FIFA betting - What do you need to know?

The FIFA sports video game was created in the early 1990s and today it is one of the most popular games in the world. Last year, the number of leagues and major tournaments was increased, with prestigious succulent prizes for participants. What do you need to know about the FIFA video game series? Here we will talk about the most important things.

Series FIFA it was developed by the Canadian studio EA Canada, a division of the Electric Arts corporation. The first game went on sale in 1993, and until 2000 they had no real competitors in the football video game market. However, with the introduction of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), fans of football games were divided into two camps. Each video game has its own advantages and disadvantages, but judging by the number of ongoing online and LAN tournaments, FIFA, undoubtedly, is ahead of its competitors.

One of the milestones in the development of a game as an esports discipline was its appearance at WCG, ESWC and other prestigious tournaments. The series is developing rapidly, the scale of tournaments is growing, as well as the number of professional, amatNZD and prize players. Bets on these competitions have also increased.

What can I bet on in FIFA?

The betting on FIFA they are similar to bets on real football matches. The main types of bets are bets on the result, handicaps and total goals. In addition to the standard bets, we have bets on the correct score, the number of goals of each team, whether both teams will score or not, and more.

Bet on the result - this bet is placed on the results of the regular time of the game. You can bet on either team can win or a draw. Most of the bets that are made are of this type. You can also bet against the possibility of a tie, betting that either team will win (12), as well as the double chance (1X, X2) that a team wins or draws.

The handicap it is a predetermined goal advantage between teams or opponents. For example, teams may have a positive handicap such as +1.5 or a negative handicap such as -1.5. In the first, in order for the bet to be successful, they simply cannot lose by more than one goal. For the team with a negative handicap, they must win by two or more goals.

Bets on the total goals we are going to bet on the number of goals that we will see in a match, in a specific line. For example, in a bet on less than 2.5 goals, we need the total number of goals in the match between both teams to be two or less.

Other offers - Depending on the bookmaker, we may have the option to bet on the exact score (0:0, 4:3, 3:1, 0:4...), the total goals in each part, that only one team scores in the match or if both will score, and much more.

Live betting - If we talk about live betting on FIFA eSports competitions, it is worth noting that artificial intelligence is not very adapted to unexpected turns, so epic comebacks here are quite strange. Therefore, if one of the teams actively started the match and is winning by two goals or more, it is very easy to predict the final result.

Betting features for FIFA

Have two types of FIFA competitions - an eSports showdown (between real players) and a computer simulation match (cyber football). We must bear in mind that betting strategies will vary significantly depending on the chosen discipline.

When betting on a match of eSports , you must remember that the chosen teams are not the determining factor for victory, but the skill of the players who operate the controls. To bet successfully in this modality, we must follow the eSports players and their skills, watch recordings of matches and broadcasts, as well as know the mechanics of the game in detail and its possible failures.

For example, one of the mistakes in FIFA 19 was the so-called kick-off. This mistake consisted in the fact that after one of the players scored a goal, the opponent had the best chance to score a goal when he took out of the midfield. This bug was used by many players in betting, but in FIFA 20 the developers fixed such a bug.

In a computer simulation of the game, the quality of the teams involved is the most important thing. The outcome of the match is quite difficult to predict, because everything is simulated by the computer and happens randomly. The advantages of betting on cyber football can be in the high odds available.

The main aspect of strategies is to look for patterns based on recent results or statistics. For example, if a team plays five games in a row without drawing, the probability of a draw in the sixth game becomes quite high. In this case, it would make sense to bet on a draw. This betting strategy works better for a computer simulation game than in an eSports match where it already depends on the skill of the players.

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