Betfair App: How to download the App on your mobile or tablet

If we have to talk about bookmakers, we can never forget one of the great - Betfair . Official sponsors of numerous football teams and one of the most experienced bookmakers in the sector, could not be left behind with the boom of sports betting through mobile devices. That is why your App is recommended and at the height of its competitors.

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How to download the Betfair Mobile App

It is a very simple application, with an attractive design, and very fluid. All the options available in the bookmaker, we have in the App: deposits, withdrawals, pre-match bets, live, statistics, roulette, cash out, promotions... Navigating between the menus is very simple and fluid (almost more than on the website itself), and they also have their Live Streaming (Betfair TV) to follow the most relevant and interesting matches.

How to download this app in New Zealand? The download of the application (Betfair App) is different if we are from an iOS or an Android device, through the Google Play Store.

We will start from iOS , since it is the simplest. To download the Betfair sports mobile app you just have to search the App Store "Betfair app", and download the official application.

The developer is Betfair itself, and we must make sure to download the official App to prevent fraud.

Once downloaded, we will be able to use it normally and take advantage of all its advantages and functions. This is an application optimized for all iPhone versions, as well as for iPad.

iOS app information

Developer Betfair
Application size 99.5 MB
Can deposits be made? Yes
Can withdrawals be made? Yes
Latest version 6.2.4
Operating system iOS 12.0 or later
License Free

With regard to the devices Android , we must download the application from your website (apk), since due to Google Play Store policies, they do not have sports betting applications available. It is a little hidden, and it is on the Betfair website where the username and password are entered, an icon that says "mobile"

Then you just have to follow the indicated steps to download the Betfair app for Android (apk).

Application information for Android

Developer Betfair
Application size 5.9 MB
Latest version 3.1.0
Can deposits be made? Yes
Can withdrawals be made? Yes
Operating system Android 5.0 and later
License Free

As we already said at the beginning of the post, Betfair App is one of the best sports betting applications. More than 4,500 users have rated this application in the App Store, with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, which is really high (similar to WhatsApp for example). We think it is an almost perfect app, although it lacks something essential: push notifications.

In addition, it offers us two different application modalities to download, we can download both or only the one that best suits our needs: Sportsbook App and Exchange App.

How to bet from the Betfair App

Placing a bet from the Betfair Mobile App is just as simple as doing it from their website.

  1. The first steps will be to download it and login.
  2. Next, you will have to search for the desired event either through the sports menu at the top or at the bottom of the screen. First you will have to access the sport, then the competition or tournament, and finally the event.
  3. Once inside the match, you just have to click on the desired bet, and it will automatically be automatically added to the betting coupon that appears in the upper right corner of the screen as “Receipt”. By clicking on it, we will access the betting coupon.
  4. After accessing the betting coupon, you will have to enter the desired amount to bet in the box, and the potential winnings, the odds, and the amount of the bet will be indicated. To confirm it, you just have to click on the yellow "Place Bets" button. And that's it!

Advantages of the Betfair App

The Betfair Sports App will make our lives more comfortable, allowing us to use it from any mobile device or tablet, wherever we are. In addition, downloading it is completely free.

The Betfair app allows you to place bets on almost all sporting events that are played every day around the world. In it we will be able to enjoy all the content and services available on its website: register, bet, deposit and withdraw, follow live matches, make live bets, etc.

In the Betfair Mobile App we also find some exclusive functionalities and promotions, such as:

  • Betfair Video: Live streaming of thousands of live events. We will be able to follow football, tennis or basketball matches live from our mobile for free through the Betfair App.
  • Cashout: Is the match getting more complicated? From the Betfair Mobile App we can close bets in advance.
  • Information about expert leagues: Betfair experts analyze the main leagues, with recommended bets for them. All that information will be available on the Betfair Blog
  • Special promotions: Superquotes, special bets, bonuses... Numerous special promotions will be waiting for us in the Betfair App.

Why is the Betfair App not working?

If the Betfair App does not work properly for us, it could be due to the following causes:

  • Not having updated to the latest version of the App.
  • Be using an old mobile device that does not support the new version.

Although there are usually no problems in operation, from Innovate Change we recommend keeping the Betfair App always updated and making sure that the mobile device we use can support that version.

Frequently asked questions about the Betfair App

💰 Is the Betfair App paid for?

No, the Betfair App has no cost, downloading it is completely free.

🤓 Is it possible to register with Betfair from your App?

Indeed! In the Betfair App it is possible to find the same services as on their website.

❔ Which is better: the mobile version or the Betfair App?

Either of these two alternatives works properly and will allow us to enjoy everything that this bookmaker can offer us.

⚽ What bets are in the Betfair App?

In the Betfair App we will find many markets and leagues available, as well as on their website.

❓ Why is the Betfair App not available on the Play Store?

Google does not allow applications about sports betting on the Play Store. To download this App from an Android device you will have to do it by going directly to the Betfair website.

😠 What do I do if the Betfair App doesn't work for me?

Although it is usually somewhat unusual, among the main operating errors would be not having updated to the latest version of the App or using an old device that cannot support that version.

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Ines Ledo
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