Tricks to win at roulette

At some point in our lives we have enjoyed a fun game of roulette, either from home winning real money in the best online casinos or in meetings between colleagues or family. One of the doubts that is generated the most is how to win at roulette and if there are tricks to do it. This is exactly what this article will be about.

Basic guide to the operation of Roulette

On a board there are 37 lockers numbered from "0“ to ”36“ that are painted red, black and yellow in the case of ”0".

In addition, there are other quadrants that have other types of bets such as the following: there are three boxes that say “2 to 1” (which tries to bet on the winning number column); 1°, 2° and 3°, which is equivalent to betting on the 12 numbers that are in it (1-12, 13-24, 25-36); a quadrant with a black diamond that refers to that if a number of that color comes out, you win. The same goes for the red locker.

Then, there is an even and an odd quadrant, basically if an even number comes out and you bet even, you win the bet (the same happens if you bet odd) and we have the last two that boxes that are 1-18 (you bet for any of those numbers to come out) and 19-36 (if a number between this strip comes out, you win).

In each game the dealer throws a ball on the moving roulette wheel, after the ball turns several times it will land on one of the roulette squares. The goal of the game is to predict which square the ball will land on among all the betting possibilities that were explained above. In relation to that and delving into what was stated at the beginning of the article, there are some tricks to be able to have greater odds of winning at roulette, but that does not assure you one hundred percent that you will be victorious. You should always play for entertainment, do it responsibly and not just to earn money.

Are there any tricks to win at roulette?

The theory always says that the banker wins and does not fail, but there are certain strategies or game systems that allow players to manage to make money on roulette. Considering that it is a game where chance prevails, it is difficult for everything to work 100%, but the tips and tricks are available to try them and try to add an extra income to the pocket. Of course, let's always remember that it is a game to have fun and do it responsibly and not a way to earn money for our accounts.

Methods and tricks to win playing roulette

Following on from the above, there are several tricks or tips to follow and be able to have greater chances of making money, but they are not one hundred percent safe in a game that depends on chance . Methods, strategies, systems, taking into account mathematics and different bets can positively influence your results or on the contrary, harm your pocket if you do not take it into account. Below a list of tricks or methods to be able to win real money at roulette is as follows:

Try a demo

If this is the first time you are going to play roulette in an online casino for money, you have to take advantage and play the demo for free to familiarize yourself with the table and the mechanics of it. Knowing how the shots are, the bets, the odds and trying out strategies little by little, will allow you to gain knowledge and be able to use different methods to bet and win real money.

Martingale Method

This method consists of betting at 50% by placing bets within the whole game, either on the red or black color. If you lose what was wagered, it is doubled until the money is recovered and in the event that it is won, the sum to be played is reduced. This must be repeated constantly for the bet to be effective.

D'Alembert Method

It consists of adding one unit to the bet after a lost game and subtracting it if we have won. As with the previous method, you have to do it repeatedly to make it work.

Fibonacci Method

It is a mathematical strategy that comes from the hand of a system carried out by an Italian specialist in the field. It is a matter of adding the last two figures to get the next one. For example: if the first is 1 and the second is 4, the third will be 5 (since 1+4 is 5 and so on 4+5=9, if you add 5+9=14 and everything adds up). If we pass it to roulette, it is a risky method, since if you bet on 22 first and then on 6 (if we add up to 28, I would have to bet on 28 on your third hand). But, increasing these figures is a danger to your pocket and it is not advisable to do it if you play it for fun.

James Bond Method

The 007 method consists of playing 200 NZD, but betting 140 of them on the numbers from 19 to 36. Then, bet $50 from the 13th to the 18th and the remaining 10 NZD to cover the 0. It is a risky strategy, since a good hand can give you 160 (if the 0 comes out), only 100 NZD if numbers from 13 to 18 come out or 80 NZD if they come out from 19 to 36. But, you can lose everything if a number comes out between 1 and 12.

Paroli Method

It is the antithesis of the Martingale, as it consists of doubling your bet when you win and returning to the initial bet when you lose. The advisable thing in this case is to set yourself a goal and try to retire after a positive series.

Oscar Grind Method

It is a simple roulette winning method that is also used for real money bets in various online casino games. The system of this method is simple, but to keep the bets small enough so that they can be recovered in a bad streak. Therefore, it is advisable to bet Odd/Even or Red/Black. Another thing that highlights its simplicity is that the bet starts with a single unit, and is not increased until a win and a loss have been obtained consecutively. In that case, it doubles.

