Contest "Expert of experts"

Vote on the forecasts of our experts: whether they are correct or not, earn points and earn money!

After popular demand, we are back with a new edition of our β€œExpert of Experts” contest, we have distributed more than $ 3,000 in prizes in the numerous editions and contests we have held. More and more contestants are participating and they want to choose to take one of the four prizes that we distribute.


Read the forecasts of our experts and predict if they will be right or not. For each correct vote one point will be earned. For each incorrect one will be lost. The participants of each month with the most points will receive cash prizes. Easy, simple and fun!

Enter and complete your profile or Click here to register for Innovate Change

Vote the forecasts of experts and Tipsters

Registration :

Anyone who wants to participate should only follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Register at Innovate Change and fill in the section " About me " in your profile as well as add a Photo for the profile , as well as write your opinion about any bookmaker you have used.
  2. Follow us on our Twitter and make RT (Reweet) of the Tweet that you like the most.
  3. Finally, you will have to mention two friends in the post you have shared on Twitter .

It is important to emphasize that participating is completely free but in order to collect the prize the user must follow the following steps:

Create an account on Circus entering from the profile of the bookmaker in Innovate Change and clicking on the button "Start betting". Registration must be done before the end of the contest month . For example, only users who have registered in June or earlier will be able to participate in the June contest. A record in July it would not be valid for the June contest.

- It is essential to disable the AdBlock (in case you have it) to be able to access Circus from Innovate Change.

IMPORTANT : Add the Innovate Change code when filling in the registration data.

- The user must make a minimum deposit of $ 10 and place a bet in order to receive the prize. To participate in the monthly contest it is necessary a make such a deposit. To participate in the June contest for example, the user will have to make the deposit in June. If you do it in July it will not be valid.

- Once you have done it, if you are one of the winners of the contest, you will simply have to give us your Circus username so that you receive your prize from Innovate Change.

You will be eligible for $200 per month in prizes. To do this, you must visit our website, enter the forecasts of our experts – which we will publish on social networks - and vote in the poll if you think they will be right or not. It's very easy!

Innovate Change
Hi guys,
We would like to inform you that the contest will no longer be active from September 1, 2019. We have decided to stop for the moment due to the low participation. We do not rule out resuming it in the future

Thank you all for participating and stay tuned to our promotions!
The little participation has been taking place since the prizes are much lower, previously when the prizes were received by PayPal, and others there was more participation, because, with respect to now, the Circus bookmaker is not very reliable when withdrawing money, and even more so being a prize in the form of freebet and not real money..
Award received Thank you
Thanks for the award! 🍻
Award received, thank you!
Award received, many thanks to Innovate Change and circus!
Award received, thank you very much Innovate Change!
award received, thank you very much!! ✌
Innovate Change
1st- $65
3rd- $35
4th- $20
5th- $15
6th- $10
7th- $5
Innovate Change
Guys we have updated the prizes, expanding the list of winners. It will be effective from November, October prizes will be paid as usual:
September Award received. Many thanks to Innovate Change and Circus!
received September award thank you
Received the September prize, thank you very much guys!!!
September Freebet received. Thank you!!!!
August award received, thank you very much!
Hello, can you tell me how to see the forecasts that I have made
Good morning, miguelbomba , To see the forecasts you must click on the "More" button next to the user for whom you want to see the forecasts made.
If you want to see in more detail what day it was, type of bet, etc. you must click on "Detailed statistics".

A greeting!
Award received from June. Thank you
Innovate Change
Sorry for the delay guys! Thanks to you for participating πŸ˜‰
June Prize received. Many thanks to Innovate Change and Circus!
May award received. Thank you!
May award received
Thank you
May Prize received!! Thanks cracks
May Prize received!!
Thank you very much
Thanks to you for participating! Good luck for June πŸ˜‰
How exciting is the classification of the month of May!!
Innovate Change
Hi guys, we have changed the rules of the contest. They will be applied from JUNE, the prizes for MAY will be distributed normally as until now (4 positions, tiebreaker, etc).
The changes for June will be:
- 7 prize positions
- Tiebreaker based on the number of total votes and the date of oldest registration.

