How to choose a licensed bookmaker

The first step to start betting is to choose the bookmaker that best suits our needs, but also that is legal in New Zealand . This is easily checked through your license.

To make it simpler, at Innovate Change we only have licensed houses. The list is long, and there are many elements to consider and take into account. First of all, we must be clear about what the license is.

Licensed bookmakers in New Zealand

In New Zealand there is an official government body, which reports to the Ministry of Finance, called the Directorate General of Gambling Regulation. Among its functions, it is to grant the necessary licenses so that a bookmaker can operate legally in New Zealand, and that players have total security in their transactions and user experience.

It is possible to view all licensed operators in New Zealand on the following website:

The licenses are published in the BOE (Official State Gazette), and are different depending on the type of game offered (sports betting, casino, slots, slots, etc.). To obtain a license, it is necessary to comply with a number of legal, technical and economic requirements that guarantee the solvency, security and reliability of the company and the gambling operator in question.

Popularity among users

In addition to the license, there are numerous factors to consider, which at Innovate Change we have organized in the form of rankings.

One of them is to check the favorite bookmaker by players in New Zealand, something easily verifiable through our popularity ranking chosen by users. If everyone likes it, it will be for a reason, right?

The popularity ranking is totally objective and depends solely on the users' choices. Each registered user at Innovate Change can choose which is his favorite bookmaker or bookmakers, and his choice will be added to this ranking. Thousands of users have chosen and the outstanding leader is Bet365 with more than 500 votes. We leave you the bookmakers that occupy the highest positions in the ranking.

Bookmaker Advantage

The most popular bookmaker in New Zealand

Excellent Customer Service

Thousands of physical locations throughout New Zealand

Cashout and #MiApuesta

Collaborate with Innovate Change in the resolution of complaints

It has Betfair Exchange (exchange bets)

Pre-match betting offer

However, we must take into account other aspects, since there may be some new bookmaker that is not yet very well known but is nevertheless the perfect one for us.

The types of bets offered, the variety of offer, is key to adapt to the individual needs of each player. Are you going to bet on football? tennis? or are you looking for Formula 1? Each bookmaker has its own odds provider, and its own offer.

Not all bookmakers offer the same. Some offer more variety of sports and fewer markets, others more markets and fewer sports, and others seek balance. Everything is at your fingertips through the ranking of bookmakers by their pre-prepared offer, in which we analyze each house and place it in the excellent, regular, or scarce offer section.

The analyses have been carried out by our experts and based on a comparison between all operators, so aspects such as the variety of sports, events and markets available for betting have been taken into account. The most prominent bookmakers are the following:

Bookmaker Advantage

Numerous leagues and markets

Create Bet (Bet Builder)

Numerous long-term special bets

Hundreds of markets available in each match

The best pre-match betting offer

Live betting (LIVE)

In relation to the offer we must also take into account live betting, which is important and increasingly used by more players. As in the other section, we have a personalized ranking based on the LIVE offer: Excellent, regular or scarce.

For the analysis of live betting we have taken into account services such as live Streaming, a variety of sports, events and markets, in addition to the design or navigability that the bookmaker has in its live section.

To all this are added other aspects such as a good statistics service or the speed when processing bets. Here are some of the best bookmakers to bet live.

Bookmaker Advantage

Live streaming

Very intuitive interface

Bizum available for deposits

Excellent live betting service

Good offer of live matches and markets

The best odds

Odds are always the big forgotten by inexperienced users in sports betting. But they are the most important thing for experts. The reason is simple: always choosing the best odds can make a noticeable difference in long-term profits, and that is why we must make sure that we always bet with the best odds on each event.

Bookmakers offer very different odds for each event, so nothing better than taking a look at our ranking where, after analyzing the odds, we have sorted the bookmakers based on their profit margin (payout).

Bookmaker Advantage

The best odds in the sector

Extensive offer of long-term special bets

Enhanced odds ('Top odds')

Selected matches with the best odds

Numerous payment methods available (Apple Pay)

Esports Betting

And what about esports? There are many fans of electronic sports who are looking for the best bookmaker to bet. Well, we have good news: At Innovate Change we also have an Esports ranking!

In this ranking we have analyzed which are the best bookmakers for your Esports bets, taking into account factors such as live Streaming of the games, variety of markets, events and leagues, taking into account their offer both pre-game and live.

The ranking has been sorted into three sections as usual: Good, normal, bad and those houses that do not directly offer Esports. Among the bookmakers with a good esports offer, we find the following.

Bookmaker Advantage

Section dedicated to esports

The best esports offer

Section dedicated to esports

Good offer of events and markets

Excellent offer of markets and long-term bets

Bookmakers with mobile app

Even if it is not a ranking per se, it is always important to know which bookmakers have a mobile App available. Whether for Android or iOS, not all online gambling operators have a mobile app to place your bets on it.

Do you want to know them all? You just have to access our ranking of mobile apps, where you will see a complete list with all the bookmakers that are licensed in New Zealand and a button specifying if they have an App and, if so, for which devices. We leave you 5 bookmakers with a fluid, intuitive and simple mobile App.

Bookmaker Advantage

Cash withdrawals and deposits through your local

Excellent and intuitive mobile app

Access (login) with Face ID and Touch ID

Wheelz TV (live matches)

Free NBA streaming on your mobile

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Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change