How to download and use the RETAbet App

Retabet is a bookmaker incorporated in the state of New Zealand, created in 2008 and based in Bilbao, which between gambling halls, premises and physical machines has more than 3000 points of sale to access to make our sports bets. He has sponsored various sports teams, but the most relevant was Bilbao Basket, an ACB team. In addition to sports betting, Retabet also offers casino games and slots.

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How to download the RETAbet App

On the Retabet website we will find a drop-down in the upper left corner that will give several options, in one of the last we will have 'More options‘ and in it we will click on ’RETAbet app', redirecting us to perform the installation of the application.

We have the possibility to download its application on the two most frequent operating systems such as iOS and Android, in the latter case we will have to allow the installation of applications from 'Unknown sources' to run the Retabet apk and have this bookmaker on Android as if it were a conventional application. After these steps we will be able to download Retabet for Android, while on an Apple device (either iPad or iPhone) we will only have to enter the App Store to install the application making sure that we are downloading the correct application.

Downloading the Retabet application on our mobile allows us to bet from anywhere with internet access from our mobile device or tablet. In it we can close bets or configure alerts.

RETAbet App for Android: Download the apk

Entering the website, in the upper left corner, we will find one that will display some options among which we will find ‘More options‘ and there we will enter ’Retabet App', which will take us to install the apk. Android Gaming Club.

Once we have followed these instructions we can download the Retabet application for Android, these steps will be essential if we want to get the Retabet application on our Android since the Play Store blocks gaming applications by company policy.

Application information for Android

Developer RETAbet
Application size 24 MB
Latest version 2.2.12
Can deposits be made? Yes
Can withdrawals be made? Yes
Operating system Android 5.0 and later
License Free

How to download the RETAbet App on your iPhone or iPad

Getting the Retabet app on our iPhone or iPad will be very simple, since we will only have to enter the App Store and search for Retabet app and install it. It is an application that is constantly being optimized, making updates every few months, fixing small errors, as well as improving speed and stability.

It is an app with very marked advantages, such as being able to manage the RETAbet card that we can use in physical premises, being able to use the night mode or a quick fingerprint access.

iOS app information

Developer EKASA
Application size 82.3 MB
Can deposits be made? Yes
Can withdrawals be made? Yes
Latest version 2.0.12
Operating system iOS 12.0 or later
License Free

Android / iOS /Mobile version

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Cashout in the App ✔️ / ✔️ / ✔️

How to bet from the RETAbet App

Retabet is a very intuitive application, we will log in in the upper right corner and on the main page we will find the most outstanding events of the day. At the top of the page we can access the sport that interests us, the events that are live, the Casino and inform us of the available promotions, something always interesting.

At the bottom of the page we will find 'Ticket‘ where our selections will be accumulated, and ’My Bets', section where we can see our pending bets.

In the application we will have the possibility to access Retabet TV, where top-level events such as the dollarpeo basketball or the Italian Serie A are broadcast. Once we have logged in we can make an income in 'Income’ and 'Recharge’

Advantages of the RETAbet application

Install Retabet on our smartphone, something that makes the mobile version difficult. By downloading Retabet for Android we will be able to speed up the realization of our sports bets by skipping the step of entering the browser.

The application gives us the option to follow the broadcast of our bets on a match, such as a top-level tennis match, match of Esports or some of the best football leagues in the world completely free of charge, which is a luxury to be able to follow our bets and enjoy a live event completely free of charge.

The application allows us to manage the balance of our Retabet card that will allow us to make withdrawals at certain ATMs and at physical Retabet locations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the RETAbet app not working?

Retabet tries to improve its application as much as possible, so maintenance tasks are carried out that the application may not be operational for a few minutes in order to offer the best quality, in addition to some connection problem. We also need to make sure that the application has been updated to its latest version.

Is the RETAbet App paid for?

If you have a mobile or tablet and you are of legal age you can download the application without any economic cost and be able to enjoy your bets following the broadcast of the match on Retabet TV.

Which is better: the mobile version or the RETAbet App?

Having the Retabet application on our mobile is an advantage compared to having to access browsing. The login will be much faster by just having to enter our code or fingerprint and will save us the hassle of having to access our browser.

Is it possible to register with RETAbet from your App?

The Retabet mobile application will introduce us to the page with the most outstanding events of the day, so we will only have to log in in the upper right corner to bet on an event, in some cases we will be able to see its broadcast.

How to make deposits with the RETAbet mobile app?

The Retabet application will allow us to manage our income and withdrawals from the Retabet card, in addition to being able to receive a solution to a problem via whatsapp in the ‘Contact’ section. Among the multiple deposit options offered by Retabet is, in addition to debit or credit card methods, Paysafecard, Skrill, Paypal and the already mentioned Retabet card.

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