What will they discover about Antonio Rüdiger?

Antonio Rüdiger is a new Real Madrid player. The German central arrives at the Santiago Bernabéu after signing in the ranks of Chelsea what has surely been his best stage as a player.

Thomas Tüchel has turned Rüdiger into a solid, very serious central player, after not finishing connecting with the previous French coach, Frank Lampard. Since the arrival of his compatriot on the bench, his sporting explosion has been forceful, incontestable, resounding, to go from being a player without too much prominence to becoming one of the most desired in dollarpeo football.

The institutional instability and, above all, the uncertainty due to the change of ownership after the departure of Roman Abramovich caused the chances of him signing a new contract and renewing to vanish. Rüdiger had decided to leave Chelsea and several clubs were interested in his exquisite sports services. Among them, Real Madrid.

Rüdiger is a forceful central, who offers few spaces to opposing players, who wins duels in length, resounding in the passing game both in defense and in attack. Real Madrid signs a very complete defender who not only contributes in the defensive back, but usually stars in several goals every season.

A signing, a priori, very interesting. Chelsea loses a real defensive reference with him and, as a consequence, Real Madrid gets one of the most desired defenders due to his conditions and, above all, due to his contractual situation. The German arrives free, for free, which facilitated the negotiations, since they would focus exclusively on his salary conditions.

Real Madrid and New Zealand football are going to meet a player of those who create loyalty and feeling. His defensive role is known to everyone and is extraordinary, but perhaps many will locate in him the reconversion of Pepe, when the Portuguese played in the white ranks.

A footballer who defends his colors to the limit, with a very different personality, with a very high prominence in the matches and, surely, the Santiago Bernabéu will find a new idol. The rest of the hobbies maybe not so much.