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In this article we will help you to be informed in order to place squash sports bets. To do this, we will talk about what squash is, its rules, how it is played and which are the main bookmakers in New Zealand, as well as the main markets.

It is one of the many minority sports, so from Innovate Change we want to help you so that you have the necessary knowledge to bet on squash matches.

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What sport is squash?

Squash is a sport that is played individually, and that pits one player against another. It is played on a closed court, with a front to which the ball has to be thrown using a racket, which is somewhat longer than that of tennis, without having previously given two pots. The front has a lower limit, the plate, and an upper one, and the ball has to hit between both.

The entire rear wall and the side walls up to the top line can be used. Matches are played in the best of five sets, and each set is won by getting eleven points. In case of a tie to ten the set will be won by the one who gets two points ahead.


It should be noted that there are two ways to score in squash.

1 - Only the one who draws can add the point. The one who subtracts, when he makes the goal, recovers the serve, and once he serves he can add the point.

2 - The point is added by the one who makes the score, regardless of whether he has taken out or subtracted. The one who manages to score the most is the one who takes the next one. This way of scoring is currently being imposed because it is considered faster and more dynamic.

How to place bets on Squash

To place Squash bets at any New Zealand bookmaker, the first thing we need to do is register with the selected operator and make a deposit. Then you just have to access the sports menu and go to the Squash section, where we can find all the bets and matches available. There are also some aspects to take into account.

Users must understand the rules of the game

As in any sport, it is essential that users understand the rules of the game. Thus, they can choose what type of bets to place (winner, number of points and/ or games, etc.) and they will know what differences there are between taking out and subtracting.

At the same time, it is also important to know what kind of scoring method is chosen in the match or competition in which the money is going to be bet. Specifically in Squash, we must understand how the game works, the squash scoring rules, and what happens in case of a tie (tie-break with a difference of two points), as well as the set scores.

It is important to choose the right bookmaker

When making a squash bet, the first thing we must do is choose a bookmaker that offers the possibility of betting on squash, since not all of them include it among the sports they offer. In turn, among those that have squash bets we must compare the markets offered by each one.

With this, and depending on which markets interest us the most, the odds, whether they offer live betting, whether or not they broadcast the matches in streaming, we will choose the bookmaker that best suits our needs as users.

Rules of squash

Every person who makes squash sports bets should know the rules of this sport. In the first place, and as we have indicated, that matches are played in best-of-five sets . Therefore, the player who gets three sets wins. And each set is awarded to the player who reaches eleven points before. In the event of a tie of ten, the winner will be the one who first achieves a two-point advantage.

The take it is performed by the winner of the last goal, and it has to be taken from one of the two small squares, having at least one foot inside the box, without bouncing and the ball has to hit the front above the line that is at half height and the top line. It has to be taken crossed, that is, if it is taken out of the small left box the ball must bounce in the big right box, and vice versa.

After the serve, the only requirement is that the ball can only give a pot and that it has to hit the front above the plate or lower line and below the upper line. On the side walls can not give above the top line. In addition, if the ball touches any line or sheet it is considered a foul and both for the opposite.

The arbitrator the squash court determines who the goal is for and can grant let if it considers that a player does not go for the ball because he does not injure the opponent or when a player obstructs the opponent when he has the option of reaching the ball. The let it is the repetition of the point. If he considers that the interference is minimal or that he had no option to reach the ball, he will award the point to the player who had achieved it.

Bookmakers also have their own rules for Squash betting, available in the 'Squash - Rules' section.

Tips for betting on Squash

Squash betting is similar to tennis betting in that matches are played in sets. Being an individual sport, an essential factor that must be mastered is that of the statistics . In this way we will have very valuable information: when the players arrive, if they have won the last matches or not and with what difference, how many sets and points they average, etc.

In turn, knowing the physical state of a player before the match it is vital, since it can determine the future of the match and be a key element when deciding our bet. In this aspect we must know if he arrives with discomfort, if he has been stopped for a long time, if he has had any problems, if he is fatigued due to the large load of matches that he accumulates, etc. With this, and with his level, we will be able to know how he faces a match.

But, as in any sport, it is also important to know the background between the players that they face. It may happen that, although one is better than another or they are very similar, one has the measure taken or that in the last confrontations the same has always emerged victorious. Another possibility is that their clashes are so even that in most there are four or five sets, so when betting we should take it into account.

