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WH blocks me from doing sports betting but instead they allow me to play casino

Yes, I was banned from betting after three or four days of the last withdrawal.
The reason cannot be other than that it is not profitable for him. If there was another one I don't think they would have the modesty to communicate it to me and even expel me from WH not only from sports betting.
Even if you have earned little, maybe too much for what you invested.Bad luck!
March 8, 2019
William Hill
Good until overnight they answer this to you. William Hill Online

[email protected] ;
Hey ---,

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[email protected]
fri 02/22/2019 10:34 am
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William Hill
Estimate ----,

Thank you for choosing William Hill.

My name is ---- and I am contacting you, about your complaint that we have received, related to the restriction applied in the sports section.

We would like to inform you that after a detailed review of your account our bookmakers department has decided to stop accepting sports bets from your account. As a result, you will no longer be able to place bets on the William Hill website.

Please note that our bookmakers department reserves the right to carry out regular reviews of activity on William Hill accounts. If upon such review we discover that the player is participating in strategies or activities that William Hill, in its sole discretion and as set out in our terms and conditions that you accepted when registering, considers abusive, we will reserve the right to limit the maximum amounts that the client can bet, limit bets on a certain sport or stop accepting sports bets absolutely on this account.

The Casino section will not be affected by such reduction.

We are also sorry to inform you that this decision will be maintained indefinitely.
William Hill is not obliged to propose detailed results of the investigations and observations carried out internally or to provide additional information.

More information on the subject can be received in point 11 of the following link that will take you to our General Terms and conditions of use of the web.

Best regards,

February 22, 2019
Hello, my complaint is that since the day 20-02 I can not make sports bets on WH. I have spoken to the chat service and they have told me that after an investigation the brokers have decided to block my account.I have insisted to him for the reason and his answer is that they do not have access to it and they cannot give it to me.Come on, they kicked me out without even notifying and commenting on the reason.I am a bettor who does not reach $ 100 in monthly profits and I have been registered for a few years without a problem. In slot and casino if they let me jugar.Me i would like to know through you the REASON for the suspension in the betting section as well as reopen my account against what they tell me from the customer service department.Thanks a greeting
I like its design Bonuses My bet,odds gold
Without any reason or notice they suspend the possibility of betting in the sports area. Inadmissible, not to have put money in the hands of this company.