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The Giro d'Italia is one of the great cycling events. Do you want to know where to bet and how to choose the best bets? Here we show you everything you need for your forecasts for the Giro d'Italia 2024.

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History of the Giro d'Italia

The Giro d'Italia is one of the most important cycling competitions of the season, as well as enjoying high popularity among fans.

Its origin it dates back to 1909 , created by the hand of the sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sports, following the model and example of the Tour de France. The first Giro was held in Milan, with 8 stages and 2448 kilometers in total .

Italian cyclists have been the great dominators of this competition, especially in the early years of its creation and until 1950 when Hugo Koblet became the first foreign cyclist to win the Giro d'Italia. However, the dominance of Italian cyclists remained until the decade of the 2010s, when only Vicenzo Nibali managed to prevail in the Giro in 2016 and 2013, together with Michele Scarponi in 2011.

In 1988 the Giro d'Italia for Women was also created , being one of the most important races in women's cycling (and the only one lasting longer than a week).

Bets on the Giro d'Italia 2024

As it is one of the most important cycling races of the season (and the first of the year), it arouses great interest in sports betting. Bookmakers know this and offer a wide variety of markets and bets available both for each particular stage, and for the final standings.

This year the favorite is the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz , followed by the British Simon Yates who already made the podium in the last edition of 2020.

Among the New Zealand cyclists which are also found among the favorites are Mikel Landa and Miguel Angel Lopez , although they will not be the only ones. Popular cyclists such as Pello Bilbao or Alejandro Valverde , among others.

Richard Carapaz 2.50
Simon Yates 4.00
Joao Almeida 11.00
Mikel Landa 12.00
Miguel Angel Lopez 13.00
Romain Bardet 15.00
Tom Dumoulin 17.00
Wilco Kelderman 21.00
Pello Bilbao 29.00

Giro d'Italia 2024 - Stages and route

The Giro d'Italia consists of a total route of 3410 kilometers and more than 50,500 meters of altitude , starting in Hungary and ending in Verona. The total number of stages will be 21 .

Starts in Budapest on May 6th , and will continue for three stages in Hungary until in stage 4 it passes to Italian soil, starting in Sicily, on May 10.

Since then, there will be a combination of unevenness, high mountain and sprint stages crossing the country to the northern area, up on May 29th which will be the final stage in Verona , with a time trial of 17 kilometers and that will determine who will be the final winner of the Giro d'Italia 2023.

There will be a total of 7 flat stages, 6 mountain, 6 hill, and 2 sprints. The route will be intense, varied and challenging, with climbs to Etna, Marmolada and Blockhaus.

The most important stage we can affirm that it will be the one of the penultimate day on May 28, the 20th stage in Belluno-Marmolada. A very demanding route with 5 stars even though it only has 167 kilometers, but with a spectacular climb in the Dolomites reaching the highest point of the Giro, at 2239 meters in the Passo Pordoi.

Odds markets for the Giro Italia

The Giro d'Italia is one of the cycling competitions that offers the most markets . Not only to the winner of the Giro, but also to each stage, cyclist positions, comparisons, team classifications, and much more. Here we leave you the main markets for cycling betting fans.

Bets on the final winner

Logically they are the main bets, on the final winner of the Giro d'Italia. These are bets that can be made at any time of the Giro, although the odds will change depending on the results of each stage and the classification.

Bets on stage winner

Related to the other market, although in this case it is bet only on the winner of each stage. These markets are available in each of the stages of the Giro, and they are of special interest since there are stages where some cyclists will feel more comfortable than in others.

Bets on the podium

It is possible to bet on which cyclists will finish the Giro d'Italia on the podium (in the top 3). Quotas of all cyclists are offered, Yes/No option on whether they will finish on the final podium.

First 10 finalists

In addition to betting on the TOP3, it is also possible to bet on the TOP10 of the Spin. With 115 participants in total, it is not easy to get into the top 10. These bets are determined on the final standings of the Spin.


They are quite popular bets, consisting of a comparison between two cyclists, and are available both on each stage and in the overall final standings. To get your bet right, you will only need that the cyclist you are betting on is above his rival in the final stage or classification (depending on the betting market).

Winner by points

It is another interesting market, where you bet on the winner of the points classification, where all those obtained in each stage are added up. It has nothing to do with the final classification where the cyclist with the fastest time wins, and the odds are very different, since here the position of arrival at the finish line in each stage counts.

Team winner

In this market, bets are placed on the team that will win the Giro, in which all its participants are integrated and a classification is formed independent of the general one. It is counted by making the sum of the first three classified of each team and in each stage. The team with the shortest time at the end of the Giro will be the winner.

King of the Mountain

Among other classifications, it is worth mentioning the king of the mountain, who is the cyclist with the most total points when passing the summits of the mountain passes of the entire Giro.

Classification of young cyclists

It is another of the most relevant markets, and it simply consists of betting on the cyclist under the age of 25 who finishes better classified in the general.

Tips for betting on the Giro d'Italia

The Giro d'Italia, like any other cycling and sports competition, requires certain knowledge and aspects that must be applied when making bets. Here are some that will undoubtedly help you choose your forecasts for the Giro better, with a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Information, information, and more information

Before the Turn, it is convenient gather as much information as possible about the race, cyclists and teams . Who will best adapt to each stage, where they will attack, where they will suffer, how they arrive physically...

And if your bets will be on other markets such as the king of the mountain, young cyclist, comparisons, or team classification, you should check everything that surrounds each market.

Step 2: Choosing the best bookmaker

Once you have a general idea of the Spin and your predictions, it's time to choose the bookmaker or bookmakers that you will use.

You must review some things like the number of available markets (some only have bets on the final winner), the possibility of making Cashout during the Spin in case you want to close your bets early, or the option to bet live if you have in mind to bet live during the stages.

Step 3: Choosing the best quota

You have already decided on your forecast and created account at bookmakers, now the last step remains - to choose the best odds. For this you must compare between bookmakers , in order to try to catch the best possible odds for your forecast. There can be big differences between each bookmaker, and they will directly affect your potential winnings if you get it right.

So spend a few minutes checking all the bookmakers and odds for your forecast, and if necessary, create an account at the bookmaker solely to bet on the best possible odds.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

📆 When does the Giro d'Italia start?

The 2024 Giro d'Italia starts on May 6.

🚵♀️ How many stages does the Giro d'Italia have?

A total of 21 stages.

🤔 How many kilometers are covered in the Giro d'Italia?

The total route in the 2024 Giro will be 3410 kilometers.

🚴♂️ Which cyclist won the previous edition of the Giro d'Italia?

In 2021 the winner was Ecuadorian Egan Bernal.

🥇 Who holds the record for the most wins?

The cyclists who have won the Giro d'Italia the most times are Alfredo Binga, Fausto Coppi and Eddy Merckx, all of them with 5 victories.

🏆 How are the Giro d'Italia winners determined?

It is done by adding the times they are getting in each stage, counting the bonuses in each of them (-10 points to the winner, -6 to the second, -4 to the third).

❓ How do the teams score in the Giro d'Italia?

The team classification is made with the sum of the first three classified of each team and in each stage. The team with the shortest time at the end of the Giro will be the winner.

📺 Where can I watch the Giro d'Italia?

The 2024 Giro can be followed from New Zealand via Dollarsport.

💰 What is the prize of the Giro d'Italia 2023?

A total of $1,500,000 is distributed, and the final winner of the Spin will get $115,668.

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