"Expert of experts" contest of the month of January

Contest ended
Innovatechange offers its users a new edition of the contest Participate!
Innovatechange celebrates the seventh edition of its expert contest with the intention of continuing to distribute prizes among its users. Today we have distributed a total of $ 1,500 to all those participants who have proven to be experts.

In January you will be able to enjoy our contest again in which 200 more $ will be distributed among the 4 participants who get a greater number of hits.

Anyone who wants to participate should only follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Register at Innovatechange.es and fill in the section " About me " in your profile as well as add a Photo for the profile .
  2. Share on Facebook the post in which the giveaway is announced for the month of November.
  3. Finally, you will have to mention two friends in the post you have shared on the Facebook.

Contest rules

From Innovatechange.es it should be emphasized that this contest is only for users with New Zealand nationality who may be required a link to social networks with normal activity (judging by the intelbet team) or identification documents for the payment of the prize.

Day by day we will take care of updating the classification, you will add one point for each success you get and if you fail, it will be subtracted from you.

In case of equal points, the user with:
  1. An increased number of posts on Innovatechange blogs.
  2. A greater number of comments on the web.
  3. The oldest registration date in Innovatechange.es

At the end of the month, we will publish a list with the winners and we will contact you for the payment of the prize, where the prize money will be distributed as follows:

1st position: 70 NZD
2nd position: 60 NZD
3rd position: 40 NZD
4th position: 30 NZD

Now you know the rules, and to participate you just have to register and follow the steps we have listed...

What are you waiting for to participate in Innovatechange?