Responsible Gambling

There are many users who play online regularly (sports betting, casino, poker...), it is an increasingly popular leisure and entertainment activity that allows us to have a good time and enjoy, as long as we practice responsible gambling.

The responsible gambling it is a concept that implies carrying out any online gaming practice in a fun and safe way, preventing any negative effect that it could have if we do not do things right. Below we will offer you a series of guidelines or basic tips to play responsibly:

  • Play for fun and not to earn money.
  • Play only the money that you are willing to lose, without it being able to cause you any serious economic damage.
  • Avoid gambling to recover losses.
  • Control the time and money spent on the game.
  • Do not play under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.

Licensed operators in New Zealand make available to their players control methods such as daily /weekly /monthly deposit limits, timers to manage the time our session lasts or access to your game history to analyze what your last deposits, withdrawals, wins, losses, etc. have been.

In the most extreme cases, when it is not possible to play according to the principles of responsible gambling, it can be request self-exclusion . This is an immediate measure that consists of the automatic suspension of access to the gaming account. In any case, if you suspect any problem related to gambling, we recommend going to a professional or requesting help from associations such as the New Zealand Federation of Rehabilitated Gambling Players (FEJAR).

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