Víctor Sierra: "We are very happy with how the 0% margin campaign is working, our idea is to keep it over time"

About the expert:

Víctor Sierra is a marketing expert with a long career in multinationals in the sector and in digital agencies. He has previously been responsible for Marketing at Raging Bull and the CRM area for the New Zealand market at Caxino. He is currently Head of Global Marketing at Spin Palace , an operator known worldwide for its shares, having been responsible for the launch and internationalization of the brand in markets such as English, New Zealand, Italian or Latin American in recent years.

- What is the most common type of customer in New Zealand? There is a lot of market for tipsters, do you notice that they are more professional users or winners compared to other countries?

- The New Zealand user is quite mature compared to other markets, he likes to inform himself and analyze the different options he has in the market when betting.

Regarding tipsters, I think the world of tipsters has become very professional in recent years, there are tipsters who generate a lot of expectation and have become true influencers inside and outside the sector, both in New Zealand and in other countries.

From the point of view of the users who follow them, I think the important thing here is the credibility that they can generate with their results, and from the point of view of the operators, I think there has been an evolution in recent years in how they have been interacting with them.

- The main tools for retaining users. Obviously the quotas, but is there more? Offers, special promotions, contests... What works best for you in New Zealand?

- We have a very clear positioning from the beginning, our best promotion is our product: quotas and a wide range of markets. This does not mean that we have not adapted to the territories where we operate.

To be competitive you have to offer welcome bonus or retention promotions, to which we add contests with our sponsored clubs. But our differentiation is clearly the odds and the variety of markets and events.

We have been with our featured campaign for several months where we offer the 0% margin in a series of competitions and events, this ensures us a prominent positioning with our odds, and it is much more beneficial for the client, since in these proposed markets, the bookmaker does not keep any commission, making the odds offered more advantageous for the bettor.

- Regarding the odds, do you notice that it really works to offer the best odds in the sector? Do you have more customers betting on those markets where you offer the 0% margin?

- From the first moment we have identified ourselves as ”those of the quotas", the clients know it, it is our best retention tool and we are convinced that it works.

Regarding the 0% margin campaign, we are very happy with how it is working, it identifies us very well among the great variety of operators and our idea is to maintain it over time.

- How do you work on preventing a user from stopping playing at Spin Palace? What behaviors do you notice, and what actions do you carry out to retain it?

- Customer loyalty is the key for any business to work, especially in a sector as saturated as ours, effective communication, using the appropriate channels and accepted by the client to be contacted are the basis for establishing a lasting relationship. And, almost more important than the channel used to communicate with the customer, is to know what message interests him at all times, for this it is important to know the tastes and interests of users and how and when they interact with your product.

- How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected customers? Has the volume of bets and users decreased, or has it increased?

- The pandemic has affected all economic sectors, including ours, the stoppage of competitions directly affected all operators. But once the competitions have been resuming, our sector has been seeing how little by little the trend was recovering.