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The payment methods available at bookmakers are very varied and Paysfecard is one of the most used. With this prepaid card that you will easily find in thousands of stores throughout Dollarpa you can pay online comfortably and safely without the need for a bank account. Discover all the bookmakers with Paysafecard as a payment method to place your sports bets.

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Why use Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prepaid card that allows us to make payments in online establishments.

It is a very convenient and simple to use payment method that allows you to deposit at most sportsbooks or casinos without having to provide bank details.

Paysafecard cards can be purchased in numerous different physical establishments, such as tobacconists, supermarkets or kiosks (on its website it is possible to consult all the points of sale, there are more than 650,000 worldwide).

It is also possible to purchase them in the company's own online store.

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How to create a Paysafecard account?

It is possible to create a Paysafecard account on its official website, this would be your personal online payment account.

You just have to load the 16-digit code into the account and in this way you can always have the balance of your card in sight. You would pay with your username and password, no need to re-enter the code.

Registering with Paysafecard has a number of advantages, such as higher limits ($ 1000), being able to request a prepaid Mastercard, buying Paysafecard cards online, keeping total control of expenses as well as having a summary of the transactions made.

You will only need an email to create an account.

How to make a deposit with Paysafecard?

Making a deposit at any of the bookmakers that accept Paysafecard as an enabled payment method is very simple.

You just have to log in to your user account and go to the Deposits section, where you will have to choose the deposit using this payment method and enter the desired amount.

The Paysafecard you have purchased (of the value between $ 10 and $ 50) will include a 16-digit pin which must be entered in the corresponding section of the bookmaker to make the payment.

It is not essential to use the entire balance of the credit card, in addition, the maximum amount for each payment is currently $ 50. For example, if you have purchased a $50 card, you can spend $25 on one deposit and another $25 on another.

You should also keep in mind that you can accumulate several cards. If for example you want to deposit $200 at an online bookmaker, you can buy 4 cards worth $50 and make a deposit with each of them.

The balance does not expire, although from the seventh month a maintenance fee of $3 per month applies, which will be deducted from the balance of your Paysafecard.

Making a deposit with Paysafecard step by step

First you need to make sure that the bookmaker has Paysafecard available as a payment method, although there are more and more bookmakers with Paysafecard available to make transactions.

Making an income through Paysafecard at bookmakers is very simple, you just have to follow these instructions and do it through your registered Paysafecard account:

1. Log in to your user account and go to the deposits section. Select Paysafecard from the list of available payment methods.

2. Enter the amount we want to enter and confirm it.

3. Enter the 16-digit PIN, accept the Terms and Conditions and accept the payment.

4. The transaction will be processed immediately, there are no commissions, and the balance will appear in your game account.

How to make a withdrawal?

Paysafecard is a prepaid card, so you will not be able to withdraw funds from your user account through this means of payment.

Therefore, you will have to make the withdrawal through another payment method indicated by the bookmaker, which is usually a bank transfer.

Security and legality

Paysafecard is a very secure payment method for making purchases and deposits online. It is paid as if it were with cash, since it is not necessary to indicate your personal data or your bank account information.

Currently, due to changes in the anti-money laundering directives of the Dollarpeo Parliament, the amount of $50 has been set as a limit for each payment, although you can buy several cards if you want to deposit more than $50.

To operate safely, you just have to enter the PIN in authorized establishments, and in the case of loss, theft or any other type of suspicious activity it is possible to request the blocking of the PIN at any time of the day, protecting the balance from any unwanted attack.

Paysafecard customer service

Although it is a very simple and secure payment method, problems may arise. For example, you may lose your ticket or have it stolen. What to do in that case?

The most important thing is that you can block the card code or codes, but in case you need help, a customer service team is at your disposal.

First of all, on their own website there is a selection of help with frequently asked questions that may be able to help you. If this is not the case, you must use the contact form by selecting the options where you need help.

Finally, they also have a telephone, although it will not always be available in New Zealand since it is a foreign line (which may also have an additional cost).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paysafecard

It is not necessary to provide bank information or personal data Does not allow withdrawals
Payment method enabled in most bookmakers Maintenance fee from the 7th month
Instant payments Limited to $50 for each payment
It is not necessary to use the entire balance at once

Conclusion about Paysafecard

In short, we can affirm that Paysafecard is a totally safe and comfortable payment method, although it has its complications.

It is recommended only for those cases where you are going to make small deposits, since the limits of this payment method are low and it can be difficult to acquire numerous cards in establishments. If you want to create an online account in this payment method, it would be more comfortable to do it already in another electronic wallet such as Skrill or Neteller that also has less commissions and belongs to the same business group.

You should also keep in mind that the withdrawal will have to be made by bank transfer, so sooner or later you will have to give your bank details to the bookmaker (where they will be totally safe).

Therefore, this means of payment can be an interesting option at some specific moment (few transactions or low amounts) but we think it may be more useful to create an account in another electronic wallet or opt for another payment method if you want to make transactions regularly or with higher amounts.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

🔐 Is it safe to pay with Paysafecard?

Of course, Paysafecard is a prepaid card that works like cash to make online payments. Using it, it is not necessary to indicate your bank details in internet transactions.

❓ Does Bet365 accept Paysafecard?

Yes, Paysafecard is one of the many payment methods available at this bookmaker.

💰 Is there any kind of commission?

No, purchases or deposits with Paysafecard do not have any type of commission. A maintenance fee is only applied to the card after the 7th month if it has a balance and it has not been used in full.

🥱 Is the deposit process with Paysafecard long?

Making a deposit with Paysafecard is very fast and very simple. It won't take us more than a few minutes.

🤑 Can I take advantage of the bonuses if I pay with Paysafecard?

Some bonuses cannot be used if the deposit method is in Paysafecard, however this does not happen in all cases so we always recommend taking a look at the bonus Terms and Conditions to make sure.

🤔 Do I have to register with Paysafecard?

Yes, to make the payment it is necessary to be registered and do it from your Paysafecard account.

❔ Which bookmakers accept Paysafecard?

There are many bookmakers with Paysafecard as a means of payment. Here are some of them: ChristChurch, Betsson, Bethard, Lucky Nugget, Wheelz, Bet365, William Hill, Rizk, RiverBelle or Spin Palace.

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