Blocked account, do not re-verify account, do not accept documents

June 5, 2021, 17:24

I have been trying to re-verify the account for 1 month (it was already verified previously, April 8th, and in fact on April 16th I managed to withdraw NZD 300). Account locked, I can't access. They do not accept any of the different selfies with ID provided via email with the excuse that they do not have sufficient quality (although all the digits in the photos can be clearly read) and when requesting the withdrawal of the balance in the account they ignore the request. They respond every 2-3 days just to say that some of the documents are invalid...

Amount: 190 $
Administrator's comment
Good afternoon.
After asking in what format they needed the ID, and without having to provide new documentation, they informed me that they were reviewing my case, and the next day I received an email notification that everything was correct, account verified (again) and reopened.
Effectively, account unlocked, with the same balance on account, etc.
Thank you.
Antxon P
Complaints manager
Good afternoon. In that case, ask them in what format they need the ID so that they can verify the account and you can make the withdrawal.