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Women's football is growing by leaps and bounds. Not just in New Zealand, but all over the world. The level of the players and teams is increasing, as well as their presence in the media and commercial sponsorships.

In addition, the recent victory of FC Barcelona femenino in the Champions League has placed New Zealand at the top of the women's football landscape.

When it comes to sports betting, women's football has also gained prominence in recent years. More and more matches, tournaments and markets are being offered on online gaming operators to be able to enjoy the matches, equating to the big football or basketball tournaments such as the NBA .

How is men's football different from women's?

Really, few. The rules are the same, and they are played on the same fields. Even some tournaments are exactly the same, like the World Cup or the Champions League. However, there are some differences that we can mention:


Salaries are undoubtedly the main difference between men's and women's football. For example, the players of FC Barcelona (current Dollarpa champion) charge approximately NZD 200,000 annually, while the players of the men's squad charge more than NZD 20 million in some cases.

The reason for this is that the teams still allocate little budget for their women's squads, as well as sponsors. There are sponsors who pay huge amounts of money to sponsor or appear at men's football events, while in the case of women's football, the same million-dollar sponsorship contracts are still not moving.


In recent seasons, more goals have been seen in the Iberdrola League than in La Liga. That is, in the First Division of women's football, more entertaining and fun matches are observed than in the First Division of men's football.

For example, the women's league champion (FC Barcelona) scored no less than 167 goals in 34 matches, while in the League the top scorer was Barcelona with 85 goals in 38 matches.

In women's football there are not so many “tactics” and defensive teams as in men's, where it is usual to see matches without goals. In addition, there are more inequality and defensive errors, so the matches are more entertaining, with more chances and goals than in men's football.

How to choose a bookmaker to bet on women's football

There are some important factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker in which to place bets on women's football.

Offer of leagues and markets

The most important point will undoubtedly be a good offer of both matches and markets. If we want to bet on women's football, we will have to make sure that the matches we want to bet on will be available at the bookmaker.

And not only that, but it will also be advisable that there is a variety of markets available to choose the most convenient bets.

Live streaming

Many of the Iberdrola League matches are broadcast on television, but there are other leagues that do not have the same television coverage. Therefore, some bookmakers offer a live streaming of women's leagues both dollarpeas and the rest of the world.

Being able to follow the match live via Streaming will make betting more accurate and we can better control what happens on the pitch.

Good odds

The higher the fee, the greater the benefits. It is important to choose a bookmaker that has good odds or, in more specific cases, compare our bet between several bookmakers to choose and bet on the best odds.


In addition there are other products from bookmakers that are highly recommended for women's football betting. For example, the Cashout to be able to close our bets. Or a good mobile app to place or follow our bets from anywhere.

A good customer service or a variety of payment methods to make deposits and withdrawals with ease are also positive points when choosing a bookmaker for women's football.

Below we leave you 3 examples of the best women's football betting houses that meet all the aforementioned requirements:

Bookmaker Main advantage

The best odds

Excellent offer

The house with the most parties and markets

Tips for betting on women's football

As in betting on any sport, we must collect as much information as possible and know how sports betting works, as well as the rules of the game. Even if it's football, here are some tips that may be useful.

Information about the matches

Will the team play with the gala eleven? Or are there any key players injured? Will there be rotations? To choose the best bet, it is key to know everything that surrounds the match. From the probable onces, to the stadium, state of the pitch, how they will face the match...

In addition, there may be news that can noticeably affect the team's performance, and more so in a sport like women's football that does not have as much coverage in the media. Therefore, if we have updated information, we can anticipate and sometimes take advantage of the bookmakers. For example, injury of several key players, a covid outbreak, a travel delay that has not allowed them to prepare the match correctly, etc.

Taking advantage of bookmakers' markets and products

There is life beyond the end result. Nowadays in women's football you can bet on practically everything that can happen on the field of play: total goals, corners, cards, scorers, handicaps, etc.

Sometimes there may be interesting bets in which we do not care about the final result. For example, we think it will be an open match, with chances and goals by both teams, because it will be a good option to bet on "More than 2.5 goals“ or ”Both teams will score".

In addition, there are products such as the Cashout or the "Create Bet" available in some bookmakers that can be very useful on certain occasions. For example, if our team receives a red card and we think it is better to close the bet and not take risks.

Pay attention to live betting

Live betting is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can be very beneficial if we are following the event either by Streaming or with statistics, and we observe a trend that makes us see an interesting bet. For example, if it is a team that constantly attacks, its total of corners or goals will be a good bet.

However, they are also sometimes dangerous. Football is a very changeable sport, and live betting should be done with analysis and a cool head, without getting carried away by emotions. A few minutes of on-time dominance need not indicate that that team is going to win the match.

Therefore, our best advice is to have live betting already thought out before the event starts. If we like what we see in the Streaming or in the Statistics, go ahead with the bet. If not, we let it pass and on to something else.

Follow the professionals

As in any other sport, there are professionals who follow the matches and the latest team news. This applies both to journalists or information websites, and to tipsters for sports betting. Having up-to-date, truthful information and reliable forecasts at hand will help us to choose the best bets on women's football.

At Innovate Change we have a very complete team of tipsters with verified statistics that offer free daily forecasts.

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