Ruth Hernández: "Until the player validates his identity, the game account is not considered activated"

About the expert:

Ruth Hernández is an expert in payments, risk and fraud, in addition to having extensive experience in the management of customer service departments and in both internal and external training for new additions in the customer service, payment and fraud departments. With extensive knowledge in the prevention of money laundering, he is also part of the expansion departments in the Latin American market.

- In your previous post you commented that, in general, the verification does not last more than 48 hours. Would there be a way to invest less time? Could the process be automated more in the future?

Yes, I explain in more detail what was discussed in the previous interview . We have two options to validate the documentation, through the mobile automatically or manually.

If the documentation is correct, the ID is seen correctly, there are no shadows or flash that cover up ID information, the documentation is validated in less than 24 hours.

If, for example, we have an automatic documentary verification system, the player registers from the mobile and in the registration process from the mobile camera and following the indications makes the photographs of the front and back of the ID and they are correct, the account is activated automatically.

If indications of fraud are detected in the registration, more documentation is usually requested from the player and it is in this process that the validation of the game account may take a little longer .

It is very important not to lose sight of the fact that the activation of the game account must be correct, identity impersonations must be avoided, whether they are consensual or not.

- We have some cases of users who have been waiting for a verification for months, is there a maximum deadline to perform it? What could be the reasons why a verification takes so long?

If the verification is delayed, it is always because there are usually risky or high-risk behaviors in the use of the game account, the game accounts are personal and non-transferable and can only be played by adults, so if the slightest doubt is detected, it is possible that the verification takes longer, even if the game account is not activated.

The normal thing is that within a period of no more than 24/48 h. the player's game account is activated and as I have commented before, if the registration is made through an automatic identity verification system, the verification is carried out at the same time of registration, so it would be automatic.

– Are there any legal limitations to simplify the verification process? What are the legal requirements for verification?

We have the technical note issued by the DGOJ in December 2018, where it makes it very clear that the process of verifying the correct identity of the player is the basic pillar to be able to play in an Online Casino. A game account in active status means that the player has correctly validated his identity, either through an automatic system or manually.

– What can a bookmaker omit/include in the verification process on their own?

There are two options that the player can have when registering at an online casino, the first, that he does not validate his identity, therefore and until he finishes validating his identity, he cannot deposit more than $ 150 and he cannot make any withdrawal. In this case, if the player wants to continue entering and withdrawing money he must verify his gaming account.

The second option is that at the time of registration the player does validate his identity, so he can enter more than $ 150 and can request refunds.

Until the player validates his identity, either in the registration process or later, the game account is not considered to be activated.

There is no option to “skip” the verification process if the player's game account wants to be activated, on the other hand the game operator can include other measures to verify the player's account, for example, requesting a selfie with the front of the ID or other document that the Online Casino considers necessary, in these cases, as I mentioned above, fraud alerts have already jumped in the registration and it is necessary to ensure that the registration is correct.

– What should users remember about verification? What basic rules should bettors take into account in order to avoid problems when placing bets, depositing and withdrawing money?

The only thing players should know is that in order for the game account to be considered active and to be able to play without limitations, it is necessary to validate their identity.

– You also mentioned that sometimes an additional verification may be necessary, in addition to the common one. What are the main criteria for such verification to proceed?

Yes, it is necessary for the operator to be sure that the gaming account belongs to the person from the registration data, that no one has used the data of a third person to open the gaming account, the accounts are personal and non-transferable and the holder of the gaming account can only use means of deposits of which he is the holder, for this reason if it is detected that the account may be risky, more data is requested.

The fraud department reviews the new registrations that are made and together with the payments department checks that the gaming account is being used correctly.

– How can you control those people who violate the rule that prohibits the fact of having multiple accounts? What means do you use to prove that a client has more than one profile? Can IP addresses be checked?

Good question, there are many solutions that allow you to detect fraud in the use of the game account, there are companies that offer services based on the connection that the player makes from his mobile device to the game account, they have a database with fraudulent devices that help you detect if those devices have been used on your website.

You can also detect several uses of different mobile devices in the same game account, same IPs, same game patterns, same hours of registration and access to games, etc. , which generate alerts that then have to be reviewed to know if the behavior is correct or not.

All connections to the website remain registered whether the player has played or not so reports/alerts can be generated that help the detection of fraudulent use of gaming accounts.

– In some operators it is possible to deposit through an anonymous payment method such as Paysafecard Is it a suspicious way (in terms of fraud / risk) to make a deposit? How is it possible to find out in this case whether the deposit is made by the client himself?

Yes, it's true, there are anonymous deposit methods that do not allow you to find out who the real holder of the money that is deposited into the gaming account is. For these cases there are several options, you can, for example, only let deposit with these means of deposit small amounts and then not allow more income and that they use means of deposits with ownership.

Here each company is the one that decides which means of deposit it allows and with what restrictions.

It should always be borne in mind that you will never be able to withdraw money if the ownership of the means of withdrawal is not justified.