League of Legends Betting

The League of Legends (LoL) is probably the most popular esports. Both by the number of players and followers, as well as by the sections and the attention paid to it by the sports betting pages.

This is a multiplayer online battle video game, where the game options are endless. We are undoubtedly facing a game modality that is booming, since there are more and more tournaments and more advertising agreements of large companies and stars related to the world of sports. Bookmakers have not been left behind, and therefore they have considerably increased their league of legends betting offer, offering an infinity of markets, competitions, tournaments and options.

How to play League of Legends

The League of Legends is a strategy game where the main objective is to destroy the base of your enemy or rival. It is contested between two teams with five champions each of them.

To get to destroy the rival base (called nexo), you will have to battle and destroy other defense options that are in the game such as inhibitors or turrets, as well as dragons.

You will not only have to focus on destroying the rival base, but also on defending your own. Defensive turrets are used to cut off your rivals, weaken them or buy time to recover troops and keep fighting.

The games are played in different game modes where the scenario (called fields of justice) will have different circumstances.

Where to bet on League of Legends

Not all sportsbooks offer League of Legends betting, although there are more and more of them.

Aware of the boom that the Internet has among its users and potential customers, they seek to offer the best service and as many markets as possible. One of the most popular for LoL is Bet365, but it is not the only one. Here is a list of the best betting sites where you can find lol markets:

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Types of LoL bets

In the League of Legends there are numerous markets available to bet on a game, reaching more than 60 in some bookmakers. Among them, they highlight:

  • Bets on the winner - both the winner of the game and the winner of each map.
  • Bets on total maps: more or less than a certain number of maps (2.5, 3.5, 4.5)
  • Betting on events on each map: which team will be the first to destroy a tower, destroy an inhibitor, a dragon, get the first blood, kill a baron...
  • Total bets: on each map, there will be the option to bet on the total of destroyed towers, killed dragons, victims, etc.
  • Handicap betting: victim handicap, map handicaps, etc.
  • Bets on correct score : as in other sports, we can also bet on the exact result of the match (on maps).
  • Long-term bets - in the main LoL world tournaments there is the option to bet on the winner of the same, as well as the region of the winner.

All these markets will also be available on the mobile app (or mobile version in its default) of our favorite bookmaker.

LoL betting strategies

Before betting on League of Legends it is essential to know how the game works. We also have to review the type of map and tournament.

Each map or battlefield has its particularities, where some players feel most comfortable. Whether it's the Classic game mode with the Summoner's Rift or the Twisted Forest, such as Dominion mode or The Crystal Scar.

As it is a game of skill and communication, communication and rapport between team members will also have to be taken into account. Do they know each other well? Or do they have any new members who have never played with them? Do they all speak the same language?

When placing bets, it is essential to check the lineups and team members, since some key or important player may rest and make way for another who is not at the same level. And the same goes for the characters: some champions or heroes have more level than others, especially depending on the map.

Popular LoL tournaments to bet on

In the League of Legends we find important tournaments at both national and world level, where the bookmakers offer greater coverage (Live streaming) and a greater number of available markets.

The most important tournament is the World Cup, known as the World Championship, played between the teams classified as champions of their respective regions. It is also called "Worlds" or League of Legends World Championship. In the bookmakers, we will find it in the section of league of legends worlds: bets.

It is a followed tournament with a lot of audience, especially the world final. In 2018 the finals were watched by almost 100 million people.

In each region, there is a tournament to determine who is the best team. Participants qualify through the following tournaments:

  • League of Legends Championship Series North America (LCS NA)
  • League of Legends Championship Series by Dollarpa (LCS EU)
  • League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK)
  • League of Legends Pro League (LPL) - Is the most important in China
  • Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) - With participants from all over the world

In addition, there are other important competitions such as:

  • Rift Rivals - Competition between regions
  • All-Star - Competition between fan-favorite players


In short, we are facing a betting phenomenon totally different from the traditional football or basketball. But the operation is the same: they require prior study, searching and comparing information, as well as analyzing players.

Maybe the LoL is even more complex since not only the players have to be analyzed, but also the characters of the esports game.

League of Legends betting may not be the most suitable for beginners, but it can be very profitable for experts in both the game and sports betting.

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Ines Ledo
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