Best of luck and thanks for participating!
We received a bonus for the rollover
OK, I see it's a rollover bonus. Award received. Many thanks to Innovate Change. πŸ˜‰
Did you receive a Freebet or a bonus with a rollover at Circus last month?
April Prize, received!
I haven't received anything yet guys.
We have contacted Circus to find out what has happened, as soon as we have an answer we will let you know. Apologies for the delay!
Has anyone received the April prize?
Hello! We have had some delay since there were users who had not fulfilled the conditions of participation. Last week (Friday) we already sent the solved problems and the users to Circus.
Please, if you do not receive the prize this week, send us a private message and we will talk to Circus!
Thank you for your patience πŸ˜‰
March Prize received!
Thank You Very much!!
Circus Receivers March Award
March Prize received at CIRCUS. Thank you.
February Prize received! Thank you very much!
February prize I receive. As always on the same day
It was very competitive! Congratulations to Txin and all the participants!✌
February Prize received, how fast, thank you very much!!!!
February Prize received. Thank you.
Innovate Change
It has been very very tight the classification of this month!
Congratulations to the winners, we will contact you to pay them the payments.
Remember that the contest is still in March, best of luck!
sorry, I was wrong guys
Comment removed by user request
Why do you delete comments?
January Prize received. Thank you.
January Prize. Receive
January payment received!!! Thank you very much
Innovate Change
Congratulations to the winners of January! There is still a pending forecast that will be resolved today, as soon as it is done, we will check your users and get in touch to pay the prizes.
Good luck for February!
Thank you very much, received!
Award received from Dec. Thank you
December prize received! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
Innovate Change
Congratulations to the winners! We will contact you to make the payment of the prizes. Good luck to the other contestants for January
June Prize received. Thank you very much!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
I received the June prize (last month there was some problem) but they solved it
Yes, they had a little problem but it's already solved
Will I get my prize someday?? πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Hi Karre. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and the delay. If you have not received your prize, send us a private message with your details and we will send it to you as soon as possible πŸ˜‰
I have not received the prize for the month of June!! 😒😒😒
Thank you for the payment, June!!!
Payment for the month of June, Received!!
what a delay with the awards...
Well this project is over, it was nice while hard
What a delay with the awards....
Has anyone received the June prize of the month??😟😟
I haven't received anything. they don't reply to my private messages either πŸ™
The last bet on the games in the match between Konta and Halep is wrong.
Please check it out.
I have already received my prize for the month of April, thank you very much friends!
Thank you Ismaeletoo for your participation, good luck for this month!
Thanks to you for participating!
Enjoy this day, many picks where you can select, you have to take advantage of the final shot of the leagues!
Now the good stuff starts!
Looking forward to Mayooo!
Yes, there may be such
It's good that there is so much rivalry, it makes the contest more competitive
Best of luck to all participants and may the best one win!
Every month is more difficult,.a lot of level
This month I will stay at the doors
me the same, it hurts that triple tie
Prize received!! Thank you very much
Thanks to you for having participated and trusted Innovatechange πŸ˜‰
About the horn award I received hehehe thank you
Thanks for sharing it on the contest wall πŸ˜‰
Sorry it took a while πŸ˜‰
March money received! Many graces
Aver if I pick something up this month!!!
Hi guys, in the blogs section you can find a section dedicated to Challenges from $ 10 to $ 100. If you feel like it, you can take a look at it. The first step starts today at 21:30!!
You can ask me anything.
You have a forecast for today, but it's set for three days from now. In case you want to participate and you haven't noticed
Sorry, it was a mistake when putting the date of the match, thanks for letting us know πŸ™‚
Joer what a little month, it seems to me that I don't scratch anything this month. Let's see if they give last month's awards so that my disgust is removed hehehe
We are glad Redwhite, I encourage you to participate in our blog contest πŸ˜‰
pool prize received, thank you very much!!
