Determination of tennis bets when withdrawals occur

The tennis betting , more and more common, have one peculiarity, which is the withdrawal on numerous occasions of a player. This can affect our forecasts positively or negatively, and therefore we must keep in mind the different rules that each operator has to determine the result of our bet.

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What happens if a tennis player retires in a match

Some require a point to be played, others a set, or others directly cancel the bet unless the entire match has been played. Here we bring you a guide about it. The scenario, a match where we have bet and the player retires.

Let's take an example, a match is played between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is injured and withdraws from the match, and we had bet on Rafael Nadal's victory. The result at the time of his withdrawal is one set to zero (1-0) in favor of the New Zealand, the second set being in play. How will our bet be settled? Will it be a loser, a winner, or nil? Well, this depends on where we have made our forecast.

This type of information is very important for your tennis forecasts, as it can be very advantageous (or harmful) if you are affected by a withdrawal of a tennis player.

3 Types of bookmaker rules

To make it simpler, let's first explain what three options there may be if a player withdraws.

Full match bookmakers

These are the bookmakers that cancel the bet, whatever the moment at which the player withdraws. As its very name indicates, these bookmakers will only pay bets if the match is played in full . If a player is suspended due to injury or abandonment, all bets will be void.

These bookmakers are interesting for making predictions to favorite players, where only an injury would make them lose the match. In that case, your bet would be void and your money will be refunded.

For example, a match between Nadal and Djokovic. If Djokovic retires due to injury, all bets will be void regardless of the number of points or set played.

Set bookmakers

These bookmakers they will void the bet if the withdrawal occurs in the first set of the match . If a set is completed, the bets will be determined based on the player who passes the round. This can benefit you if the tennis player you have bet on is the one who passes the round, since you will win your bet. But if you have bet on the tennis player who has retired and a set has been completed in the match, you will lose your bet.

For your forecasts it is a good option to take advantage of these bookmakers if you have information about physical problems of a player who may retire, especially if he is a player who is a favorite in betting. If a set is completed and withdrawn, you will be able to hit a high odds.

Following the example between Nadal and Djokovic, if you have bet on Rafa Nadal's victory and Djokovic retires due to injury, your bet will be winning as long as at least one set has been played, since it is Nadal the player who passes the round.

Punto bookmakers

This is the most extreme case of the houses of set. The operation is the same, only these one-point bookmakers. they only require one point to be completed in the match to determine the bets . If a point is completed, the winning bets will be those favorable to the player who passes the round. All bets will only be void if a point is not even completed.

The strategy with your forecasts in these bookmakers would be similar although riskier than the bookmakers. They would be recommended to bet on "underdogs" that is, tennis players who are not favorites and whose odds are higher. Especially if you have information that the favorite has an injury or may leave the match.

If in the match between Nadal and Djokovic you had bet that the Serb won the match but retires in the middle of the first set, your bet will be failed.

Now that you are clear about the three types of bookmakers there are in relation to the withdrawals of tennis players, we leave you a table with all the bookmakers and their rules: whether it is a match, set or point house.

Bookmaker Full party house House of Set Knitted house
William Hill






Lucky Nugget




Lonely planet

Royal Vegas

Spin Palace

Raging Bull

Casino Barcelona

Casino Twin






Gaming Club

Pokerstars Sports



Platinum Play



King Billy


Mr Green


Voodoo Dreams


Mummys Gold



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