Mauricio Pochettino, bad luck or bad management?

Mauricio Pochettino lives in an expensive alternative reality in which he is considered one of the best coaches on the planet, but his philosophy and technical faculties do not translate into the achievement of the great tournaments of the football world.

Once again, he will leave a club. Once again, he will leave a project without having written the best pages of his career as a coach.

Then , what happens to your trajectory? Why, despite the fact that he is considered a good coach, has he not just confirmed it in terms of titles? It is true that in France, in Paris, in the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain, he has achieved trophies, but the reality is that he has not achieved the great desire, the vital goal: the Champions League.

That PSG is a league or cup champion in French territory is something like expected, which does not create any surprise. Therefore, despite the fact that he has achieved it, the positive clamor about his figure has not been too vibrant since his arrival either. The Dollarpa Cup still does not arrive at the Parc des Princes and the truth is that, therefore, its departure does not present anything new.

After all, he is another coach who leaves having had success in France, but without the dollarpea crown in his possession. More of the same, in short.

At Southampton surely the goal of winning titles would not be vital, paramount and, objectively, fair. But he did make it clear that the good quality management, the privileged vision to detect talent to exploit, were personal weapons that allowed him to make leaps.

At Tottenham, after leaving the first good impressions at the St. Mary's Stadium, held its line. The London club emerged from the darkness in which it lived routinely, became a competitive team and thanks to him players like Harry Kane or Heung-min Son (currently absolute banners of the club) came to stay in the elite as stars.

But both in Southampton and in London the sensations and the base were the same. Very good management, a routine as exciting as it is interesting, fantastic decision-making, but results that were lost on the shore.

Mauricio Pochettino reached the finals, returned Tottenham to Dollarpa, even played the final in 2019 against Liverpool. But their dynamics made waters in the last step. Relevant, important, even positive seasons, but without the icing. The pride for the team was real because the seasons were positive, but the happiness always ended in other neighborhoods.

In France, more of the same, although he has won titles. However, despite that glory in terms of trophies, he has not brought anything new, he has not shone as aspired. Even many point to him more than to his predecessors because he has had one of the most valuable and powerful templates.

What about Pochettino? Is it bad luck or really his apparent good management is not such?

Everything indicates that he is going to be one of the most appetizing coaches this summer, since his departure from the Parisian bench can fill some vacancy of the dollarpeo football that allows him, on the one hand, to recover sensations, and, on the other hand, try to continue covering his great pending issue: the official glory.