Guetting Method

It is based on a strategy implemented by a French mathematician whose name was Charles Guetting (hence the name in his honor) which consists of the following: Single bets, Odd/Even type; Black/Red (like the system explained above) will make players able to have better results. In this method when you lose, you must always lower a bet level. If the negative streak persists, you have to keep lowering levels until you can win a significant amount of real money again that allows you to continue with an increase in bets.

Tips for playing roulette

With an important list of methods and tricks to be able to have better returns in your roulette games, we are going to provide you several tips to enjoy a better and responsible experience playing roulette online with your real money.

100% concentration%

In this case it is a tip more than a trick, but it can allow you to add a little more than usual and win playing roulette with your real money. Being focused on each of the plays that are being made hand after hand and paying attention to the various movements to decipher the moves of your opponents, will allow you to have better control of the table and be able to think better about your next moves.

Set limits

You should never play to only get money without taking into account that it is a game whose main objective is to entertain and amuse people with the seasoning that allows you to earn a little money. If you want to play, set yourself a minimum and maximum limit of bets because playing with uncontrolled puts your economy in danger and that can lead to serious problems.

Gusts come and go

Even if you have been winning on several hands in a row, put on a brake and retire with that win. Because as the positive streaks are, a negative one may come that complicates you and you run the risk of losing all your money because you don't know when to leave.

Choose your moves well

Knowing the long list of plays, methods and game strategies that roulette has, write down the one you like the most and play for yourself. Do not copy risky game systems because you can get the wrong move and lose all your money in a few hands.

Play online roulette with your real money: Pros and Cons

Like everything in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Surely the positive points in this case are more than the negative ones, but the difference lies especially in the fact that the cons are more dangerous, since many lead to addiction, large losses of money and all the economic problems that this generates in the daily life of users. Here is a list of pros and cons of playing online roulette with your real money in New Zealand:


  • Nail exciting experience given the uncertainty of the results due to the great influence that chance has on the game is one of the advantages of roulette.
  • It is a dynamic and entertaining gameplay that keeps you expectant at all times and that allows you a more enjoyable experience.
  • The interesting prizes you can get after an important positive streak it is a positive point that all players usually take into account.
  • Power play from anywhere it is an advantage that online roulette has.
  • Playing for real money allows you to be able to earn more money for your pocket, although it is a double-edged sword.


  • The house edge can become very high as mentioned at the beginning of this article, since the banker usually has a higher winning effectiveness.
  • There was a lot of talk about methods, strategies and game systems to be able to have positive results, but none guarantees you one hundred percent to achieve it and not having that is a disadvantage for every player.
  • In those more extreme cases, the addiction that playing roulette so often can generate is one of the most important disadvantages. If you do not play responsibly, serious health problems such as gambling addiction can appear.
  • There is a great chance that it gets quite personal when one gets too involved in the game.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

🙄 Can these strategies be used in live roulette?

Yes, each strategy has its particularities and that also applies to live roulette. As explained before, these methods will help you improve your results, but it is not 100% certain that it will happen in a game that depends on chance. Thinking mathematically about each movement is the determining factor.

🤔 How do I know if an online casino is safe or not?

First of all, you must have the licenses that are explicit in the Law and that are controlled and issued by the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ) of New Zealand. All the casinos that you will find in the Innovate Change rankings are legal casinos where you can play with total confidence and security.

🤑 A good method does it guarantee you to win at roulette?

Not quite, since they are not foolproof methods. A good use of the various game strategies can keep you away from the most frequent mistakes.

⚖️ Is online roulette legal in New Zealand?

Yes, thanks to Law 13/2011 of May 27 of this year it is legal and safe to enjoy several online games including roulette.

🎲 What is the best strategy for online roulette?

Play responsibly and for fun. Each of the different methods explained in the previous sections may or may not work, it can be applied by all the players at the same table or that each one chooses the one that works best for him, therefore there is no ideal strategy. The advisable thing is to play responsibly and just for fun, since enjoying the experience and knowing when to stop playing will allow you to do it again on another occasion because your money will continue to allow it.

💰 Can you win real money at online roulette?

Yes, but it is not recommended to play solely to earn money. It is not a method of income but a form of entertainment whose incentive to play is to be able to get extra money for your pocket without interfering in your personal and family economy.

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