Reasons to follow Valencia 2024-23

Valencia is not going through the best moment in its history. Neither sportively nor institutionally. Its current stage generates more doubts than solid arguments, more questions than answers, more uncertainty than illusion.

It is not easy to be a Valencian fan nowadays. It is not easy to face the news of the team on a weekly basis and see that the negative floods absolutely everything. A dynamic that was born in 2019 and that remains fixed, sticky, as if it were oil on a rock, like a piece of gum in the hair, like a muddy area that threatens to solidify.

I try to find logical, objective reasons to motivate myself, even if it is complicated, even if it seems difficult, but they end up coming out, they end up emerging, they end up making an appearance.

The positive side of the negative side. To be a Valencian player in glory, in success, before the titles, is beautiful, unforgettable, as it happened to me as a child, a long time ago. But now, when the wind is not blowing in favor, when victories are celebrated as unexpected, it's time to look at the big picture calmly, calmly, enjoying the small goals , watching life go by as long as the threat of a hypothetical descent does not make an appearance.

The squad for next season does not seem to be the best in history. It probably isn't. Surely it will not be a team full of stars, with secondary players, with references that will no longer be, with new idols that will be born of necessity, with a Gattuso who will be able to contribute his personality and grain of sand . It will hurt many evenings. It will hurt many nights. But, I insist, as long as fear does not take over the situation, there will be certain arguments (no frills) enough to continue on the side of the team.

Despite everything, Valencianism is one of the best hobbies in the world. And I'm not exaggerating. They have proved it hundreds of times. The current state of health of the club, the last example. To be a Valencianist is to have a special feeling of belonging. Not better, not worse. Special. That status is maintained in spite of everything. You know that the team is bad, that it doesn't play at all, or little, that the squad is far from perfect, but you keep going to their call when the ball starts rolling.

Mestalla is the temple. Mestalla is one of the most charismatic, welcoming stadiums and belongs to Valencia. It's something special. In person. On television. When there is an important match you know that its atmosphere is going to be decisive. When the opponent is not so potentially threatening, his light is a perfect excuse to stay watching.

His 2024-23 shirt is gorgeous. It has a very nice vintage background, very attractive. It is a less weighty reason, but enough to at least be interested in its purchase.