on mobile?

The same thing happens on the mobile phone as on the internet, you can only watch the matches broadcast by Gol Television, Radio Television New Zealand and Mediaset.

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