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In this article it's time to take an in-depth look at the most important basketball competition. And it is that the NBA is not only the largest annual competition in the basketball world along with the World ; it is not just pure spectacle either; it is, without a doubt, a top3 of the most difficult competitions to predict. Millions of dollars are moved in Las Vegas every night, so practically any bet is matched on the Exchange, and the offer on online sports betting markets for the NBA is incredibly wide.

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Top 5 bookmakers for NBA

Possibly one of the best bookmakers to bet on the NBA in New Zealand: Bet365 , William Hill and the Kambs , both for the good NBA odds that can be achieved using the 3 and for the variety of markets that they offer us. It is also possible to watch the NBA in bookmakers, thanks to the live streaming service that some of them offer.

Because the NBA is not just betting on which team will win or by how much, or even on the total points. Bets on players are very frequent, where we will have to choose if a certain man will add more than a certain figure between points, blocks, rebounds,... and from there you can get very good almost certain bets on the NBA that will give us the possibility to earn money betting on this competition.

Best NBA bookmakers

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Variety of markets

The best odds in the sector

Variety of markets


Variety of markets

The most popular betting types in the NBA

The most popular markets undoubtedly in the bookmakers for NBA are those related to the final result of the match. The most commonly used betting lines are Asian ones, which are not available in all bookies, and the most common market is the NBA betting handicap: which team will win and by how much. That is, a handicap of points.

The most common markets (match winner or total points) we will find in all bookmakers. On the other hand, if we prefer to bet on special markets (a player's total points, assists, rebounds...) we will only find these NBA bets in some bookmakers.

It will also be possible to find long-term bets: tournament winners, top scorer, etc.

Strategies for betting on the NBA

A good strategy for NBA sports betting is to know what week the team in question has had, how many casualties and rotations it will take, the kms they have done that week (it changes a lot the rest of the players to do “Back and forth” from one state to another, despite playing one game of the two as locals, to make a tour of the other end of the country, despite playing 3 games as visitors in 7 days) and, above all, to be well informed of the dynamics of the team, their interests at the end of the season (some teams prefer to do “bad” seasons to reinforce themselves in a way more effective way for the future) or the personal interests of more selfish players who only think about their own recognition.

There is no doubt that another highly recommended strategy is to leave everything in the hands of a tipster who publicly shares his predictions and ideas of the games; an expert in the NBA. At Innovate Change we have one highly recommended and with extensive experience with the NBA forecasts : GatsbyNBA . In his profile you can find all the NBA bets for today, since he publishes on matchday.

Tips for betting on the NBA

As with all sports categories, there are many things to review before betting on the NBA. This basketball competition is one of the most marked by statistics and where being up to date in terms of injuries, dynamics and declarations becomes as fundamental as a team can have quotas as if it were going to play with its usual roster, but it turns out that 3 key players are out of the rotation for breaks. Taking advantage of that “edge” of information between the average bettor and the informed bettor is, in the NBA, more decisive if possible.

Here are some very simple guidelines or tips to improve your NBA betting:

  • Find out about the state of form of the teams and their current dynamics.
  • Check if the team has casualties, especially if they are important players.
  • Looking at player and team stats
  • Compare odds of different bookmakers

How does the NBA work?

But, entering something more in the matter, the NBA is a competition that faces 30 basketball teams, 29 North Americans and 1 Canadian team. The 30 teams are divided into 6 divisions of 5 teams more or less organized for reasons of distance from one venue to another, which in turn are grouped into 2 confederations of 15 teams each.

Each team plays a total of 82 games in the regular league, with 41 home and 41 away games, but no team has the same schedule as their other 29 rivals. The parties are divided as follows:

  • 4 matchups against division rivals (16 matches)
  • 3-4 matchups against conference opponents (36 total games)
  • 2 matchups against the rivals of the other conference (30 games)

Therefore, some teams will have an easier path than another from another division or different conference.

To summarize a little, each team will fight to achieve a win /games played ratio that allows them to get into the top 8 of their conference, a place that allows them to play the playoffs or finals, a table that faces the top 16 of that year and have a maximum popularity in the final bets. But if the regular season already has its complication, the playoff deserves a separate post.

You, reader, who may have never bet for fear of the NBA, the best thing you did after reading this entry is to go to the basketball section of your reference bookmaker and take a look at the markets, in addition to exploring the section of this website dedicated to the NBA, where you will find suggested bets for the matches that take place every day (because, yes! It is played here every day!).

NBA streaming bookmakers

Some bookmakers also offer their users the possibility to follow the NBA events thanks to their live Streaming services. These are some of the houses where you can enjoy this fantastic service:

  • Bet365 : Its streaming service covers all major basketball events, including the NBA.
  • Wheelz : In addition to the possibility of watching the match live at their physical betting shops, they also offer live streaming on their website with Wheelz TV.
  • William Hill : It has live streaming with a multitude of events, among which we will find the NBA.
  • Versus : Users registered on Versus will also be able to watch the entire NBA season for free.

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