Best bookmakers to bet on basketball

Do you want to know which are the best bookmakers to bet on basketball? There are several criteria to take into account, such as the offer of markets or leagues, as well as competitive odds or a Streaming that allows us to follow the events live. Therefore, we have collected all the information and prepared an article where we will explain which houses are the best and why.

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Basketball bookmakers

Bookmaker Advantage
Bookmakers William Hill logo -

Variety of leagues and markets

Service #MiApuesta

It has live streaming

Variety of markets (special bets on players)

It has streaming

It has a mobile app

The best odds

Variety of leagues and markets

It has streaming

Special promotions for registered users

Variety of leagues

Long-term bets available

It has streaming

It has a mobile app

The 3 best bookmakers for basketball

After analyzing the factors mentioned above, we can find three bookmakers that meet all the requirements: good odds, Streaming, variety of leagues and markets, mobile app...

William Hill

The pioneer bookmaker in online sports betting fulfills all the requirements to be considered one of the best bookmakers to make basketball bets.

William Hill has a Live Streaming with a multitude of events, including the best basketball games. In addition, its flagship product called # Mybet , where users can choose the bets and William Hill puts the odds, is also available for basket.

On the other hand, the odds of this bookmaker are excellent, as well as its offer of leagues and markets, including player performances and long-term bets.

Their mobile App is also excellent, so betting on basketball at William Hill is a safe and highly recommended option.


It is probably the most popular bookmaker in New Zealand. His services are excellent in all aspects, and he stands out in all products including basketball.

It is the bookmaker that offers the most leagues and markets , logically including the special performances of players and a wide variety of long-term bets.

Quotas are not their forte but they are more than acceptable. But it does have its strong point in its mobile App, probably the best in the sector. It has push notifications and all bet365 services in a mobile application with a perfect design and operation.

In addition, how could it be otherwise, Bet365 Live Streaming covers all important events, from the Dollarliga to the NBA.


The main advantage of Wheelz is the possibility to place bets and enjoy basketball matches at any of their venues that they have spread throughout New Zealand. But in addition, at Wheelz online we will find all the necessary services to consider them as one of the best basketball betting houses.

They offer live streaming ( Wheelz TV ) of numerous basketball events, including the NBA. In addition, there are Cashout available and a App mobile very well rated among its users.

The odds are good and the variety of markets offered is good, including numerous long-term bets.

What criteria to follow to choose the best bookmaker for betting basketball?

There are some aspects that we must take into account to choose the most interesting bookmaker for basketball betting.

Live streaming

Some bookmakers not only have a Live Streaming, but also have television rights to offer the NBA. This is undoubtedly one of the most important points since it will allow us to enjoy the live matches and follow our bets.

Variety of leagues offered

Not all users bet only on the NBA or Endesa League. Some are looking for bets on lesser-known or minor leagues from the rest of the world, which are not available at all bookmakers. For example, basketball leagues of South America or Africa.

The best odds

Undoubtedly, choosing the best odds is always a wise move. Each bookmaker has its own profit margin and therefore will offer higher or lower odds than the competition. A bookmaker with high basketball odds will certainly be recommended as it will give us more benefits in the long run.

Available markets

The main markets such as match winner, handicaps or points total are in all bookmakers. However, other special markets such as player propositions do not. The total of a player's points, assists, or rebounds, are bets that we will only find in some bookmakers.

Long-term bets

Some bookmakers offer more long-term bets than others: league or tournament winners, winners of each NBA conference, MVP of the season, top scorer, etc. They are popular bets and that many users take into account to choose the best basketball bookmaker.


Despite the fact that the Cashout (close bet) is an increasingly popular tool, it is not available in all bookmakers. Having the option to close our bets even live is always a plus point since it will allow us to reduce risks or minimize losses if the match gets complicated.

Mobile app

There is no doubt that enjoy all the services of a bookmaker from a mobile device, anywhere and anytime. Watch the NBA live from your mobile, make Cashout or bet on how many points Lebron James will make in the easiest way possible through a mobile application.

Basketball betting - Pages with the best odds

first Spin Palace
second Versus

Voodoo Dreams


Platinum Play

fifth 1XBET

Major basketball tournaments

In basketball, as in football, there are hundreds of tournaments from all over the world. Each country has its main league and lower categories, both men's and women's, in addition to dollarpeos tournaments or international teams. It is one of the most popular sports and with more leagues but which are the main ones?

Liga ACB

The ACB League is the main category of basketball in New Zealand, as the First Division. It is also known as the Endesa League for sponsorship reasons. It is made up of 18 teams from different Autonomous Communities in regular league format and final playoffs among the top 8 classified to decide the champion.

King's Cup

The Copa del Rey de baloncesto is contested between the top 8 classified a Liga ACB after finishing the first round. It is contested with single-match qualifiers, and the two clubs with the most titles are Real Madrid and Barcelona.

New Zealand Super Cup

There are 4 teams participating in the New Zealand Super Cup: the ACB League champion, the Copa del Rey champion, the ACB League team hosting the New Zealand Super Cup, and the ACB League team champion of the Dollarliga. In case of vacancies, places are awarded to other teams (runners-up, for example).


The Dollarliga is the most important basketball club competition in Dollarpa. It is contested between 18 teams back and forth where the top 8 go to the playoff phase to play a quarterfinal, where the participants of the Final Four will be decided. The Final Four is a final playoff between the 4 winners of the previous series, where the winners play the grand final to decide the champion.


It is a tournament similar to the Dollarliga, but at a lower level. It is made up of teams that are not licensed to compete in the Dollarliga, such as those from Balkan countries or eastern Dollarpa. The competition format is 24 teams in group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals and the final to decide the champion.


