Where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next season?

Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Manchester United this summer . It is a reality that was born at the end of last season, when the club's dollar goal officially and mathematically vanished. But now it could definitely come to fruition.

The bad sporting dynamics of the Old Trafford team seems to have been the main cause of a Cristiano Ronaldo who, at 37 years old (38 next season), would not want to continue exhausting his last years as a professional in a project that does not allow him to be in the big annual objectives.

It's a reality. The Portuguese's patience on the way back from one of his houses has quickly evaporated. Now the news is hot, but it has been raised for a long time.

There are several clubs that sound like possible future destinations and that have been added in recent days, since their departure has become a topical issue.

Bayern Munich 7.00
Chelsea 13.00
PSG 29.00
Sporting Lisbon 13.00
Atlético de Madrid 3.75

Chelsea has gained prominence with a candidacy that was born out of nowhere, that emerged as a mere rumor, and that has become the great focus of the Portuguese's future. The new owners would be looking to make their first big blow, they would be looking to cover the loss of Romelu Lukaku and they reach the figures that Manchester United is asking for.

There seem to be two more economic powers. Both Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich have sounded in recent weeks as candidates to host the Portuguese, but the sensations seem to be far from confidence . At the Allianz Arena they have soon come to the fore to disassociate themselves from these reports, while in Paris the rumor has not had much relevance.

Two market options have emerged in Italy, according to reports. Mourinho's Roma is one of them. The presence of the Portuguese coach, who already coincided with Cristiano in the ranks of Real Madrid, could be key in an operation that would install in the Olympic of Rome one of the great foci of Italian football and dollarpeo.

In the south of the Transalpine country, in Naples, Napoli have also sounded like a possible team interested in acquiring his services . One of the historical rivals of Juventus, where CR7 already played a few years ago, would seek not only to get one of the fittest strikers in the world, but to give a moral blow to their rivals from the north.

Cristiano Ronaldo would have decided to leave Manchester after a disappointing year and London would have become, a priori, the most interesting, viable and serious option to see him in another team next season.