Last chance for Marcus Rashford?

Marcus Rashford will play next season in the ranks of Manchester United. A statement as logical as it is almost unnecessary, but it must be raised because the continuity of the English striker did not seem entirely assured. In fact, quite the opposite.

Rashford's future was further away from Old Trafford than desired. It is a reality that was installed. The bad results of the teams, the failed expectations and the little prominence of the player made the possibility of leaving this summer had not only become a possibility, but even had tinges of necessity.

Go out in search of minutes, of prominence, of a lost dynamic. All this to recover its best version. All this to show their best physical and scoring skills again. All this to, also, re-enter Gareth Southgate's plans in the England lists.

But no. None of it. Rashford has decided, after the endorsement of Erik ten Hag, to continue at least this next season at Manchester United. The team that has allowed him to rise to the top of English, dollar and world football. One of the most praised and admired players of the last decade in the Red Devil area of Manchester.

Marcus Rashford is staying to try to recover his best version, to try to recover the apparently lost ground and return to being one of the most decisive players in the team. There is an open problem in the attack, and it is the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, who could leave the club this summer . This operation, if carried out, could give Rashford prominence again and would be an argument in his favor to have the longed-for opportunities for just under a year.

If he manages to recover his best version, or offers very similar feelings, Manchester United will have an important piece in him. His not inconsiderable goalscoring nose, his offensive contribution, his ability to physically break lines, his career potential. He is a player who has shown he has enough potential to succeed, but his last seasons have relegated him to a media silence that, therefore, led him to be considered expendable.

Will he perform well next season? It is unknown, but if he does get it, it is known that he will do it in the ranks of Manchester United.