They're going to close my account

July 12, 18:29

A few weeks ago there was a problem in my account and money disappeared and they returned it to me but they forced me to make another account with another email and username. Since qje I started using the new payment problems and the last few days there was a delay. And today I receive the following. I have not done anything and the culprits are they can it be solved? By virtue of section 4.4 (b) of our General Conditions, and article 85.4 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, we hereby inform you that, after five (5) days from the date of this communication, your gaming contract will end and, consequently, your user account will be closed permanently. Upon termination of your gaming contract with us, any positive balance in your account will be refunded to you. In addition, any winning bets confirmed before the withdrawal date will be paid to you in accordance with our General Conditions. We will keep your data for the period established by the applicable regulations.

Amount: 260 $
Administrator's comment
We are unable to assist with account closures according to terms and conditions.
And do you know the reason? Because in my case it is very rare that they take money from my account and make me make another one and after two weeks they send me this
Antxon P
Complaints manager
Good afternoon. Your account has been closed according to the terms and conditions, so we cannot help. We can only recommend that you go to another bookmaker.
In the chat they don't tell me anything
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