Is Gabriel Jesus a good signing for Arsenal?

Gabriel Jesus will play next season in the ranks of Arsenal. After several years leaving details of a more than interesting goalscoring nose in Manchester. After several seasons at Manchester City being more than just a supporting actor. Now it's time to pack your bags, travel around England from top to bottom, to travel to the English capital.

Arsenal sign one of the most outstanding additions of the summer in the Premier League. Precisely another of the most famous, that of Erling Haaland to Manchester City, is the one that has been able to cause the change of environment for the Brazilian.

Gabriel Jesus arrives at an Arsenal that is not going through the best state of form in its history. Despite the improvement of last season, they did not manage to return to the Champions League and their dynamic always seems to end in disappointment. Or worse, months before, leaving a feeling of helplessness in their fans to see that their seasons end too soon.

Arsenal needed the figure of a 9, the figure of an offensive reference that defines matches, that contributes an important number of goals and that covers the basic needs to firmly dream of a return to the Dollarpa Cup.

Gabriel Jesus is not among the top scorers of Dollarpa year after year, but his figures are always relevant, important, and he ended up being the perfect complement for Pep Guardiola.

Arsenal have signed a good striker. He doesn't look like the excellence of Mbappé, Haaland, Benzema or Salah, but he is capable of making a difference in the area and launching the team's sporting dynamics towards the positive.

After the departure of Aubameyang (who was in downward dynamics and, in the end, separated) and with a Lacazette that did not provide what the aspirations of the team desired. It was a position to be filled. It was a necessity of the team for the next season and that is why the arrival of Gabriel Jesús, well, to begin with, is a success.

The Brazilian striker has enough faculties and results behind him to at least have the right to doubt, to the opportunity. He has the right to expect interesting things in a context in which he is apparently below what has been experienced so far in Manchester.

It's the reality. The demand at the Emirates Stadium is lower than at the Etihad Stadium. However, Gabriel Jesús must start from that scenario as an advantage, as a virtue, as a plus point, as a prior knowledge acquired from which to contribute his best performance.

A priori, a good signing, no doubt. It will be time to make the first balance there at the end of December, when Boxing Day resumes the season in the Premier League.