Online Ice Hockey Betting and Odds

Despite the fact that Ice Hockey is most popular in the eastern Dollarpa countries (mainly Russia), Canada and the USA; in New Zealand it is gaining adherents by leaps and bounds.

Nowadays all New Zealand bookmakers offer Ice Hockey betting, although the differences can be noticeable between them. Quotas, markets, services such as Streaming...

Each house has its own resources and offer, and therefore it is not an easy task to find the right bookmaker to make your Ice Hockey predictions. We will help you choose and identify the one that best suits your needs.

TOP 44 bookmakers with ice hockey

Bookmaker License View
6-11/GNNO 461246NSGR
45-11/GA/ A98123060/SGR
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Ice Hockey Betting - Detailed guide

Ice Hockey betting is available from all licensed bookmakers in New Zealand. It is a very popular sport in the sector and therefore all have incorporated it into their offer.

However, there are a number of factors that you should take into account before placing your bets, related both to the bookmakers themselves and to the sport. The rules, strategies, markets, live betting, types of bets...

At Innovate Change we will help you with a complete guide to understand everything about both ice hockey betting and this sport, as well as some tips and strategies to choose the best forecasts.

Types of bets on ice hockey

This is one of the sports with the most markets in the bookmakers. In competitions such as the NHL we can find more than 200 different types of bets. Below we leave you the most relevant ones.

  • Match winner : You will be betting on the team that gets the win, overtime included. There is another type of bet that is the winner - 3 options, where the tie option is also contemplated and they are bets at regular time.
  • Match total : Bets on the total number of goals scored in the match between the two teams, only in regulation time (extra time not included). In this sense, you can also find bets on totals of each particular team.
  • Handicap - They can be positive or negative, and are goals that are added or subtracted from the final result. For example, a -1.5 handicap of the home team means that they must win by two or more goals to get your bet right. A +1.5 handicap indicates that they can win, draw and even lose by a goal to get your bet right.
  • Betting on periods - It is possible to bet individually on each period of the match. Either total goals, handicaps or winner of the same.
  • Correct marker: Here you will be betting on the correct result when regulation time ends. The odds are high, but they are also more difficult forecasts to get right.
  • Combined bets - It's about combining several bets from different matches, thus creating a combined bet with a much higher odds. To win, you will have to match all the selected bets.

Rules of ice hockey

As in all sports, it is very important to know the rules before betting and choosing the forecasts. Ice hockey has some peculiarities that you should take into account.

Ice hockey is a sport played between two teams with 6 players each of them: 5 field and a goalkeeper. The parties are divided into three 20-minute periods each, making a total of 60 minutes.

In the event of a tie in regulation time, there will be a extra time of 5 minutes in which the team that scores a goal will win. In case of a tie again, there will be penalties.

Games can have interruptions (fouls, puck going out of bounds, goals) and the referee's clock only runs when the puck is in play.

The lack the most common are offside (a player enters the attack zone before the puck) and icing (a team throws the puck from one half of the court to the bottom of it).

The penalties they are of several types: penalties, which entail a two-minute expulsion in favor of the player who committed the infraction, minor penalty (two-minute expulsion) and major penalty (five-minute expulsion).

As a curiosity, in the NHL and other American leagues there is a certain permissiveness in individual fights, letting the players fight until one falls to the ground and always without the protections (stick, gloves).

Major ice hockey tournaments

There are major ice hockey tournaments at both club and national team levels. Even in New Zealand there is a semi-professional league. Do you want to know which ones are the most important?


In national team tournaments, the most important is the World Ice Hockey Championship, held annually.

We should mention that the Ice Hockey World Cup is held at the Winter Olympic Games in the years that coincide (every 4). Therefore, both tournaments (World Cup and Olympic Games) are unified.

This tournament has the drawback that it coincides in dates with the final stages of the American NHL, so there are players who cannot attend the tournament, in addition to having few American fans who prefer to enjoy the NHL.

Canadá and Russia they are the countries that have the most World Championship medals, with 27 gold. They are followed by the Czech Republic with 12 and Sweden with 11.

Olympic Games

Ice hockey has been part of the Olympic games since 1920, which as we say are unified with the World Cup.

It is a tournament dominated by Canadá and Russia , with 9 gold medals each (although Russia has inherited the medals from the former Soviet Union).


As far as club tournaments are concerned, the most popular worldwide is the NHL (National Hockey League), in which teams from the United States and Canada play.

A regular phase is played, followed by some eliminations (playoffs) to finally play a final to 7 games between the two best teams. Those two teams are contesting the finals to win the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious title in this sport.

The team with the most titles is the Montreal Canadiens , with 24. The current champions are the Tampa Bay Lightning.

National dollarpean championships

The NHL is followed by the KHL, made up of teams from mostly Russia, but also from countries such as Belarus, Latvia, Finland, Kazakhstan and even China. After the playoff stage, the two finalists play 7 matches to win the Gagarin Cup.

In a lower echelon are already the local leagues of other dollarpeos countries. In New Zealand, it is a semi-professional league (New Zealand Ice Hockey Superliga). There is also the Champions League, contested by dollarpeos teams although without representation of KHL teams.

