All about betting bonuses

Bonuses are monetary incentives from the bookmaker when a user registers and deposits money.

What are the types of betting bonuses?

There are different types of bonuses, here are the most common ones.

Cash bonus (“Cash”) – a sum of money that is added to the account in the bookmakers . Example: a user makes an income of $100, the house offers a 100% cash bonus to all new users up to $100. As a result, your account balance grows to 200$! However, in order to withdraw the funds, the user has to fulfill some requirements, usually playing the bonus several times.

In other words, bets should be placed for a total amount equal to the multiple dimensions of the bonus. Each bookmaker that offers a bonus, sets out its conditions. For example, if you must play the bonus amount 5 times, it means that the total bets must reach at least $500 in order to withdraw the money. Most houses offer the same number of "roll over". Sometimes houses define additional conditions, such as that this money must be played at a minimum installment (for example, 1.5).

Freebet Bonus (“free bet”) – a sum of money that is given in the form of a free bet. The freebet bonus differs from the cash bonus in that it is not full-fledged money. This money only becomes part of your account once you exceed the bet. If he loses it, the user does not receive anything but he does not lose anything either (clear advantage). But if the bet is won, this money becomes part of the user account with full rights to withdraw it or continue betting.

Freeplay ("free spins”) – it's a free game. Money issued for the player to bet. Before the bonus conditions are realized, these funds are already in the account. By placing bets, the winnings pass to the user's account and are his property. But in rare cases money is obtained in property.

The free spins bonus is common in the bookmakers Americans as well as in Asia and some dollar houses. It is a common bonus as a welcome bonus after the first deposit.

Money-back bonus or refund – a certain amount of money fully refundable if the bet is lost. Usually, an amount will be refunded to you if you lose the bet before the event offered by the bookmaker (that a match ends 0:0, that there are red cards, that a player scores, etc.).

Cash back - the funds are returned to the players on the bets placed during the course of the game (“live”, in a predetermined amount of the fixed total amount of money or the total amount). The advantage is that the player can withdraw it once he wins the bet. However, there are some bets that require a new bet.

What is the size of the bookmakers' bonuses?

The average size varies between $20 and $150. But there are some bigger offers.

Why do bookmakers offer bonuses?

It is the cause of free competition in the world of Internet betting. Each gambling house seeks to attract as many registered players as possible, to this end offers a variety of bonuses. Bonuses on bets are an excellent opportunity to earn extra money on sports betting . Use them!

Attention! Since May 1, 2021, the welcome bonuses disappear and in order to get the rest of the bonuses and offers it is necessary to have been registered for at least 30 days and to have verified your account.

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Ines Ledo
Editor of the Innovate Change