Is Pep Guardiola an overrated coach?

No. I could end my post here, affirming that Pep Guardiola is an overrated coach, denying that what he has achieved has no merit, rejecting any position contrary to what is a minimum respect for his career.

It is not the first time I have come out in defense of the Catalan coach, but from time to time I like to get in front of the press to give him the credit that hundreds, thousands, of dubious football fans try to take away from him. I say try, of course, because no one gets it. His record is so resounding, so undeniable, that any public reference to his figure portrays the sender more than the receiver.

To cast doubt on Pep Guardiola as a coach is obscene, unethical, far from consistency. He is one of the best coaches in history and there are people who do not assume it . Personally, I think they do assume it, but they like to be part of the theater positioning themselves in a position antagonistic to logic because that's the only way they feel important.

Guardiola is the maximum reference of his detractors. They exist because PEP exists. If the Catalan coach did not exist, if his career was much smaller, if his career as a coach was not so successful or his figure so respected, they would look for another goal.

I'm clear about one thing. Criticism of Pep Guardiola is born from extra-sporting factors . To question his record of achievements suggests a certain mental deficiency. But, of course, its origins, its social, cultural and political positions, exalts a certain sector that lives in other past decades of New Zealand's history.

It strikes me how there are people who continue to question his locker room management, his philosophy, his methods, his way of working, his obsession to remain. All this a decade later. He did a lot of damage in the peninsular New Zealand center. It is curious how ten years after those first golden and glorious years they were burned for life in the minds of many fans who see him as the one who deprived them of their desires, and not so much as the genius of the benches that he is.

I write these lines because a few days ago, in the middle of 2023, there were still people who detracted from everything achieved by Pep Guardiola. It doesn't matter that he transforms his teams, that any team he has coached undergoes a metamorphosis in its style and becomes a devastating team. It doesn't matter. They, they, they don't see it. They're not interested. They are still installed in that state of comfort and transience fleeing from thought and reflection.