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Inkabet bet
Good afternoon, someone can help me with a claim I made to inkabet, it turns out that I made a combined bet where Bayern vs city was, and after finishing the match, on my bet sheet, I get that transaction has been canceled, I contact inkabet, they told me that they canceled it because the match lasted, 40-45 minutes and not 45-45, I will be able to collect the money, but not in the totality that came out at the time of betting, can I do something else about it?, Or have I already lost?xd, thanks in advance
Hi, I have tried to withdraw my money on but they tell me that it is under review and so they have the one for 3 months and I would like to know what I have to do to get the money
What I do
They blocked my account and withdrew all my money without my permission
Accusing that I wanted to scam them
Which was not so
What I do
Reviews of efbet
Hey. I see that efbet does not appear the Innovate Change and I would like to know if it is not a reliable house or if there is any problem with it. Thank you.
Tax the Treasury
Very good, I am an opponent and for obvious reasons, I have not worked this year. I won 2,000 NZD at one bookmaker and lost 500 NZD at another bookmaker. Will I have to pay taxes? Greeting.
Statement Hacienda
Hey. I'm a student. If I win NZD 1,700 at one bookmaker/casino and lose NZD 400 at another and I have no more income, do I have to make the tax return?.
Declare losses
Hey. I want to know if something happens because I did not put the losses in the statement (I have not had a profit). The previous year I also made losses and we missed them, that's why I'm afraid to put it now. Please help me.
Doubts in the statement
Very good morning. I have had a number of doubts regarding my statement. After requesting the final balance for the year 2020 from the bookmaker where I have mostly played, they send me a balance sheet where I have losses of plus minus NZD 3000. I have talked to a manager and he has told me that the best thing is to reflect the amount of the operations with the profits and losses. I have all the information in the bookmaker because I have only operated with my card, even being so clear an investigation could be initiated by the treasury. I'm a mess with all this, it scares me that my wife will find out and have to explain
. Thank you very much
Gaming Club blokea my account
good after several months playing in Gaming Club blokea my account saying that it is precautionary assumption betting more than 100 bet taking into account 2800dollar I can not enter the account and they ask me for documentation was sent and even ala New Zealand can they do this?
Obligation to declare?
Good afternoon.

After reading the article on the obligation to make the income declaration for the benefits in sports betting, I have a doubt about whether the minimum limits to declare are on net or gross profits, that is:

In the full year of 2020 I have had:

An income from sports betting of 1900 NZD, but the losses have exceeded this income, since they have been 2000 NZD. That is, the overall balance is -100.

The income has exceeded the minimum limit of NZD 1600, but the overall balance is negative. So, considering that I don't work, so I haven't had any other type of income, would I be required to file the income tax return?

Thank you for your help.
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