The NBA is a private league that takes place in the United States and is one of the most popular basketball competitions. It has a regular season, playoffs and finals, and is contested by a total of 30 teams.


Also known as the FIBA Dollarpeo Basketball Championship, it is the most important national team competition in Dollarpa. It is contested by 24 teams in the group stage and final phase (round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final). Until 2017 it was held every two years, but since then it has been held every four. 2024 will be the year of Dollarbasket, which will be held in September.

Basketball world cup

It is the most important national team championship in the world, as it is contested between teams from all over the world. Until 2019 it was contested every 4 years, but since then it has been contested in odd-numbered years. The next edition will be in 2024 and will be held in Asia (Philippines, Japan and Indonesia).

Types of bets for basketball

In an elite basketball match and a bookmaker with a good offer, you will be able to find more than 200 different markets to bet on, with very varied combinations and options.


Bets on the final result consist of predict which team will take the victory . We must bear in mind that in basketball there is overtime in case of a tie in regulation time, and that applies to betting as well.

If in the result markets you find only two options (home and away) it means that the bets include the extension. If you find three options (home, away and draw) it means that it does not include extra time.

In addition to the final result, it is possible to bet on the result of each quarter and half of the match , and make combinations (winner at the break and end)

Related to the outcome bets, there are also the handicap betting . The handicap indicates the total of points that are added or subtracted from the final result, when we are talking about an unequal match.

For example, a match where a team is very favorite with a very low odds for their victory, you will find a handicap -5.5 which means that to hit your bet, the team will have to win by 6 or more points. In the event that it is a positive handicap (for example, +5.5) the team you bet on may be defeated by up to 5 points and you will still get your bet right.


Bets on the total are based on the total match points . The main ones are bets on the total points of the match, although there are also options on the total points of a quarter or a half, and even the total points of a team. These bets are very simple: there is a dotted line and you will bet that there will be more or fewer points.

Bets can also be found at odd/even points , which simply indicate that the total points of the match will be even or odd.

You will also be able to find bets on the margin of victory : betting that a team will win by an interval of points (1 to 5, 5 to 10, etc).

In some bookmakers are also offered bets on individual performances of players: the total points they will make (more or less), total rebounds, assists, or blocks.

Other proposals

As if all this were not enough, we found more special markets at basketball bookmakers. We talk about bets like mix (winner of the match and total points), first team to score a certain number of points, half or quarter where more points will be scored, and the option of create bet in some bookmakers, where you can create your own forecast by adding the combinations you want.

Advantages and disadvantages of basketball betting


A large number of equally likely events . As just mentioned, basketball is one of the most suitable sports for fans who bet on events of similar probability.

High number of bets on the NBA. The vast majority of bettors play in the NBA, even basketball players from the United States who traditionally make big bets. In the quest to improve, the bookmakers they try to offer generous betting limits on the main results and on the total. However, this option is more characteristic in western bets. Bookmakers often offer limits similar to the Dollarliga or the New Zealand Basketball League.

The low margins in the NBA. The competition of bookmakers to get the high rollers has created a battle in which the profit margins established for the NBA market are lower than in other sports less demanVegas Palms.

The regularity of matches. Most teams play two to four games a week, which is why basketball is more attractive for lovers of statistics. The analyzed sample of NBA matches becomes very solid and makes it possible to make fairly accurate predictions. In addition, the NBA is the only competition that can put games on any day, including holidays such as December 31 and January 1, when they are always played a couple of games at least.


Low limits and proportions in dollarpeas competitions . Unlike in NBA matches, dollarpeas and Dollarliga matches generally offer very modest betting limits; odds generally below NBA odds. This makes betting on these competitions not the most lucrative.

Little market . The vast majority of bookmakers offer little market on basketball matches. The final limited handicap, the totals and the result. Despite not having so much market, basketball has real professional players who decide to bet on sports as well as football, although this situation may seem rather scarce.

Tips for making basketball bets

Basketball, like any other sport, requires basic knowledge to be able to make bets that give us benefits, as well as information about each match. Pre-match analysis in basketball is somewhat easier than in football, since teams play more often, so users have a lot of information and statistics before any match.

The only complicated thing is that there are few broadcasts of basketball games, but the availability of these games on the Internet compensates for this aspect. Here are some tips for betting on basketball:

Review the fitness status of the equipment: Just like in football, in basketball teams go through good and bad streaks. These dynamics are usually prolonged during some matches and should be taken into account when making our bets.

The features of the game of basketball traditionally make teams suffer less downturns than, for example, in tennis and football, therefore following the current form is easier.

It also helps that teams play 2 and 3 games per week, which means that the amount of information is extensive and recent about the current level and fitness. Do not forget to see the results of the last 5-6 meetings of each team.

On the other hand, take into account the results as home and away since in basketball, the “home” factor is essential, so you should also be attentive to these statistics.

Control the casualties of the teams : There are teams that have key or important players, whose absence can be key when facing a match. Therefore, the injured list of the teams will have to be reviewed, as well as those touched players who may rotate more or have fewer minutes in the game.

Classification and motivation: Well, obviously we cannot forget about motivation in this sport of a strong and hard character and its particular importance. Be sure to bet on this information base, try to adjust your point of view depending on the teams and also the ranking.

Compare and choose the best odds: A difference of just a few cents in betting can make the difference between winning or losing in the long run. It is essential to compare the bet in the different bookmakers and try to always choose the highest odds.

Statistics : Statistics are also important in basketball, especially for betting on individual performances of players or teams. Seeing your data of rebounds, free throws, points or blocks can help us choose the best bet to enjoy the game.

Another interesting tip is to be guided by the experts of Innovate Change, tipsters with a verified history who share their forecasts for free with all Innovate Change users

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