I encourage you to participate in our blog contest We are going to give away $100 in prizes!
Best of luck to everyone!
Let's go for another month of contest!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Now I just saw in the rules that you have to open an account at a bookmaker to receive a prize this month. I didn't even notice... hehehe. Well, I couldn't receive then because I already have an account in those even if I haven't played in them for a long time.
The same thing happens to me, I have proposed that the bookmakers be expanded.
Don't worry, now we are going to get in touch with each of you to discuss this topic πŸ˜‰
I would have the same problem too
The same thing happens to me too...
It seems to me that almost all of us here are the same...
The payments of pools....:/
They are being processed, it won't take you long to receive them.
Good thing you can't go down... i look like the Osasuna
Don't give up! There is still a week ahead πŸ˜‰
How is the month! Good luck to everyone
We really like that it is so disputed, best of luck to everyone!
I'm from Raging Bull I'm still screaming
Has anyone received any Raging Bull awards since the end of January? From the contest "La Quiniela"
Award received again. Thank you!
Glad to get prize this month, thank you.
3 consecutive months receiving prize, cracks!
And let there be many more!
Congratulations to ismaeletoo for the victory in March and to the other winners
Best of luck to everyone for this month of March!
Everything is very tight
Joer how is the end of the month! Good luck to everyone
Also received award. Thank you!!
Thanks you πŸ˜‰ Best of luck for this edition of the contest
You're welcome Alfonsosmg60! Best of luck in the February edition
Prize entered! Thank you very much
Thanks to you Jorgeh1, we are glad that you enjoy our contest
Thanks to REDWHITE for participating good luck for this month's πŸ˜‰
Someone knows. Thank you
the January prizes when they enter it?
Good Redwhite, they told me about a week ago that they had had a management problem, that we would have it shortly.
From the drug comes out, from a -5 no.
Today has not let me give my forecast, so difficult to overcome the -5, help
This month they are having a hard time letting go of the dough, aren't they? Hehehe
Barcelona has done a lot of damage haha
Damn what a great month..... i've gone from 12 to -5 in a week πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Ostias no, four with 10 points, today and tomorrow to break the tie! Luck
Good luck guys, may the best one win
Triple draw, what a good one haha
Prize already entered!!! Thanks friends
Thank you for having participated, best of luck in the contest of the month of January.
Thanks for the December prize!
Thanks to you for participating, good luck for next month.
Good luck to everyone this year!
The New Zealandn.... And the Romanian matches in their line....
Ismaeletoo how is the triplet going?
It's going to be that he's going to stay in double πŸ˜‰
joer with the Romanian matches. It is impossible to hit them. It always comes out the other way...
2 consecutive months winning, I'm in search of the treble.
Congratulations Ismeletoo!
Good idea.
Edited commentary
you have not scored points again I have predicted several and I do not see anything progress
Hi Noah14, we will try to fix the problem shortly. Thanks for letting us know.
Hey. A doubt that has arisen in me. How is it shared and how are two friends mentioned on facebuk?
Hi Chimbu, to share it you must hit the Facebook button that appears just above these comments. Once you click, and as long as you have logged in to your Facebook, the publication will appear with a section that says "Make a comment" there you must mention two friends. Finally you hit the button that appears in the bottom that says "Publish to Facebook".
I like esapuestas's comment, because last month jorteal was waiting for everyone to vote and then vote the one he was interested in. No grudge jorteal xDDDD
By the way, if suggestions are allowed... Mine is that we cannot see what forecast each user follows. If it is even, just following the forecasts that your rival follows is worth it πŸ™‚
There it is
The truth is that there will be a classification the sea of adjusted!
If́ οΏ½πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚οΏ½
‘‘This is getting more and more interesting!!!
90th minute, 4th card 😒
About the rules of the contest, what do you mean by "With the highest position in the blog ranking". Thank you
Hi, TomasGarcia. In the event that there is a tie in the contest, the participant with the most publications on the blogs of our website will occupy a higher position in the ranking.
Innovate Change
Hello esapuestas, we are working to solve the problem. We hope to solve it soon. Thank you
How often is this classification updated?