Oscars 2024 betting - Predictions, favorites and odds

The Academy Awards are the most important awards in the world of cinema. Do you want to bet on the Oscars 2024? Here you can see a complete list of bookmakers that offer odds on prizes.

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The Academy Awards arouse great interest among film fans, but also among sports betting fans. Bookmakers offer a wide range of markets for betting on prizes, we'll tell you about it here!

Betting comparator Academy Awards 2024

The 2024 Oscar ceremony will be the 94th edition and will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood (Los Angeles) on March 27, 2024.

There are five general categories to which you can also bet on the winner, which are as follows.

Best film

Bets on the most important award of the ceremony, which is given to the one chosen as the best film of the year.

Best director

It is usually closely related to the best film award, as it is given to the best director of the year.

Best actor in a leading role

This award is based solely on the performance of the actor in question, so they are not so tied to the film or director.

Best actress in a leading role

It is an identical award to the previous one, only it is aimed at the best actress of the year.

Best original screenplay

This award is given to screenwriters and writers who perform a good role and original script, without using foreign materials or already published as books or plays.

We also find bets on other specific categories, such as best supporting actor or actress, best animated feature film, best documentary, etc.

Bets on Best Film

Among the favorite movies we find Netflix productions as well as other more classic ones. Below we leave you the ones with the most options to win the best film award.


There is nothing better than a story about Hollywood to succeed in Hollywood. The Kenneth Branagh-directed film has already taken the Audience Award from the Toronto Festival, which is usually a good indication of favoritism at the Oscars. This is a film that according to all experts will be one of the best of the year 2024.

West Side Story

One of the most legendary Hollywood musicals with Steven Spielberg at the helm. West Side Story has all the ingredients to succeed at the 2024 Oscars.

Licorice Pizza

One of the best directors of recent times such as Paul Thomas returns to the big screen with Licorice Pizza. A film that has not yet appeared in any festival but that will surely give a lot to talk about.

The Power of the Dog

Based on the novel by Thomas Savage and from the hand of Netflix, this film by director Jane Campion arrives. With Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist, he undoubtedly has more than enough ballots to succeed.


Adapted from the novel by Frank Herbert, it has not triumphed in the cinemas what was expected. However, Denis Villeneuve's film is among the favorites, although according to experts his options are not very high.

King Richard

The presence of Will Smith is always synonymous with success, even more so if it is a film based on a true story of the American dream, such as that of the Williams tennis players. This movie directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green is one of the favorites without a doubt.

Don't look up

Another Netflix blockbuster with a luxury cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill... Directed by Adam McKay, it has been one of Netflix's bombshells in 2024.


Directed by Sian Heder, this drama tells a moving story from the point of view of a deaf family. This is a remake of 'The Bélier Family'.

No time to die

25th installment in the acclaimed James Bond film saga, with Daniel Craig in his final starring performance. Although it seems that the super spy movies are fading over time, they always arouse great interest among the most movie buffs.

The Tragedy of Macbeth

Based on the play by William Shakespeare, it tells the story about how a Scottish lord and his wife do everything to come to power. With Denzel Washington as the protagonist, this movie is on Apple TV.

Odds of the favorites for the 2023 Oscar for Best Film

Flick Share
The Power of the Dog 1.50
West Side Story 13.00
Belfast 4.33
Licorice Pizza 29.00
King Richard 15.00
Nightmare Alley 101.00
CODA 26.00
Dune 26.00
Don't look up 51.00

Fees subject to change.

Bets on best director

Normally the most acclaimed films usually coincide in the nominations of actors, directors and best film. But this is not always the case, and the prizes are usually distributed depending on the quality of the same. For this edition of the Oscars 2024, we have some outstanding directors.

Jane Campion

It's still early days, but the director of “The Power of the Dog” is the main favorite to take the golden statuette for best director.

Steven Spielberg

The acclaimed director who already has two Oscars is among the favorites for his film “West Side Story".

Paul Thomas Anderson

One of the best directors of our time is again among the favorites for his film “Licorice Pizza”.

Kenneth Branagh

One of the most anticipated films of the year, such as “Belfast”, also implies the favoritism of its director for the Oscar.

Ryusuke Hamaguchi

With the film 'Drive my car', it seems that Japan will have an assured presence in all bets on the 2024 Oscars. Its director, Ryusuke Hamagucho, is among the favorites.

Odds of the favorites for the 2023 Oscar for Best Director

Director Share
Jane Campion (The Power of the Dog) 1.20
Steven Spielberg (West Side Story) 8.50
Paul Thomas Anderson (Licorice Pizza) 17.00
Kenneth Branagh (Belfast) 9.00
Ryusuke Hamaguchi (Drive my car) 26.00

Fees subject to change

Bets on best actor

It seems that there is a name that stands out among the others, although anything can happen at the awards for best leading actor

Will Smith

For his excellent role in the film “King Richard”, the famous actor stands as the main candidate to take the award.

Denzel Washington

For his performance in the film “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, which according to many experts is one of his best films, he is also among the favorites.

Benedict Cumberbatch

It seems that "The Power of the Dog" is a movie called to be a favorite in numerous awards, and the role performed by its leading actor too. We can affirm that it is one of the great favorites.

Andrew Garfield

For the movie "Tick, Tick...Boom!"from Netflix, it seems that the lead actor may be among the Oscar favorites.

Javier Bardem

The New Zealand actor is among the candidates thanks to his performance in the film 'Being the Ricardos'.

Odds favorites to the Oscar 2023 for best leading actor

Actor Share
Will Smith (King Richard) 1.36
Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth) 17.00
Andrew Garfield (tick, tickk...Boom!) 6.00
Benedict Cumberbatch (The Power of the Dog) 5.50
Javier Bardem (Being the Ricardos) 21.00

Fees subject to change

Bets on best leading actress

In the case of the best leading actress award, there is also one that stands out above the others. Will there be any surprises?

Nicole Kidman

For her performance alongside Javier Bardem in “Being the Ricardos”, Nicole Kidman is among the favorites, although it will also depend on the success of the film.

Lady Gaga

"House of Gucci" is a film that will undoubtedly be among the favorites of viewers. The singer who has taken the step into the world of cinema has made an outstanding role that promises a lot at these Oscars 2024.

Jessica Chastain

The American actress is one of the candidates, for her film 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'.

Olivia Coman

The Oscar winner is once again among the favorites for her performance in “The Lost Daughter”.

Kristen Stewart

The protagonist of “Spencer" playing the role of Princess Diana of Wales is one of the favorites, both for her similarity to the royal character and for her good role.

Odds favorites for the 2023 Oscar for best actress in a leading role

Actress Share
Kristen Stewart (Spencer) 3.25
Lady Gaga (House of Gucci) 15.00
Olivia Colman (The Lost Daughter) 5.00
Nicole Kidman (Being the Ricardos) 2.25
Jessica Chastain (The Eyes of Tommy Faye) 15.00

Fees subject to change

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