What types of bets are available?

In this section we will inform you about the most common markets offered by squash bookmakers in the matches. Being a minority sport and without as much follow-up as football, basketball, tennis, cycling or motor sports, among others, the markets are not as numerous.

Match winner

In this market we can only choose who wins the match. Since the tie cannot be given, there are only two options.


With handicaps we can choose the difference with which a player wins. It can be handicap to sets or to total games in the match. That is, if we believe that he will win with more than a set difference (3-0 or 3-1) we will choose the -1.5 handicap; if we predict that he will do so by getting a minimum of 6 points more than his rival, the chosen handicap will be -5.5.

Total points

In squash, as in tennis, we can predict how many points there will be in the aggregate of the match.

Total points of each player

In this case, we bet on how many points a player will get. If we think that the winner will come out, we will have to bet on a high number of points, and vice versa.

Total points in each set

Just as we can bet on the total points in the match, we can also bet on how many points there will be in each game.

Handicaps of each set

In this market we will bet on the difference with which a player will win a set. So, if we think he will do it by at least four points of difference, we will bet on handicap -3,5. We can also bet on handicap +3.5 if we think that he will not lose by more than three points.

Correct marker

It is the market that offers the highest odds, since in addition to betting on the winner we must guess the result. Thus, the chances are six: 3-0, 3-1 and 3-2 for the victory of each player.

Combined Bets or "Create Bet”

In this section, several bets on the same match can be combined. Thus, you can combine the winner of the match with the number of total points, the winner of a game or set with the number of points from that set, etc.

Before making this type of squash bets you should make sure that the bookmaker gives the option, since not all operators offer this possibility and the options may also be different between bookmakers.

Betting strategies for squash

The strategy to follow when betting on squash matches should be set by our objectives. Once we have determined the goal we want to achieve, we will establish the path for it. In this sense, information will be an essential element.

With the previous statistics, the physical condition of the players and the background between the two we will be able to decide which markets we bet on in each match. But we will not always make the same decisions, as we also we will depend on the odds set by the bookmakers .

For example, there may be a player who is physically touched or with more load of matches, so he will not be at the same level as his opponent. In such cases, it may be interesting to bet against it. The same happens for example with acclimatization to the country, type of track, temperature, or other factors surrounding the match.

It should also be taken into account whether each player is right-handed or left-handed , because depending on your situation on the track or your rival can be an advantage or disadvantage.

Thus, in squash matches we will have to bet on those markets where the odds are interesting depending on the probabilities that we believe there are for our forecasts to be fulfilled.

How to choose the best bookmaker to bet on Squash

When choosing the right bookmaker for Squash it is important to take into account some important factors. The first thing is to make sure that you have a license in New Zealand - all the ones you see here have it.

On the other hand, we must choose the features that interest us the most: if they have a mobile App, what payment methods they have available, if they have a variety of markets, the quality of their odds, the offer of competitions and matches, as well as live squash betting. Below we leave you three options that are a safe bet to make your Squash predictions.

Bookmaker Advantage

The one that offers the most Squash markets

Live Squash streaming

Live Squash betting

William Hill

After analyzing all the licensed bookmakers in New Zealand that offer Squash betting, it is noted that William Hil is the one that offers the most markets.

In most cases we only find bets on the winner of the match, and sometimes also total points or handicaps. But William Hill also offers varied bets on each game, as well as more handicap options.

To this good offer of markets are added their good betting services: an excellent mobile App, numerous payment methods, Cashout, competitive odds, etc.


Bet365 offers a competitive Squash betting offer. It offers quite a few matches and competitions to bet on, as well as markets for both the winner of the match, total points and handicaps.

The main feature of Bet365 is to be the only bookmaker where you can follow the matches live by Streaming, since it is the only betting website that offers it for this sport. Logically, this means that you will also have at your disposal a good offer of live Squash betting.

Its complementary services are also excellent: Cashout, one of the best mobile Apps in the sector, many payment methods, etc.


Bet365 offers a good Squash betting service due to the variety of matches and competitions, but it also has live Squash betting, something that not all gambling operators offer.

In addition, it has very interesting services such as complete and excellent Customer Service, numerous payment methods (including Bizum), and quality fees.

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