How to download and use the Bethard App

Bethard was established in a curious way, since it arose from a few professional gamers getting together and is now one of the leading bookmakers in New Zealand. The Bethard mobile application is a great advance when it comes to placing our sports bets, since it adapts perfectly to our mobile and tablet.

Download the App

How to download the Bethard App

Bethard only offers us its download on Android device, so we will have to enter the Bethard website to download it. Google blocks gaming apps so we won't find it on GooglePlay.

We will run the apk. Bethard allowing the installation of 'Unknown Sources'. These steps are essential to installon our phone an application that works very smoothly and visually, in addition to allowing us to bet from anywhere with internet access from our mobile or tablet.

Bethard App for Android: Download the apk

First of all, in order to install the apk on our phone we must accept that unknown sources are installed on our mobile, since Google does not accept game apps.

Once we have entered the Bethard website we will only have to enter the 'Menu' at the bottom left, then in 'App‘ and ’download button for Android'. Once it is installed, all that remains is to run the file.apk, run the installation and we will have this application on our mobile.

How to download the Bethard App on your iPhone or iPad

Currently we cannot find the Bethard application in the AppStore and we will have to resort to the mobile version.

Android / iOS /Mobile version

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Deposit in the App

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How to bet from the Bethard App

After running and installing the apk. on our Android device, we have the option to create an account at the top right, or if we already have an account, log in at the bottom right.

When we have logged into our account, we will only have to travel through the application to form our bets, and in the live section, we will be able to bet on the match data provided by the application.

Once we have our account created, Bethard offers us the ‘Help' section by clicking on 'Menu' (bottom left) which will open a chat window to resolve any questions in less than a minute.

When we want to place a bet, our selections will be accumulated in the ‘Coupon’, at the bottom of the page, becoming combined if we choose two selections. Bethard is a house committed to responsibility in the game limiting the first deposit to 150 NZD until you verify your account, something necessary to make withdrawals.

Advantages of the Bethard Application

Getting the application on our mobile will benefit us if we want to use Bethard, since in addition to sports betting we will be able to access Casino games only in one application. Having the apk on our mobile will cost us less than a minute to start making our sports bets.

The Bethard app is necessary on our mobile since it is an application that offers us advantages when it comes to betting, with functionalities such as ‘Create Bet’ allowing us to make bets tailored to our needs. Also in the ‘Sports' tab where we will enter to place our bets there is a magnifying glass, which will make it much easier for us to find the event we want to bet on, just by typing the name of the team or player we are looking for. Downloading Bethard for Android is a great option to place sports bets.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why is the Bethard app not working?

This App seeks to be constantly improved so maintenance tasks are performed on a regular basis that the application may not be operational for a few minutes, in addition to some connection problem.

We must also check that we are using the latest version of the application.

Is the Bethard App paid for?

If you have a mobile with Android operating system and you are of legal age you can download the application without any economic charge.

Which is better: the mobile version or the Bethard App?

Having the Bethard application on our mobile is an advantage over having to access the browser since the process is much more agile and faster by having to avoid entering your search engine first, your bets will be just a click away.

Is it possible to register in Bethard from your App?

Sure! The Bethard mobile application welcomes us to the page with a “Create Account" sign that will help us register quickly and easily.

How to make deposits with the Bethard mobile app?

The application will make it much easier for us to enter money to bet since among the multiple deposit options offered by Bethard is, in addition to debit or credit card methods, Paysafecard and Trustly.

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