Bookmakers with Hal Cash

The withdrawal methods offered by bookmakers are very varied and Hal Cash is one of them, although it is not one of the most common, it is an immediate and safe method. Meet all the bookmakers with Hal Cash available for withdrawals.

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What is Hal Cash?

Hal Cash is a banking service that allows us to send money to a person's mobile immediately and securely via SMS. When the beneficiary receives said SMS on his phone he can go directly to the cashier and withdraw the money without the need for any card.

There are not many bookmakers with Hal Cash, despite being the fastest withdrawal mode, since it is possible to receive the money immediately at any ATM on the network enabled for it.

How do I receive money through Hal Cash?

If I want to request a withdrawal from a bookmaker with Hal Cash available, these are the steps that must be followed It's very simple!

1. Log in to our user account and go to the withdrawal section.

2. Choose Hal Cash in the list of payment methods of the bookmaker and indicate the amount you want to withdraw. We will also have to choose a four-digit secret key that is easy to remember.

3. Hal Cash sends an SMS to the beneficiary with a referral.

4. The beneficiary goes to the cashier and enters all the necessary data (no card is needed): phone, amount, SMS reference and secret key.

5. The cashier will deliver the money immediately.

We must bear in mind that the minimum amounts to withdraw if we select this option are usually a little higher ($ 20 approx.) since ATMs do not always have smaller bills available.

Advantages of Hal Cash

The use of bookmakers with Hal Cash as a means of payment offers us a number of advantages, such as the following:

  • The beneficiary does not need to have any card or bank account to receive the money.
  • The money is sent immediately, as soon as it takes to receive the SMS with the reference.
  • By using a system with a double key (SMS reference + previously chosen secret key), security in the collection of money by the beneficiary is guaranteed.
  • It has no commission or expense for the one who withdraws the money.

Alternatives to using Hal Cash

Although Hal Cash is a very fast and convenient system for receiving money, it is not very common to find bookmakers with hal cash. However, there are many alternative payment options for those who do not want to use traditional methods (bank card or bank transfer). Here are some examples:

Payment method What is it?
Paypal Electronic wallet that allows you to send and receive payments over the internet safely and conveniently.
Muchbetter Payment application that allows you to save, send and move your money safely and quickly.
Klarna Online banking payment service that allows you to use electronic banking to make safe and fast transfers.
Neteller Electronic wallet that allows online payments, purchases or sending money.
Skrill Electronic wallet that allows payments and transfers over the internet.

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