The best odds for ice hockey

This sport is available at all bookmakers. Therefore, competitive odds can make all the difference when choosing which betting website to use for your ice hockey predictions.

But how to find out which bookmaker has the best odds? Very easy, we are going to analyze an NHL match and show you the best odds among all the licensed bookmakers in New Zealand.

We will use as an example a match between Tampa Bay Lighting and Washington Capitals, with the markets a match winner in regulation time.

Bookmaker Tampa Bay Lighting Draw Washington Capitals
Bet365 2.08 4.25 2.80
MrGreen 2.10 4.40 2.85
1xBet 2.10 4.40 2.82
Spin Palace 2.18 4.60 3.06
Rizk 2.05 4.35 2.95
William Hill 2.05 4.50 2.62
Wildz 2.08 4.10 2.81
RETAbet 2.06 4.22 2.76
Paf 2.10 4.40 2.85
Royal Vegas 2.05 4.35 2.95
Bet365 2.10 4.25 2.80

As we see in the analysis, it is Spin Palace the bookmaker that offers the best odds. In some matches, it even offers its product '0% margin', ensuring the most competitive odds.

On the other hand, we see that Rizk, Mr Green, William Hill, 1xBet, Paf and Royal Vegas offer the best odds for any of the three markets, maintaining competitive odds in the other options.

Analysis on bookmakers with ice hockey

Among all the bookmakers that offer ice hockey, it is not easy to choose the best or the best. However, there are some features that can help you make your decision, depending on the products or markets offered. Below we leave you 5 options that will not disappoint you.

Bookmaker TOP Advantage

Long-term and live special bets

The best odds

Betting and special markets

Live streaming

Very competitive betting offer and live streaming


Bet365 offers a wide range of markets available for ice hockey matches, as well as numerous leagues from various countries around the world. In addition, their offer of long-term bets it is very complete, and has a good service of live betting for ice hockey.

In addition to all this, its other services such as various payment methods (including Bizum) or excellent customer service are added.

Spin Palace

As we have seen, Spin Palace is the bookmaker with best odds of ice hockey, so it is a highly recommended option. In addition, its offer of events and leagues is huge, as well as markets (more than 250 for an NHL game).

As if all this were not enough, it also offers Cashout, 0% margin on some ice hockey matches, and numerous payment methods (including Apple Pay).


RiverBelle has an excellent offer of matches and leagues, as well as special long-term bets and live bets.

But what really characterizes this bookmaker is its excellent offer of market special for big ice hockey matches: daily special bets, combined, player specials or match specials (such as shots on goal or team that wins the first head-to-head Face-off).

In addition, you can enjoy its mobile App, Cashout for your bets, and a betting website of the most complete there is.

Gaming Club

This bookmaker is characterized by being one of the few that has Streaming in direct to watch ice hockey games on video. The offer of Streaming matches is scarce, but it has important leagues such as the NHL.

In the same way, it offers Cashout and a fantastic mobile App to enjoy your ice hockey forecasts.


Despite the fact that its odds are not the most competitive, Bet365 stands out for offering one of the more complete match and league offers , in addition to a Streaming service that will allow you to follow your favorite ice hockey games live, including major leagues such as the NHL.

It also offers one of the best mobile apps in the sector, numerous payment methods, Cashout, and much more.

How to win at ice hockey betting?

As it happens in all sports, it is not easy to win in sports betting, but here are some tips that will surely be of great help to you.

Know the rules of the game and bets

In ice hockey there can be confusion with the markets, for example the winner of a match in regulation time (three options, including a draw) or the winner of a match or “Money Line”, which includes overtime and possible penalties (two options).

In the same way, you must know the rules of the game to understand what we are betting on is basic for all bets and sports.

Information and statistics

They are two of the basic pillars of any forecast. The first, all the information surrounding the match and players: injuries, rotations, physical or mental state, characteristics of the court, fan support... Any aspect that may influence the development of the match and the final result.

The second, are the statistics, which will undoubtedly be of great support to you to check the performance of each team and players. Their last matches, previous clashes between the two, home and away matches, etc.

Control the stake and bankroll

Never bet more than you can afford to lose, is the first rule. In relation to this, it will be important that you have decided how much you are going to bet on each forecast (stake), and adapt it to the total money you have to bet (bankroll).

Ideally, your bets should not be of an amount (stake) greater than 5% of the total money you have in the bookmaker (bankroll).

Choosing the best quota

A difference in odds, even minimal, can make the difference between winning or losing in the long run. Therefore, always make sure to compare and choose the best odds from all bookmakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

🏑 How long is an ice hockey game?

60 minutes, divided into 3 parts or 20-minute periods. In case of a tie, there will be an extra 5 minutes of extra time.

🏒 How many parts does an ice hockey game have?

It has three periods or parts, of 20 minutes each.

❓ What is the name of the ice hockey ball?

It's called Puck, also known as disco in New Zealand.

🕥 Can you bet on ice hockey live?

Of course, yes, in all bookmakers.

📈 What is the best strategy to bet on ice hockey online?

The best strategy will depend on the match in question. The most important thing is to collect as much information as possible and choose the best quota.

🤔 What are the most common types of online ice hockey bets?

Winner of the match (Money Line), total goals, handicaps and combined bets.

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